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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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995 My wedding has been postponed.

\"Mom, I saw on TV before that people in a vegetative state can hear internal voices. Mom, can you hear me?\"

Once the couple left, Pei Ge got up off the couch and squatted by Zhang Manhua's bed.

She looked at her mother on the bed and felt that the latter was already looking a lot better, though she was unsure if it was just her imagination.

\"Still, mom, don't worry; Ziming's parents got a top doctor for you, so you'll definitely receive the best treatment…\"

She held her mother's hand and rubbing her cheek against it.

\"That's why… you must try hard to wake up…\" she muttered. With a sniff, she forced back her tears and plastered a smile on her face.

\"Mom, my fiancé's mom told me that I've cried too much today already so she won't allow me to cry anymore… He he…\"

After laughing, the tears in her eyes dried.

\"That's why I won't cry anymore!\"

Squatting by the bed, she told her mother many things, but her words were not as pointed and aggressive as they were yesterday.

She no longer spoke of revenge and of enemies to her mother; in that moment, there was only kindness and positivity in her heart.

After a while, her phone rang.

\"Mom, I'll take this call first.\"

She picked up her phone after notifying her mother.

Her eyes lit up once she saw who the caller was.

\"Xiaoyu, I was just about to call—\"

The woman on the other end interrupted her greeting.

\"Ge Ge, my boyfriend can't make it to your wedding.\"

Her voice over the phone sounded full of helplessness and… despair?

\"Ah? What's wrong?\" she asked, feeling confused. Even though her wedding had already been postponed, she still asked this when she noted the sadness in her best friend's voice.

\"Nothing. It's just his company received a large order, so he can't leave.\"

Her best friend laughed as she complained to her about it.

\"You have no idea! I already told him that your wedding is coming up, but he still did this in the end! It's so infuriating! He'll be the death of me!\"

Listening to her best friend's frustrated voice, her lips curled up as her mouth opened helplessly.

\"It's okay.\" My wedding has been postponed…

Alas, before she could utter that, Tang Xiaoyu cut her off.

\"What is okay?! It's not an engagement this time! It's your wedding! That's a big thing; how can…\"

\"Okay. Don't be mad. It's really okay with me because my wedding has been put on hold…\"

She laughed; her voice was tinged with a little sadness.


The woman, who was about to speak, was stunned when she heard her words.

\"What?! Your wedding has been put on hold?!\"

The volume of Tang Xiaoyu's voice rose a few decibels at this shocking news.

This made Pei Ge remove the phone from her ears.

\"How did that happen?! Why was it postponed! Did that jerk do something?!\"

The moment the woman returned to her senses, she started grilling her for answers.

Pei Ge thought that her best friend's guesses why the wedding was postponed were quite funny.

\"You're overthinking it. Ziming has nothing to do with the postponement of the wedding. It's because—\"

Before she spoke of the reason, she paused and took a deep breath first.

\"It's because mom got into an accident, and she still hasn't woken up, so our wedding is on hold.\"

Following this, her best friend, who had already calmed down, got agitated again.

\"What?! Auntie got into an accident and still hasn't woken up?!\"

Pei Ge sniffled at this. \"Mhm.\"

\"What exactly happened? Is it serious? Wait a minute? How did auntie get into an accident when she usually didn't leave the house?\"

Over the phone, her best friend peppered her with these questions.

She crinkled her nose at that as her tears threatened to spill again.

\"Talk! How did auntie get into an accident? What's her condition right now?\"

\"That… mom was run over by my second auntie; that woman hit my mom…\" She took a deep breath and explained it to the other.

\"What?! Your second auntie?! E-Even if she's a little mean, she shouldn't—\" Be the type to kill others arbitrarily.

She already knew what her best friend wanted to say and interjected, \"She didn't dare to kill anyone only because there's no reason to do so…\"

She gritted her teeth when she spoke of her second aunt.

\"What 'no reason to do so'? What is all this about? Ge Ge, can you explain everything clearly?\"

Tang Xiaoyu was panicking as she listened to her words.

\"My father's death is no accident. He was murdered, and it's by his brother, my second uncle.\"


She was stunned by this series of revelation.

\"Second auntie ran over my mom because she thought that the latter held the evidence to that crime. She tried to kill mom to get rid of it.\"

She remained silent for a long time after listening to Pei Ge's words.

Both were silent and merely listened to each other's breathing.

Moments later, Tang Xiaoyu finally found her voice to speak—

\"Wait for me there! I'm going back now!\"


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