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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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973 I am sorry and I miss you, too.

Pei Ge intended to review her plan again after breakfast as she wanted to familiarize herself with it to execute it well, but who knew that her phone would ring again?

This time around, she saw clearly who the caller was.

When she saw the caller ID displayed on the phone screen, she pouted and snorted. She threw the phone aside, not wanting to answer

the call.

Only after the three calls did the ringing stop.

\"…Giving up only after three tries.\"

Her mood plummeted when Ji Ziming gave up after three calls and her displeasure for him increased further.

\"That jerk, it's only three calls!\" Before, when she was trying to contact him, she called ten times a day. This was despite his phone being turned off.

In the end, this jerk stopped calling after three missed calls.

\"Jerk! Jerk!\"

She slammed her palm hard on the table. Looking at the three missed calls, she suppressed the urge to call back. She angrily threw the phone somewhere where it could not be seen and changed it to silent mode.

\"Ji Ziming, you're dead this time!\"

Wait and see how I'll punish that annoying fellow!

Otherwise, I can just say 'no' when the pastor asks if I'm willing to marry him on our wedding day!

I can also just run away from the wedding or pretend to elope with another man!

Just as she was happily imagining things, her mother's voice pulled her back to reality.

\"Ge Ge, your call.\"


She was stunned to see her mother step into her room with a phone in hand.

\"You have a phone call.\" After her mother said this, she stuffed the phone in her hand.

\"Call for me?\"

Pei Ge blinked and place the phone beside her ear perplexedly.

Why would the person call mom's phone when the call was for me?

\"Hello—\" This is Pei Ge; who are you?

Before she could finish asking her question, she heard the familiar voice through the phone.

That low and cold voice was like the clear spring water in a valley, making one feel refreshed just from listening.

\"Pei Ge, I miss you…\"

\"Ji Ziming, you jerk! How dare you call my mom?!\"

Although it was a simple statement, she was touched to hear the man say that, and all the anger in her dissipated.

\"I'm sorry; it's my fault…\"

Listening to the man's apology, she took a breath and muttered irately, \"What's your mistake? How can the great CEO be in the wrong? When you don't feel like meeting, you don't meet. When you feel like disappearing, you disappear. When you feel like turning off your phone, you do so. Do you honestly care about me?! Do you have any idea how worried I was…\"

Despite her being angry at first, as she rambled on, her voice got softer and more indignant.

\"I'm sorry. It's my fault; it's all my fault. Don't cry. I'm right down your apartment. Wait for me—\" And I'll be up there shortly.

Before the man could finish speaking, the woman hung up the call.

Du, du, du! Once more, this sound rang in his ears, making him slightly stunned. Almost immediately, his heart sank.

Pei Ge is angry with me, and she's very angry!

Without thinking, he threw his phone back in the car, opened the door, and jumped out of it.

Since young, he had always been calm and composed. He was as elegant as an aristocrat coming from the Middle Ages.

Right now, all his image, charisma, composure, and elegance had vanished.

Wearing his shiny, black real leather shoes, coupled with tailor-made dress pants, he ran toward the woman's apartment.

With the wind blowing, his hair, which was usually combed to perfection, looked disheveled.

With disheveled hair, the man appeared more approachable and humbler than usual.

Alas, right now, he did not have the luxury to worry about his image.

The only thing in his mind was the woman.

Just as he ran toward the stairs, he saw a clean, white figure jumping off seven or eight steps.

Looking at that familiar face that he terribly missed, the man smiled and spread his arms wide open.


Their sighs sounded like the wind.

The figure in white fell straight into his waiting arms, and he tightly hugged the woman's waist. In response, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and glued her body to the man's like a koala.

Just like that, they were in a deep embrace with their eyes only for each other.

Time seemed to have stopped for the two. Without a word, they hugged each other and listened to the other's heartbeat while taking in each other's scent.

After what seemed like an eternity, the man broke the silence. \"Pei Ge… I'm sorry and… I miss you…\"

After several days of purposely avoiding the woman, the man became surer that he needed her in his life.

Without her, each day seemed to pass like a year. Even if he could not see her, his mind was filled with thoughts of her.

\"I really miss you…\"

Hearing his murmurs, Pei Ge rubbed her head against his neck and smiled. Without a word, she opened her mouth and bit hard on Ji Ziming's neck.

Neither did she restrain the force of her bite nor was she joking with him. She truly bit his neck hard.

Ji Ziming, who had been bitten, seemed to have masochistic tendency as he did not feel any pain; instead, he felt an odd sense of satisfaction.

\"Don't you dare apologize to me again.\"

\"I… miss you, too; I really, really miss…\"


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