Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
983 Your mother is in critical condition.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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983 Your mother is in critical condition.

\"Which hospital was my mother sent?!\" Having finally regained her senses, she anxiously asked the crowd!

\"Your mom was hit badly—just look at all the blood on the floor—so she was rushed to the nearest hospital.\"

Hearing that, she subconsciously shifted her gaze on to the pool of fresh blood on the floor.

Looking at the amount of blood, it indeed seemed as if her mother had bled a lot. Thus, her mother…

Pei Ge had no wish to dwell on this any longer and just left quickly. She did even ask for details regarding her mother's accident.

She left the neighborhood and hastily flagged down a taxi to head to the hospital.

\"Mister, please drive faster! My mother is in a critical condition at the hospital, and I don't know what her situation now is, so please drive faster!\" She told the driver in a quivering voice. Although it was early spring where the weather was not too warm, her forehead was covered in sweat.

\"Alright, miss; I'll drive as fast as I can!\"

Since the driver drove fast, she quickly reached the hospital.

She did not wait for the driver to give her the change and just alighted from the taxi to rush to the hospital.

\"Nurse, nurse! Please tell me which emergency room Zhang Manhua, the middle-aged woman who got into an accident tonight, is in?\" Entering the hospital in haste, she went straight to the information desk and asked the nurses there this question.

\"Miss, please wait a moment while we check it for you.\"

Seeing her anxious and sweaty look, one of the nurses quickly looked it up for her.

\"Okay! Please hurry up. My mom has just been sent there not long ago.\"

She looked at the nurse searching for the information on the computer with her anxiety mounting.

Since quite a few patients were in the hospital today, it took the nurse awhile to get the information needed.

Just as her patience was at its limit, her phone rang all of a sudden.

She anxiously fished out the phone from her pocket.

Seeing the unfamiliar number, she quickly picked up the call.

Before she could speak, an anxious voice sounded from the other end.

\"Hello, is this Ms. Zhang Manhua's daughter?\"

She was stunned when she heard this question but swiftly replied, \"Yes! I'm her daughter. May I know who this is?\"

\"Hello, I'm a nurse from Kang Fu Hospital. Your mother is currently at our emergency department. Are you able to come down to the hospital quickly? Your mother needs to undergo surgery immediately due to her serious injuries, but since the surgery poses certain risks, you need to sign some paper.\"

\"…Very serious?\"

She was silent for a moment as her voice got filled with anxiety.

\"That's right! Your mother suffered multiple bone fractures and, more importantly, received a heavy blow on her head. Therefore, she needs surgery urgently. Please quickly go to the hospital and sign the paper so we can proceed with your mother's surgery. If not…\"

She had no more questions after hearing the nurse's reply and replied hastily, \"I'm at the hospital right now! Where is my mother?! I'll head over there immediately!\"

After knowing which emergency room her mother was sent, she rushed toward it.

Meanwhile, the nurse looking up the information for her was confused when she saw the latter rush away.

\"Er… I haven't said anything yet…\"

Pei Ge used all her energy to reach the emergency department where her mother was at the quickest time possible.

\"Hah… hah… hah…\"

By the time she reached the emergency room, she was panting nonstop.

\"May I ask if you're Ms. Zhang Manhua's daughter?\"

Seeing profusely sweating woman with flushed cheeks, the nurse asked to make sure. This was despite being certain of her identity.

\"R-Right!\" She was still panting as she answered.

\"How is m-my mother r-right now?\" She looked worriedly at the nurse, afraid to hear some bad news from the latter.

Looking at how worried she was, the nurse answered a lot quicker. \"Your mother's situation isn't very optimistic as she received a serious head trauma. There are some blood clots in her brain, so her condition is quite dire right now.\"

At the nurse's explanation, her face turned ashen, and she almost collapsed on the floor.

\"That's why you must sign the surgery agreement as soon as possible. It's not good for your mother to delay her surgery more.\"

\"Okay! I'll sign it! Where's the agreement? Give it to me fast! Quickly perform the surgery for mom!\"

As she gave her assent, the nurse quickly brought over the agreement.

Since time was of the essence, Pei Ge did not read the agreement and signed her name on the last page at once.

After signing it, she saw the red 'in surgery' light on the door of the operating room lit up.

Following that, the red light in her heart lit up as well.

Presently, she did not have any thoughts other than for her mother's surgery to be successful, as well as her mother being able to exit the emergency room safely…

Judging from the time ticking away, her mother's injuries must truly be very serious just like what the nurse had said.

Even after three full hours had passed in the operating room, the red light on the door remained lit.

\"Mom… please don't let anything happen to you…\" She put her palms together.

Sitting in the quiet corridor, she gradually calmed down as time ticked by.

She wished that the man was by her side at this most vulnerable moment of hers! In that way, she could have someone's support…

Ji Ziming… why aren't you here?

She mumbled in her heart as she took out her phone.

She intended to give him a call, but when she saw the message he had sent her earlier, she hesitated.

He… must be busy right now. I shouldn't…

As she was considering if she should call the man, the red light of the operating room suddenly turned green.

She quickly stood up when she saw that and walked toward the entrance to the operating room.


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