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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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987 I-I ran down your big auntie.

\"Pei Ge… are you okay?\" Chen Zhengchu asked worriedly when he saw her standing, motionless, by the bed.

It appeared that the woman either heard him speak or was enlightened as she returned to herself and smiled at him. Shaking her head slightly, she responded, \"Nothing. It's getting late; you should go back and rest.\"

Noting that the woman was inviting him out, the man nodded and left while still worrying about her.

\"…If you need anything, just call for me.\"

He shot her a worried look.

\"Yes, thank you.\"

Once Pei Ge sent the man out of the ward, she closed the door and walked to her mother's side.

Seeing Zhang Manhua lying on the bed, she sniffed as remorse filled her heart.

The seriousness of her mother's injuries made her even more remorseful.

She hated herself for causing her mother to end up in this state and for uttering that lie in front of her cousin…

\"Mom… I'm sorry… so sorry…\" She knelt down by her mother's bed and kept whispering this to the latter's ears.

Right now, she was truly regretting it…

She had lost her father and did not wish to lose her mother as well…

\"Mom, sorry… sorry… I'm begging you not to leave me behind…\"

What's the use of me avenging them and my second auntie getting arrested if my mom… if she would be gone forever?

She knelt by her mother's side and repented ceaselessly while feeling extremely regretful.

Meanwhile, another party involved was also feeling remorseful, though… she felt more of happiness than of remorse.

That was right! It was happiness!

Liu Yan drove back home with her hands full of blood and disregarded the housekeepers' peculiar look as she headed straight to her daughter's room.

\"Shishi, my good daughter, you don't have to worry anymore! You don't have to worry anymore!\"

The moment she entered her daughter's room, she spoke in a nearly senseless manner.

Pei Shishi, at this time, was still feeling vexed over her cousin's words that she did not bother with her mother.

She was beyond frustrated.

She wanted to continue leading her present life but it just had to be disrupted by Pei Ge!

She did not want to turn herself in but had to do so because…

If she turned herself in, her father and she would face lighter sentences, but she really did not wish to do so…

As she was cursing her cousin and Qiao Jingyun internally, she heard her mother speak.

It made her mood worse.

\"Mom, can't you see that I'm thinking things over?! Get out!\" She chided her mother without thinking.

Liu Yan was stunned by her rude response but quickly recovered from it.

\"Mom knows what you're frustrated about and you don't have to be as I already settled it for you.\"

\"You know what I'm frustrated about? Heh…\" She smirked, feeling impatiently. \"Alright. Mom, stop annoying me, okay? Stop annoying me!\"

\"Daughter, mom knows that you're feeling frustrated about what Pei Ge said to you, but don't worry as I already settled it f.\"

Hearing her mother mention her cousin, Pei Shishi's eyes widened instantly.

\"You heard our conversation?!\"

She looked at her mother in shock, only to note the blood in the latter's hands.

\"Ah! Blood! Mom, what's wrong with you?\"

Seeing her mother's hands full of blood, she thought that the other was injured. She walked over and looked at her mother anxiously.

When she fussed about her mother, the latter smiled dotingly at her.

\"Good daughter, don't worry; the blood in mom's hands isn't mine but someone else's. I'm uninjured.\"

She heaved a sigh of relief at this.

\"Why don't you wash it off? It's so frightening.\"

She reprimanded, and her mother laughed in response.

\"Look at what's in mom's hands.\"

After she said that, Liu Yan opened her hands right before her daughter's eyes and a brown watch came into view.

The watch was in no way exquisite. It even appeared to be slightly old and out of fashion.

A disdainful expression surfaced on her daughter's face when she saw the watch in her mother's palms.

\"Where did you get this? It's so ugly. Don't tell me you're giving it to dad? He'll definitely not like it.\"

Her daughter's words made the older woman smile before she shook her head. \"No. This watch, I got it from your big auntie.\"

\"Big auntie? Why did you take a watch from her? They're so poor—\" Sohow would they have nice watches.

Pei Shishi stopped mid-speech and widened her eyes. Disbelief flashed across her face.

Seeing her mother's hands bloody, surprise and happiness rose in her heart.

\"Mom, this blood… whose is it?!\"

She gulped and stared fervently at her mother.

\"Good daughter, don't worry; nobody will be able to hurt you. Nobody will make your life miserable.\"

Her mother smiled and lifted her hands. With those bloodied hands, she lightly caressed her hair.

\"Rest assured; Pei Ge won't have any evidence to hurt you. You and your father won't go to jail.\"

Her mother's words gave her a shock.

Although she did guess that her mother had done something, she did not expect it to be true.

\"Mom, what on earth have you done? This blood, is it big auntie's?!\"

\"That's right. This blood is your big auntie's… She bled a lot, a lot…\"

At this moment, Liu Yan's expression seemed to be odd.

Panic flashed across her eyes as she spoke about Zhang Manhua.

\"Mom, what in the world have you done?\"

An ominous feeling rose in Pei Shishi's heart at the sight of her mother's bloodied hands and upon hearing her words.

\"I-I ran down your big auntie… and she bled a lot! It seems that she died!\"


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