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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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985 Does he truly love you?

Seeing the smile on the man's face, she sat up on the bed and wore her shoes. She wanted to go look for Zhang Manhua.

\"Don't be worried; your mother is in the ward next to yours.\" Chen Zhengchu went to help her up as he studied her pale face and feeble appearance.

\"Are you the one who arranged my mother's ward?\"

After coming down from the bed, Pei Ge realized that she was in a single ward.

Since the man said that her mother was in the ward next to hers, did it mean that her mother was in a single ward, too?

\"That's right; it was such a coincidence. I recognized you so I had your mother arranged into a single ward.\"

He nodded smilingly and gently. \"That's why you don't need to be anxious. We'll head there later. Your mom is just next door and she won't run away.\"

At his reassurance, she no longer felt as anxious, and agitated, as before.

\"Thank you very much.\"

She smiled at him with gratitude. Since the hospital was the nearest to her neighborhood, she knew this place pretty well.

The environment in normal wards was really nasty. As she had fainted earlier without paying the hospital bills, her mother would have surely been assigned to a normal ward.

Thankfully, this man was here.

\"It's nothing much; we're friends.\"

Amid their chatter, she arrived at her mother's ward with him.

Once she entered the ward, she made a beeline for the bed.

Seeing Zhang Manhua's very pale face and heavily bandaged body, her tears could no longer be kept from falling.

Again, she bawled her eyes out.


She lay on the bed and cried aloud.

\"Mom, don't abandon me… Didn't you say that you wanna see me get married and give you grandchildren? Didn't you say that you wanna look after your grandchildren…\"

Chen Zhengchu looked heartbroken as he saw her lying on the bed while bawling her eyes out like a child.

Although he was not close to Pei Ge, he still had some understanding of her.

She was unlike the average woman in that she did not have bad habits and grew up not pampered.

When one was with her, one would sense her sincerity and kindness.

Most importantly, when one was with her, one would feel very relaxed and happy.

How could he not be heartbroken to see this woman, who always brought joy to those around her, be full of sorrow and agony at the moment?

\"Your mother will be okay so don't worry.\"

He lightly patted her shoulder.

She sobbed as she lifted her head to look at him.

\"A-Are you serious? Will my mom really be okay? Is it? It is so! You're a doctor, after all!\"

She was like a drowning person who was clutching at drifting wood as she stared intently at him.

\"…\" Although the man had only said that to console her, he could only nod his head when he saw her anxious gaze.

\"I heard that there's a research institute in Germany that specializes in treating cases like your mother's. There were patients there with more serious than your mother that successfully recovered.\"

While he was saying this to comfort her, he was not telling lies either.

There was indeed a research institute in Germany, though it was not for the average person.

Furthermore, her mother had one issue, and that was… with her present state, her body might be unable to handle such a long flight.


Of course, Pei Ge was unaware of such complications.

When she heard about all that from him, she only became excited.

\"Are you saying that, if my mother goes to Germany, she can be cured and wake up?\"

With her bright eyes on him, he could only nod his head.

\"That's right. There's a sixty-percent chance of recovering and your mother can wake up.\"

Forget it; since she's so sad, I shouldn't talk about those complications as they will only dampen her spirit.

As he thought of this, the man became even more resolute with his words.

\"Only sixty?\"

She frowned when she heard that.

\"That percentage is already very high chance. In the medical world, there's no such thing as a hundred-percent chance of recovery.\" He quickly explained when he noted that she had misunderstood.

\"You mom wasn't injured at any ordinary part; it's her brain! That's why this sixty-percent chance of recovery is already considered high.\"

She finally got it after hearing his explanation.

\"I get it; thanks for explaining it to me.\"

She wiped the tears off her face and looked at him with a smile.

Although she was smiling, it was one filled with sorrow, and that made the man even more heartbroken.

\"I heard that you're getting married soon. Where is your fiancé? Why isn't he here with you when you're facing such a situation?\"

Her smile froze instantly when she heard these questions.

My fiancé…

Right, such a matter happened to mom, so why is my fiancé not here?

\"I don't know…\" she muttered with a dazed expression.

Hearing her reply, a look of anger surfaced on Chen Zhengchu's face.

\"What's his number? I'll give him a call! How can he not be around when something so grave like this happened to you? Does he truly love you?\" he asked with displeasure.

His words made her heart shudder a bit.

However, very soon, she recovered and shook her head slightly. \"It's alright; I'll call him myself in a bit. Thanks for offering.\"

\"Okay.\" He looked at her and helplessly nodded without saying much.

\"Just tell me more about that hospital in Germany. Oh, right. Please tell me its address as well.\"

Her mind was currently not on Ji Ziming as all she could think of was her mother – if her mother would wake up.

She could not be bothered with her fiancé, her cousin, or her uncle!


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