Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
971 Mu Heng caused a certain CEO fall into a pothole.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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971 Mu Heng caused a certain CEO fall into a pothole.

This night was destined to be a sleepless one.

Putting aside Fu Mingxuan who could not sleep because of Pei Ge's unusual behavior, as well as the woman who was busy writing down her plan, even Young Master Mu, this Casanova who was unrelated to the matter, could not get a good sleep.

The reason was very simple.

"My young master, it's already 2 AM! Aren't you a little too much for calling at this hour?"

Mu Heng, who had already fallen asleep after a fun time in the club, just wanted to throw away this phone that woke him up from his sleep.

Alas, because of the caller's identity, he did not have the guts to throw the phone away.

"Alright, alright, alright. Consider it as me being afraid of you because we are childhood friends that wore split pants while growing up together!"

As he finished speaking, the CEO, who had been keeping his silence, finally spoke.

"I didn't wear split pants with you."

"…" His mouth twitched at Ji Ziming's reply and he said helplessly, "I'm just giving an analogy. Do you know what an analogy is?!"

The man did not bother with his words, though, and just started saying, "She hung up my call."

"Haaaa!" Mu Heng yawned and asked perplexedly, "She hung up your call? Who hung up your call?"

"Pei Ge. She hung up my call and didn't say a word to me."

Although the man said it calmly and coldly, he could still sense indignation in his voice.


He found it hilarious and laughed at once.

However, knowing that his friend was feeling horrible right now, he suppressed his laughter and made himself sound calmer.

"Oh, so Little Chili didn't speak to you and hung up your call straight away."


Little Chili, well done!

He gave the woman 'thirty-two likes' in his mind.

"You caused me to fall into a pothole." The man continued speaking lightly.

Hearing to the chill in his childhood friend's voice, Mu Heng felt that he had been wronged! Although winter had long passed, it somehow seemed as if it would snow at any given time.

"I caused you to fall into a pothole? I caused you to fall into a pothole? Ji Ziming, can you please be reasonable? Since when did I do that? Plus, with my IQ, how could I have done that? Are you kidding me? Today isn't April Fool's Day!"

In his agitation, he started chattering.


He could imagine the man on the end feeling so disdainful that he wanted to hang up the call.

He he he! If that's the case, I can go back to sleep fast!

Unfortunately for him, he got it wrong this time.

Not only did the other not hang up the call, he even continued holding him accountable.

"…She hung up my call, though."

Every word of Ji Ziming had been very direct and clear thus far.

Of course, knowing the full story, Mu Heng naturally understood what the other meant with his words.

"Oh, please! It's only right for her to hang up on you! Serves you right!"

Since he could not get a good sleep tonight, he decided to give it his all.


The great CEO kept his silence again.

"Look at yourself! I don't even know what to say about you. Big, Big Brother! You're getting married soon, and you chose to disappear at this point? Aren't you being too much?!"

He sat up from the bed, afraid that he would fall asleep from lying down.

"You're the one who told me to hide from her."

The man spoke accusingly, clearly intent on pushing all the blame on him.

"What the heck?! Let me say this: Ji Ziming, don't go overboard! I only told you not to tell her how you had gone to the wrong bed; I clearly didn't advise you to stay away from her, and even if I did tell you to do that, I didn't get you to turn off your phone! You seem to have vanished from the face of the earth these past few days!"

As he said, his agitation heightened.

"Do you know how many people have been scared by your disappearance? Do you know what that means?"


"If others were to learn about it, I'm afraid that they'd think that you abandoned Pei Ge and were running away from the wedding! You're regretting it and you don't want to marry her anymore!"

"I did not!" Ji Ziming refuted without thinking. "Why would I abandon her? Why wouldn't I marry her…"

It was because he cared too much about her and loved her so much that he…

"That's what others thought about your actions; do you know that?!"

Having encountered such an incident, which provided him an opportunity to lecture the man, Mu Heng became enthusiastic such that his sleepiness vanished.

He was akin to the most righteous emissary of justice as he condemned his childhood friend.

"…Pei Ge, did she… think the same?"

Ji Ziming was unlike his usually aloof and domineering persona. Currently, he was like an anxious child who knew that he had made a mistake.

"What do you think?! As a bride, Little Chili must face the fact that the groom has disappeared on her suddenly and couldn't be reached through the phone. What would she feel? If you two were to exchange roles, what would you think?"

Mu Heng scoffed as he defended the woman.

"Don't you know how anxious she was when she couldn't find you on your second day of disappearance? How many times did she call you? To be honest, you really let her down!"

"…Yes, I let her down; I owe her… way too much. Too much…"

One could hear from the man's voice the torture and self-blame that he was trying to suppress. These emotions were something he had never felt before.

The sensitive Mu Heng felt his emotions. Although he wanted to scold him some more, he could only sigh and comfort him.

"Ziming, don't think too much. Men are prone to making mistakes. You can't be blamed for this so don't take it to heart. Don't make the same mistake again and just lead a happy life with her. Don't think too much."

His words obviously did not make the man feel any better.


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