Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
994 You are part of the family so you do not have to tiptoe around people.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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994 You are part of the family so you do not have to tiptoe around people.

With her mind full of thoughts, Pei Ge escorted her mother to the capital's main hospital with the Ji couple.

Seeing that her mother had been appropriately taken care of by the two, her sense of insecurity diminished.

In that moment, she was glad that she could marry into the Ji family and have in law like this couple.

She would not know what to do with her mother if they were not here.

Scanning the pristine, lavish, and comfy room, her heart felt hopeful.

\"Ge Ge, don't worry about your mother. She'll receive the best treatment and attention here! Rest assured; our Lao Ji already found the best doctor for your mother…\"

Hearing that, a warm and sincere smile appeared on her face.

\"En! Thank you, mom, dad!\"

She bowed to the two respectively. Her face had a tearful smile and one's heart would ache looking at her.

\"Sigh! This lass, we already said that we're one family; must you be this formal with us, your parents?\"

Madam Ji chastised at her polite action.


Pursing her lips, she was about to speak when Mister Ji, who had not been keeping his silence, spoke. \"You are part of the Ji family, so you need not tiptoe around people.\"

His expression was authoritative and his voice was stern, but she could still discern concern from it.

His expression reminded Pei Ge of her own father.

Even though the two did not have anything in common, nor did they look alike, in that instant, this older man before her reminded her so much of her father.


Tears welled up in her eyes instantly as she looked up at the man.

\"Members of my family never tiptoe around people.\"

His words made more tears well up in her eyes.

Madam Ji looked between the two and frowned at her husband unhappily.

\"Lao Ji, what's wrong with you? Ge Ge, already feels terrible, yet you do this!\"

Noting the younger woman's misty eyes, as if she would cry at any given time, she took it as the former getting upset by her husband's words. This led in her reprimanding him.

The man glanced at his wife and shook his head helplessly. \"Honey, I'm not done speaking yet.\"

\"You're not done? This Lao Ji, what else do you wanna say? Will you be happy only when our Ge Ge here cries?\"

She shot him a look that said, 'I'll kill you if you continue talking.'

Despite her threat, the man continued speaking.

\"If anything, my family will be your support. You need not tiptoe around people and can do whatever you want to do freely. We're here.\"

Mister Ji's words stunned his wife.

She had never seen her husband treat anyone so no nicely apart from their son. No! Even toward their son, she had never seen him so gentle before.

\"Similarly, you need not be so formal and cautious around us; you're one of us now.\"

The tears that were in Pei Ge's eyes rolled down her face finally at the older man's words.

She did not know how much she cried yesterday, but she knew that her tears this time were out of heartfelt gratitude and joy.

\"Mhm!\" She nodded heavily, her eyes and nose red. Right now, she looked funny yet pitiful.

\"Aiya! Lao Ji, look at you being all emotional; our Ge Ge is crying now.\"

The older woman looked at her future daughter-in-law and her husband, and in that moment, she felt amused.

\"Okay, okay. Don't cry anymore; you'll damage your eyes like this.\"

Looking at how the lass was crying nonstop, she walked over and used the handkerchief she got from her bag to wipe off the former's tears.

\"Stop crying, alright? Look at how swollen your eyes are now.\"

In the end, the more she wiped the tears, the harder the other cried.

It was as if her tears would never come to an end.

\"I—hiccup!\" Pei Ge cried and hiccupped at the same time. \"I-I don't want to cry either—hiccup—b-but—hiccup—I just can't control it.\"

Seeing this, the couple exchanged amused glances.

\"Ha ha!\" Madam Ji laughed out loud, unmindful of the younger woman's tears.

Compared to her open laughter, Mister Ji was more subtle.

Even though this scene was quite funny, it gave people a warm and fuzzy feeling.

\"Ge Ge, you stay here with your mom; I'll go with your dad to get the details on your mother's condition,\" said the older woman to her with a smile after she settled down.

The knowledge that the two would talk to the doctor agitated her.

\"Mom, I'll go with you!\"

She wanted to hear what the doctor had to say about her mother's condition and if it could be treated.

\"You just sit here and rest, lass. We'll go,\" rejected lightly by the older woman. She then pushed her down a comfy couch next to the bed.


The older woman cut her off before she could say anything.

\"Why? Don't you trust us?\"

She could only nod and sit obediently on the couch.

Just like this, only the couple left the ward to go find the doctor in charge of Zhang Manhua as she stayed behind to accompany her mother.

\"Lao Ji, do you think… that Manhua's condition… is as bad as Dr. He made it out to be?\"

\"En. Dr. He has always been true to his word; he won't lie to us.\"

\"Then, isn't Manhua…\"

\"I can only say that it depends on fate…\"


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