Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
972 The person on the phone with her was him.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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972 The person on the phone with her was him.

\"Ziming, frankly speaking, Little Chili isn't a petty person; plus, she loves you so much. She might be angry at you, but she wouldn't think that you abandoned her and regretted the marriage. You should just rest well tonight so that you'll be in great form tomorrow to explain it well to her. She won't be angry.\"

Mu Heng patiently comforted his childhood friend. He could finally see how much the man loved Pei Ge and how much he cared for her!

His best friend, as well as closest childhood friend, was such an arrogant person. Now, his arrogance was nowhere to be seen when it came to that woman.

\"I understand.\"

Without waiting for further response from him, the man hung up the phone.

\"…You should think about how to explain to Little Chili tomorrow—\" Where you've been these few days and why was your phone turned off.

Du, du, du! He heard this sound before he could finish speaking.


He was stunned, his mouth twitching.

Following immediately was…

\"What the heck?! What the heck?! Ji Ziming, this young master, who was woken up by you in the middle of the night, even comforted you for so long, and this is what you did to this young master?! You hung up without a single thanks or good night! You're too much!\"

The dark sky slowly brightened.

The sun rose in the dark sky and turned the blackness into a dull, white shade.

Darkness was slowly driven away by this brightness.

Many people slowly woke up from their sweet dreams.

However, the exchange of the day and night and the swapping of the sun and moon did not matter to Pei Ge.

This was because she did not sleep the whole night.

She wanted to write down her plans well.

When she was done with it, the day was already bright.

\"Haaaa!\" She let out a yawn. Although her body was telling her that she should sleep, she was unusually excited and could not sleep.

Knock, knock, knock!

Suddenly, as she was yawning and moving the chair, there was a knock at her door.

\"Ge Ge, you're awake, right?\"

\"Yes, mom. I am.\" She quickly replied upon hearing her mother's question.


The door was opened the moment she replied as such.

\"Why are you up so early?\"

Zhang Manhua opened the door and saw her at the desk, seemingly having been awake for quite some time.

\"I couldn't fall asleep, so I got up from bed.\"

Pei Ge grinned at her mother and did not show any emotions.

She did not want her mother to know that her father was killed by her second uncle. At the very least, she did not want her to learn of it before she could hold evidence to send Pei Zhenghui to prison.

\"That's great; it's rare that you're awake so early. Mom will make breakfast for you now.\"

Seeing her smiling, her mother did not think much and went to make breakfast for her.

After her mother left, the smile on her face faded and was replaced by a cold look.

\"What time shall I go look for Pei Shishi today…\"

Having completed her plan, she could not wait to go look for her cousin!

\"Ge Ge, come and have breakfast!\"

She had just left the toilet after washing up when she heard her mother's call.


Sitting at the dining table and seeing this sweet-smelling porridge made from home, she somehow recalled her father.


'Ha ha! Daddy's favorite food is your mom's porridge.

'Daddy would love to eat the porridge made by our Little Ge Ge. Next time, your cooking might be even better than your mom's!\"

Sadly, daddy… you're no longer there by the time I know how to cook porridge.

Also, daddy, you were mistaken.

The porridge I make isn't as good as mom's…

A lump came into her throat and she tried to suppress her tears by biting her lower lip and widening her eyes. She tried her best not to think about her father's matter.

\"What's wrong? Why are you sitting there and not eating?\"

Having finished a fried dough stick, Zhang Manhua noticed that her daughter was not eating but just sitting there dazedly. She became suspicious.

Something seemed off about her daughter these past few days!

\"Nothing much; I just woke up, so I'm still out of it.\"

Her daughter sniffed and shook her head while smiling.


She looked at her daughter askance. \"Is there… something that you're hiding from me?\"

\"Huh? Nothing.\" As she gave this answer, her daughter picked up a bowl and began having porridge.

Despite her suspicions, she did not press the issue further.

\"Right, is Xiao Ji back from his business trip already?\"

Eating yet another fried dough stick, she thought of her daughter's groom who had gone on a business trip.

\"Yes, he'll probably be back today,\" answered Pei Ge lightly as she recalled the man's call last night.

\"What do you mean by probably?\"

Getting this vague answer, her mother frowned in displeasure.

\"I didn't ask, though he called me at midnight, so he should be back today.\"

She put down her porridge and smiled at her mother.

\"Oh, so Xiao Ji already called you. That means he'll be back today.\"

Feeling relieved, her mother nodded and joked, \"I nearly thought that that boy ran away! Ha ha!\"

When she heard her mother's joke, her mouth twitched as she complained internally, Tsk! That bastard has caused such trouble for the people around me. Should I… 'repay' him handsomely?

\"Ah, Ji Ziming! Do you know what time it is right now?! What's the matter again! After you hung up on me, I only slept for three hours! Can't you let me off?! I'm not your relationship adviser!\"

\"…Last night, Pei Ge was on the phone with someone for two hours.\"

\"So what?!\"

\"I got someone to check and the call was with Mingxuan.\"



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