Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
976 A Showdown Right before the Storm
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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976 A Showdown Right before the Storm

\"Yes, she did say that.\" Zhang Manhua nodded affirmatively.

\"…Then, I'll leave after taking a look at her.\" Ji Ziming paused and then nodded.

\"Okay. Be careful with your steps so you don't wake her up. I don't think she's been resting well recently.\"

Hearing that, the man assumed that she had not been resting properly because of his disappearance and felt even guiltier.

This tall guy, thus, tiptoed into the room; his actions were so careful that they made him look adorable.

The moment he stepped inside, he spotted Pei Ge lying in her bed. From the way her chest undulated, he could tell that she was sound asleep.

While she slept, her lips were curled into a slight smile, making her look exceptionally cute.

Hence, the man was unable to resist bending down to kiss the corner of her eyes and lips.

His touch was as light as a dragonfly touching water. After which, he began whispering softly to her.

As he softly murmured, Pei Ge remained in deep sleep.

In her sleep, the woman faintly heard his low and clear voice but could not make out what he was saying.

In the end, all she could hear was: \"…Love you… Pei Ge… never let you go…\"

When Pei Ge woke up the next day, she realized that the sky outside had already turned dark.

\"Ah!\" She shrieked in her dark room before turning on her bedside lamp and sitting up.

\"What time is it?! What time is it?!\"

I have really important things to do today!

She almost wanted to punch herself to death! She clearly already had plans, yet she actually slept through everything!

When she took out her phone and saw the time displayed on it, she got another strong urge to slap herself a few times.

\"Ah! It's already 6 PM! Gosh!\"

She truly did not know how to describe herself as she quickly crawled out of bed.

She turned on her ceiling lights and the room was soon flooded with light.

After washing up and changing into a neat attire, she prepared to go out.

\"Ge Ge, it's already so late. Where are you going?\" In the living room, Zhang Manhua was having midnight snacks when she spotted her daughter exiting her room in a formal attire and asked this in confusion.

\"I'm having dinner with a friend! Mom, I need to go now; I'm running late.\"

With that, she hastily left home.

Her rush to leave caused the middle-aged woman to mumble in confusion, \"Why do Ge Ge and Xiao Ji seem to have been acting a little strange recently…\"

My precious daughter actually didn't ask me anything regarding her fiancé!

She actually didn't ask when he left or if he said anything about her before leaving. She just went off like that!

This—who is that friend to make her throw Xiao Ji aside?

After leaving home, Pei Ge hailed a cab.

After getting in it, she took out her phone from her handbag.

She navigated through it until she found her cousin's number, which she had blacklisted a long time ago.

Removing the number from the blacklist, she dialed it.

\"Hello? Why are you calling me?\"

Clearly, Pei Shishi was surprised to receive her call.

\"Of course, it's because I have something I need to talk with you,\" she coldly replied.

\"What is it?\" Her cousin asked this in the same cold tone.

\"Are you free now? We need to sit down and have a proper talk.\"

The moment she said this, her cousin instantly mocked, \"Are you kidding me? What is there for us to talk about?\"

\"I'm not joking with you. We do have something to talk about.\" She chuckled.

\"What do you want to talk about?\" The other woman was instantly piqued and confused about her business with her.

\"You will know once we meet.\"

Her mysteriousness was clearly effective against her cousin.

\"Fine. I can meet you, but I sprained my ankle, so I can't leave home. If you don't mind, you can find me in our house. We can talk in my bedroom.\"

She thought for a moment but quickly agreed thereafter. \"Sure, no problem. I'm on my way to your house now.\"

She hung up and told the driver her cousin's address. Soon, she was on her way to the place.

Along the way, she kept thinking if she could resist and control her hatred in the likely chance that she saw her second uncle there.

What do I do if I can't hold myself back?! Won't my plan be totally ruined?

In that instant, thoughts of going back surfaced in her mind.

However, in the end, she still went to her relatives' house.

\"Pei Ge, you can do this!\"

Before the plan succeeds, you must take control of your emotions! You must succeed!

After getting down from the taxi, she egged herself on as she walked toward the villa.

\"Yo! What a rare guest! What is the Ji family's noble and lofty young madam doing here in our humble abode when it's beneath your status?\"

She met with Liu Yan the moment she stepped inside.

Her second auntie currently hated her so much because of that incident at the engagement ceremony! Hence, her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Luckily for her though, the person she hated the most, her second uncle, was currently on an overseas trip.

\"Second auntie, you are totally right. Your place here is truly beneath my status. Tsk! If not because I must, I really don't feel like coming here.\"


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