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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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965 The Calm Before the Storm

Even if she failed to contact Ji Ziming, her life still had to go on. As she also had to look for clues about her father's incident, she did not have the time to ponder on his sudden business trip.

After all, his business trip could not be compared to her father's affairs.

Hence, despite still feeling worried and hurt that he was unreachable, her heart and mind was still on the progress of her investigation regarding her father's death.

"Senior, have you really found the documents regarding my father's company's IPO from back then?"

It only took one day and one night for Fu Mingxuan to give her this huge surprise.

She did not even have the chance to think about her fiancé's sudden disappearance.


He nodded and passed the documents in his hands to her.

As they were discussing a very private matter, despite returning to the same coffee house, they asked for a private room today.

"Let me take a look!"

She excitedly snatched the documents and carefully read through them.

The more she read, the more excited she got.

"Senior, you also read these, right? There's nothing wrong with my father's company back then, and it's indeed about to be listed!"

He nodded at her excitement and then lamented, "Yes. Your father was a very capable man. Under his leadership back then, the company was a rising star. If he didn't pass away, Gemei Real Estate might be one of the few big companies in the capital now."

His high praise for her father made her feel very elated. Unfortunately, her euphoria was soon dashed.

"Even if my father was very capable, what of it? He was still harmed by others…"

Her eyes instantly turned red as her gaze clouded with sorrow.

"Ge Ge…"

"That's why I won't let my father's murderer off! I will have that person kneel before his grave and repent! I will have that person repay my father's death a thousandfold!"

Her clear and bright eyes were now dark and gloomy from hate.

"Ge Ge…"

He felt heartache upon seeing her consumed by rage and hatred.

The girl he liked clearly should have the best of everything in this world, but fate always liked to play jokes on her, causing her to receive so much hurt…

"Senior, you must help me! Help me find evidence against my father's murderer!"

She turned her intense and seemingly ablaze gaze on him.

"Yes! I'll help you!"

He nodded with conviction. This was no longer about Qiao Jingyun's orders.

Right now, he only wanted to help the woman he loved the most.

"Ge Ge… I don't know if I should say this…" He paused for a moment and looked at her hesitantly.

"Hm, senior? What do you want to say? It's fine; just say it!"

At her permission, even without evidence, he revealed that Pei Zhenghui might be her father's killer.

"The culprit in your father's death back then is likely your uncle."

Who knew that when he said this, he would not see any shock or change in her expression?

Her expression was extremely calm.

"Although I don't have any evidence, he is likely the culprit, so you should stay clear of him." He thought that she did not believe him so he reiterated this.

"Senior, I actually deduced that my second uncle might be my father's killer, too."

She shook her head wryly, her face filled with hatred.


Not expecting her to guess that the person would be her uncle, he was the one who had gotten shocked, instead.

"Senior, I know that over a decade has passed since that car accident. Even the police back then were unable to discover that my father was actually murdered."

The tears that had pooled in eyes at some point threatened to spill.

"Still, I'm begging you; no matter how difficult this will be, I hope that you will find out the truth for me…"

"Sure, Ge Ge! Rest assured; no matter what, I'll get to the bottom of this and let those responsible for your father's death face justice!"

He looked at her with heartache and gave this promise as if he making an oath.

"Thank you! Thank you, senior!"

She stood up from her chair then formally and sincerely bowed to him.

Her action made him jump out of his seat and move to her side to help her up.

"Don't do this. You are Ziming's wife, and I've always treated you as my younger sister, so it's only right for me to help you. That's why please don't do this."

He looked at her dotingly. Her appearance was unlike a white lotus that needed protection from others, and she definitely did not have delicate looks that evoked pity from others.

In fact, she had a very willful and stubborn personality.

Still, being like this made others want to protect her more.

"I must thank you still, senior." She lifted her head and smiled at him.

For the first time, she truly considered this man, whom she addressed as 'senior', her older brother.

"Silly young lady…"

He smiled gently upon noting the light in her eyes and released her arm from his grip.

How is this simple-minded and silly young lady supposed to fight against that vicious, vile, sly woman?

Even Ziming and I fell into her trap.

He was truly very worried about how Qiao Jingyun would treat this silly young lady…

He sincerely did not want to see this kind-hearted woman get hurt in any way.

Even more so, he did not want to see her and his childhood friend be separated by that woman…

"Sigh…" He suddenly gave a long sigh.

"What's wrong, senior?"

She looked at him curiously with her eyes filled with worry.

"Nothing. Just a little worried about you…" He shook his head helplessly.

"Don't worry! I'm an amazon! He he he!"

"Truly a silly young lady. Heh…"

He wanted to watch this one spent her life free of worries, but he knew that now was only… the calm before the storm…


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