Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
977 Pei Shishi, you are unfit to receive my father“s blessings.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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977 Pei Shishi, you are unfit to receive my father“s blessings.

\"Second auntie, you are totally right. Your place here is truly beneath my status. Tsk! If not because I must, I really don't feel like coming here.\"

She now knew that her second uncle killed her father and that her cousin witnessed everything, and her cousin keeping her mouth shut made her an accessory to the crime.

She did not like this family, and now, she had nothing good to say to them!

If, before, she could partly treat this family with a modicum of respect, right now, she totally did not see them as relatives!

After all, she had never seen any relatives who could do such atrocious acts like kill off their siblings and steal their fortune!

\"You! Pei Ge, do you hear yourself talking?! Now that you're engaged with the Ji family's young master, it seems that you've totally abandoned your surname!\"

Liu Yan was obviously antagonized by her remark. Moreover, she was originally an unreasonable wretch who would seize every chance to belittle others even if she were in the wrong. As such, she quickly berated her.

\"Don't you see yourself in the mirror? Do you truly think that that Ji boy will love you for life? Look at you: no looks and no figure. You'll be abandoned by him sooner or later! I'll just wait and see where you go crying then!\"

\"Oh, really? Just wait until he abandons me before you come speaking to me.\"

Pei Ge lightly smiled, clearly not putting the other in her eyes.

Her haughtiness and nonchalance made her second auntie boil in anger.

\"Oh, right! Second auntie, I nearly forgot to tell you: I am about to become the Ji Group's Mrs. CEO. When that time comes, I'll definitely return the 'good' your family did to us!\"

She peered at her haughtily and then, as though she were the lady of this house, made her way up the second floor where her cousin's room was.

Her second auntie was left glaring at her in rage. Alas, the woman could only rein in her anger because of her current identity.

Under her second auntie's cutting gaze, she arrived before her cousin's room.

Knock, knock, knock! She politely knocked on the door.

\"Come in.\"

She pushed the handle down and opened the door once she heard that.

The moment she stepped inside, the scent of lily flowers assaulted her senses.

This floral fragrance involuntarily evoked a few good memories from the past.

Back when her father was still alive, her cousin used to envy her for having such a good father.

Hence, every time that it was her cousin's birthday, her cousin would always pester her father for a birthday gift.

That was because her cousin's father did not even remember her birthday, not to mention give her a present.

Hence, every time that it was her cousin's birthday, her father would always give her a bouquet of beautiful, pure white lilies…


She sucked in a deep breath, taking in the scent of lilies as a mocking smile involuntarily surfaced on her lips.

How… laughable yet… so ironic!

The nerve of her to still buy lilies! Doesn't she get reminded of my father when she looks at these lilies and smells this fragrance?!

Doesn't she have nightmares?! Doesn't she feel any shame?!

What an extremely scary… and heartless family…

\"What do you wanna talk about for you to seek me this anxiously?\"

Seeing that she did not completely come in, Pei Shishi had to leave her bedroom herself.

However, once she did, she saw her standing in the private living room with a look of rage.

Her hands balled up into fists when she saw her cousin come out in a purple night dress. \"Your favorite flower is still lilies, huh?\"

Not understanding what she was on about, her cousin nodded and smiled. \"Yes. You actually still remember what flower I like.\"

\"Then, do you remember why you like lilies so much?\"

Her cousin's concurrence caused her body to tremble as she repressed the anger threatening to burst out and forced herself to stay calm.

\"Of course, I re—\"

Her cousin halted mid-speech as her smile froze, seemingly having recalled something bad.

\"Pei Ge, what are you here for exactly?\" Her cousin tried to change the topic out of guilt, staring at her with a look of doubt.

However, as her original intention lay in this topic, she ignored her question and proceeded to explain.

\"I don't know if you remember, but I remember it clearly—why you like lilies.\"

She chuckled and slowly walked to the huge bouquet of tender and beautiful lilies on the coffee table in the private living room.

Raising her hand, she picked out a stalk of lily from the bouquet.

\"This is so fragrant!\"

She put the lily to her nostrils and sniffed at it before raising her head to look at her cousin with a smile.

\"Lily symbolizes humility and devotion. It also has a meaning of giving others their well wishes and blessings.\"

As she said this, she closed in on her cousin.

\"And you like lilies because of what my dad told you about it.\"

Her cousin's face turned pale with each word she spoke.

\"My dad used to give you a bouquet of lilies when it was your birthday. He would even affectionately tell you…\"

She stopped in front of her cousin as the smile on her lips slowly vanished.

\"'Shishi, the one who receives blessings from these flowers has a pure and innocent heart. Don't look down on yourself; one day, you'll also be a princess who receives everyone's love and doting—'\"

\"Shut up! Shut up! Stop talking! SHUT UP!\"

Just as she repeated her father's words to her, Pei Shishi screamed as if she had lost her mind; apparently, her reverse scale had been touched.

Pei Ge's lips curled into a cold and mocking smile when she saw her break down and threw the lily on the floor.

\"You have let my father down, though, so you are unfit to receive his blessings through these lilies! After all, you are a person with a black heart from head to toe, from inside to outside! How then can you be fit to receive the blessings of the white lilies my father gave you?!\"


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