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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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982 You mother got hit by a car!

As Pei Ge left her cousin's place, she felt way better than before she came.

She finally experienced what it meant to gain something without risking anything of one's own! Even though she had nothing, she still obtained a piece of evidence! There was also the possibility of Pei Shishi going to the police station of her accord to confess her family's crimes…

\"That's so great! Let's head home!\"

She let out a slight exclamation as she quickened her steps down the staircase.

When she got to the first floor living room and made her way to the porch, she did not see a shadow of her second auntie.

She did not think much of this, though, and just left the mansion in a good mood.

Humming a tune, she left the neighborhood and stood on the pavement while waiting for the taxi she had called.

She was eager to tell this good news to Ji Ziming.

Alas, to her disappointment, when she called the man's number, the line was busy!

[Sorry! The number you have dialed is busy at the moment. Please try again later…]

She pouted when she heard the automated female voice from the other end and mumbled to herself, Seriously. Who is he on the phone with? It's already this late…

As she was mumbling, the taxi arrived.

She got in it and the car drove straight to her home.

Halfway there, she received a message from her man.

[Pei Ge, I have something on tonight; I'll go look for you tomorrow.]

This message dampened her good mood.

Still, she was not angered by the man's message as she neither had the time nor energy to do so.

She pursed her lips and, after replying to his message, began thinking gloomily.

When I get back, how should I explain to mom that dad got murdered by uncle and cousin?

She was really terrified that it would deal a heavy blow to her mother and that something would happen to her.

After all, for all these years, she saw how grateful her mother had been to that family.

Even when her cousin snatched her boyfriend back then and her uncle stole a portion of their family properties, she did not harbor much hatred for their relatives.

What she did not anticipate, though, was that she would be unable to see her mother's reaction.

\"Sir, thank you.\"

She paid the taxi fare and alighted from it.

As she walked into the neighborhood, she sensed something off.

Even though their neighborhood was old, its security was still not bad.

There would always be security guards on night shift at the entrance to the neighborhood. No matter how late it was, there would always be someone in the guard house.

Today, however, the guard house was completely empty.

It was only 8 PM, and the line dance should still be going on, yet the neighborhood was devoid of any music or noise.

\"That's weird…\" mumbled Pei Ge as she walked to the entrance to her block.

Once she reached the entrance to her block, she realized that a crowd had gathered below their apartment.

\"Oh, my gosh! What an unlucky event!\"

\"Yes! It's too terrifying! What sins did the Pei family commit?!\"

\"Isn't it! First, the father was killed in a car collision; next, the mother got hit by a car. D'you guys think that their daughter was born to curse her parents' lives?\"

\"Who knows? The young lady has a pretty good life, though! Her husband-to-be is one of the richest in the capital!\"

\"It's the Ji Group! I know about it! That young lady must've used her luck for eight lives to get with such kind of people.\"

\"Aye! It could be that her good fortune brought her parents bad luck in return!\"

\"The accident this time is obviously an attempted murder! In my opinion, this isn't about fate but…\"

\"What is it?\"

\"A sacrifice for the struggle between the rich and powerful! The Pei family's young lady isn't marrying an average man!\"

\"Now that you mentioned it, it does sound right!\"

Listening to the crowd's chattering and discussion, her mind went completely blank.

W-What are t-they talking about?

Who got hit by a car? What Pei family… Ji Group…

Despite the crowd's clear buzzing, she was unwilling to accept it… and wanted to run away from all this reality temporarily.

\"Alright, alright! Don't ruin the scene! The police are coming shortly! Stop crowding here! Go back home and sleep!\"

The sonorous voice of the security guard immediately pulled her back to her senses.

At the security guard's admonition, she squeezed through the crowd.

At this very moment, she was anxious and terrified.

Although she overheard something frightening from the gathered crowd, she was still hoping that it was not true!

\"Aye! The Pei family's young lady is here!\"

\"Ah! She's here!\"

Her appearance drew everybody's attention, and all eyes were suddenly on her, as though afraid of miss anything.

Unfortunately, she did not have the mind to care about these people's gazes on her.

Staring intently on the pool of blood on the ground, a sharp pain suddenly penetrated her heart. Her face then turned ashen!

\"Ge Ge, why are you only back now?! Something happened to your mother!\"

\"That's right! Where have you lass been?! We tried calling you, but we couldn't reach you! Your mother got into an accident!\"

She turned around stiffly and saw her neighbors from the same block.

\"M-My mom, how is s-she?\"

\"Aye! We don't know how she is, too, just that she got into an accident!\"

\"Yeah! We don't know where the car came from, but it knocked her down before speeding off!\"


Listening to their accounts, she understood at once what had happened to her mother while she was away.

Her mother went for line dance and was hit by a car; she was then sent to the hospital…

\"Which hospital was my mother sent?!\"


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