Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
969 There is no eyewitness or evidence for your father“s case.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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969 There is no eyewitness or evidence for your father“s case.

She reflexively refuted it when he mentioned the one million.

"Impossible! Although my dad always helped second uncle pay off his debts, h-he said it before that if the other were to borrow from loan sharks because of gambling, he'd never help him pay off his debts!"

She clearly remembered that, right before her father got into an accident, her second uncle came to their house to ask for money. In the end, the two brothers parted on unhappy terms.

That was because… her second uncle did not manage to borrow money.

"That one million indeed came from your father's account. In fact, I initially suspected your second uncle because of these two cash outflows' timing being too coincidental. Think about it; the person who benefited the most from your father's death is him!"

He slowly explained his reasoning to her.

"Hoo…" Pei Ge took a deep breath to clear her mind and become more level-headed.

"Senior, go on. Who are the other perpetrator and the person who ran down my father with a car?!"

"I reckon that the one who ran down your father should be connected to the loan shark, whereas the other perpetrator was a high-level employee in your father's company who could manipulate the accounts back then.

"Since you said that your father was not the type to send so much money to your second uncle's bank account for that purpose, only someone who could manipulate the company's funds would be able to do so."

"That makes sense!"

A clear image slowly formed in her mind at his analysis.

"That person should be your father's enemy or corporate spy out to ruin his company."

Fu Mingxuan, who had a clear grasp of how the business world operated, made this conjecture.

Meanwhile, the woman felt as if he were merely recounting what had happened back then.

"My father was a kind person. I can't think of anyone who would be his enemy, but about that corporate spy—if his only goal was to ruin my father's company, why would he kill him?"

She pointed out her suspicion and confusion. In any case, despite not understanding it, she still felt that his conjecture was right.

"I, too, don't understand this. That's why I have no clue or idea about this second culprit, too. In fact, I was unable to track down the receiver of the second cash outflow after your father's death."

She blurted out, "You weren't able?!"

"Yes, I wasn't. That person was cautious and did not leave any traces behind. More importantly, the person should be a powerful figure." He presented all his conjectures calmly.

"You've actually found two of my father's killers, right?"

She pursed her lips. Although she felt a little disappointed that he could not find out the last killer, she was already satisfied that he found two of them in just a few days.

"No, Ge Ge. I'm sorry. The result of the investigation and my intuition are all telling me that those two are related to your father's death, but…"

His voice was tinged with guilt as he paused helplessly, seemingly not wanting to continue speaking.

At this point, she already had an ominous feeling.

"But? But what?!"

"I didn't manage to find any evidence."

His words seemed to have sucked out the last bit of her energy.

She collapsed in the chair powerlessly, her face ghastly white.

"Too much time has passed; plus, all the CCTVs where your father was killed were spoiled. That area was too secluded, too; even if I were to ask every resident or business owner there at that time, there would still be no witness to that incident.

"As for the car ran down your father, with the passage of time, a few things have gone missing from the police records, which makes it harder to find those responsible for your father's death. Even if I can tell that the one who ran down your father was that loan shark, I'm also unable to find that car—the most important evidence of all!

"That's because… back then, that loan shark did not have a car under his name! No one has ever seen him drive one, too…"

Hearing all these, Pei Ge desolately laughed a few times. She suppressed her emotions thereafter.

"Ha ha ha… Wu…"

My dearest father, my most respectable father… His death was clearly caused by a group of human trash, yet I can't even give him justice…

She suddenly found herself to be very useless. She truly and exceptionally hated that those bad people, like her second uncle, were not dead, while her kind and loving father was dead.

This world is truly too unfair…

My father, the best one in the world, died in such a wrongful and pitiful manner…

He probably knew that his killer was his younger brother back then; how hurt must he have been…

Meanwhile, those who caused his pitiful death still remain at large and are leading wonderful lives!

Why?! How can they?! On what basis?!

They should all go to hell!

As she was stifling her voice, whimpering and laughing at the same time, Fu Mingxuan, who was oblivious to her break down, continued speaking. "As such, there is no eyewitness or tangible proof for your father's case right now. Actually, as long as we can find one person, it is possible for your father's case to be solved. Your second uncle and the person who drove the car will also definitely be arrested by the police, but…"

He paused at this point.

This witness just had to be Pei Shishi. Except for not being as smart as Qiao Jingyun, they were equally selfish and vicious.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for her to appear as a witness and name her father as Pei Ge's dad's killer!

Pei Ge, who had already broken down, suddenly got very agitated as though someone had pressed her pressure point.

"Witness—right; witness!"


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