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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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980 Why did you not save my father?!

She took a breath to calm her nerves as she could not reveal her true emotions.

If that happened, her cousin would know that she did not have any evidence!

She then would be unable to send this horrible father-daughter pair to prison and make them get their just desserts.

\"That car didn't cause my father's death upon collision…\" She choked as she struggled to speak. \"Your father and his helpers didn't know that, though, so they left, but you… came out from the corner… and saw my father…\"

As she said this, she could no longer hold it back. Tears gushed out of her eyes like flood.

\"Why?! Why, Pei Shishi?! Tell me why you did that! He's your uncle!\"

She stared at her cousin's face with teary eyes full of hatred.

\"It's not my fault! It's not my fault!\"

Hearing all those things from her, Pei Shishi broke down.

All of a sudden, she lost her rationality and began shouting at her.

\"One is my father and the other is my uncle! How could I choose?! How do you think I should've chosen?! If I called and big uncle regained consciousness, my father would become a murderer and would be sent to prison!\"

She kept shaking her head. Her face was filled with agitation and fear, but there was no regret or guilt.

\"I didn't have a choice! Even though my father was horrible to me and didn't have a future then, he's still my father! I couldn't bear to see him in prison! I couldn't bear to see myself without a father…\"


Pei Ge felt her head explode when she heard her cousin's words.

In that instant, her mind went blank.

She did not expect that her father had died just like what she had spouted. The car did not kill her father, but…

She suddenly broke down.

Just like that! How hurt and filled with anguish my dad must've been! He died not from the car collision instantly but from losing too much blood the girl whom he had doted on since young chose… not to save him.

He died in… a helpless and painful manner!

\"Do you know how cruel you are? He's your uncle! Every year, during your birthday, he'd prepare your presents in advance and bring you out to celebrate it! How could you have done that?! You actually left him to die! How could you bear to see him die?!\"

She tightly gripped Pei Shishi's shoulders. Hatred was written all over her face as though she could strangle the latter to death in this way.

\"So what?!\"

Her cousin brushed away her hands and decided to give it all out.

\"He's your father and not mine! What of him giving me presents every year and bringing me out to celebrate my birthday?! There would still always be a difference between how he treated you and how he treated me! He could give you presents worth more than a thousand or ten thousand, but the presents he got me were just a couple of hundred!\"


Listening to her words, Pei Ge's emotions calmed down as she looked at the former with fury and resentment.

She never once regretted what she did; to think that she even… thought that my dad deserved to die!

She didn't save dad for such a ridiculous reason, too!

She thought that dad loved me more—thought that it's unfair…

It's ridiculous… This was too ridiculous…

How could one's daughter be the same as a niece…

\"You're too disgusting. How could you be so evil?! My father really shouldn't have treated you and your father so well…\"

She let out a sad smile. Looking at her cousin, she spoke in a voice filled with resentment.

Her good father… whom she loved the most… lost his life like that due to a pair of selfish father and daughter.

\"Shut up! What do you know?!\" Pei Shishi shrieked with hatred. \"Since young, you had everything! You led your life like a princess! You family was so wealthy, so why couldn't you give some to my family?! Why didn't your dad let my father work in his company?! You still said that you guys treated us well; don't you think that you guys were the ones being ridiculous?!\"

\"You can think whatever you want, but right now, I don't want to see you. I only wish to send you and your father to jail.\"

As she said, Pei Ge did not bother looking at her cousin and just turned around.

She felt that this dirt would soil her eyes!

Pei Shishi, who was so agitated that she broke down, suddenly calmed down. Her mind was in a mess as she watched her cousin leave.

No, no! If she leaves, what will happen to my father? What will happen to me?!

Although that happened a long time ago, Pei Ge still has evidence! If she leaves, my life… is as good as over!

I can't let her leave! I can't!

As she thought of this, evilness, like never before, flashed past her eyes. Seeing the flower vase on the cabinet beside her, she grabbed it and hurled it hard onto Pei Ge's head.

It was as though she wanted to break her head open with the vase.

Alas, ultimately, she could not get her way.

Shatter! There seemed to be a pair of eyes on the back of Pei Ge's head as she dodged the vase.

That flower vase ended up shattering hard on the floor, creating a loud noise.

Seeing the vase shattered into pieces, disappointment flashed across Pei Shishi's face.

\"What? It's not enough that you killed my father, and now you wanted to kill me, too?\"

Pei Ge stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her cousin in disdain.


Listening to her remark, Pei Shishi began to panic.


Pei Ge smirked and looked coldly at her. \"Do you think that by killing me, you can cover up the crimes committed by you and your father?\"


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