Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
997 Are you concerned about me or her?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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997 Are you concerned about me or her?

\"A-Ah? What did you just say? Come with me? You're coming with me?!\"

Tang Xiaoyu's eyes widened. She stared straight at the man, unable to believe what he had just said.

\"No. Didn't you just say that you can't leave because of your company's recent, big project?\"

You can't leave when there's a wedding, but you can now that the wedding is off?!

For no reason, she got upset at this.

\"This matter is too complex. You can't help Pei Ge with anything even if you go back,\" reasoned Gu Zhengrong. From his tone, it was as if they were taking a bus home and not a flight from New York to China.

\"I can't help with anything, but you can? That's China—not New York! You can't even dominate this city; what do you think you can do back home?\" she spat in anger. \"Besides, she already has her fiancé; does she need you to step in?!\"


Her words were like needles as they pierced his heart, but despite his heart being in agony because of her words, he remained expressionless.

\"I'm just… concerned about you all…\" he said softly in the end.

The woman was not buying it, though.

She got so upset with him that she had lost her sense of reason.

\"Care about us? He he! Did you make a mistake?!\"

She regretted it immediately after she spoke.

\"What are you saying?!\" By then, the calm man was antagonized as well.

He looked at her coldly. The two were in a relationship, but the way the man looked at the woman made it seem as if they were total strangers.

Seeing the man's cold gaze, all her anger and jealousy dissipated.

All that was left was panic and fear.

\"I'm sorry; it's my bad. I'm in a bad mood because of what happened to Pei Ge. I shouldn't have lost my temper on you.\" She apologized to the man at once.

When he observed her panicked expression, his lips moved and he asked plainly, \"What did you mean by that earlier?\"

What did she mean by a mistake?


The man's question made the woman's face froze. After a moment's silence, she spoke. \"I was just blabbering; don't mind me. I just think that your concern for my best friend is a little over the top.\"


He pursed his lips tightly after she said that.

The expression on his face got more complex, seemingly having something to say.

However, noting the careful and calculated expression on the woman's face, he chose not to say anything.

It's fine… just like this.

\"It's quite nice if you come to China with me. Ge Ge has been looking forward to meeting you for a while now. Even though things are a little complex…\"

She was so against the man coming with her just moments ago, but after seeing him angry, she changed her mind and supported him.

If Pei Ge were to see how her prideful best friend was behaving in front of this man, her heart would probably ache.


Unfortunately, by the time Tang Xiaoyu changed her mind, the man had already decided the opposite.

After a moment's silence, he shook his head plainly. \"It's fine. I won't come with you. You're right; she has her fiancé and doesn't need me.\"

His voice seemed to carry a tinge of mockery and helplessness.

No matter what, it did not sound right.

However, the woman acted as if she did not notice anything as she smiled brightly.

\"En! Then, you stay home and earn money to provide for me! I'll make it a fast one and be back once I solve Ge Ge's problem.\"

Pei Ge had no idea of the altercation between this couple. Right now, she was in a terrible mood.

She had just found out from Officer Wu that her cousin managed to post bail because of the lack of evidence.

Even though she was the primary and sole suspect in the case, there was not enough evidence. Plus, someone of authority vouched for her, so the police officer in charge of the case had no choice but to release her.

\"Sorry, miss, but rest assured; I'll take her in as long as we can prove that she's the culprit.\"

She did not even know how the call ended. She only knew that she was in a horrible mood.

The police's words resonated in her mind.

'Someone of authority vouched for her…

'Someone of authority vouched for her…'

Who's that someone of authority?

There's no way second uncle would know someone that formidable—at least, not anyone with strong ties to the police.

But if it's not him and his family that's behind this, then who helped second auntie get out?

Many thoughts ran through her head at once, but she made no progress.

In the end, she decided to see her cousin's family again.

\"Mom, I'm going out for a bit. Don't worry; I'll be back soon.\"

She clasped Zhang Manhua's palm and gently let go.

She then left the room after having come to a decision.

Quietly closing the door behind her, she left the hospital and got in a taxi to her cousin's place.

Along the way, she thought about a lot of things—of her dead father and her mother who was in a critical condition.

Whenever she thought of how all the tragedies in her life were brought upon by her close relatives, she grew increasingly bitter.


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