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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1001 He has never loved you.

"Heh… My apologies for disappointing you, then."

Her calm response was unbearable to Pei Shishi.

She did not get it. With her cousin's straightforward personality, should she not already be screaming from her emotions running wild?

Why, then, was she still so calm?

This did not make sense!

"I say: Why are you so calm? Ji Ziming betrayed you for Qiao Jingyun, and that woman is even carrying his child?"

She stared intensely her, wanting to get a feel of the latter's present mood.

However, no matter how long or hard she stared at her, the latter's face remained expressionless.

"Oh, is that so? My apologies. I don't believe any of your words."

With that, Pei Ge turned around and headed out.

This action of hers triggered Pei Shishi.

Having wasted so much of her saliva, she only received such a lackluster response.

She raged at once. "Pei Ge! Even if you don't believe it or don't want to believe me, the truth will always be the same! He has never loved you—no! Perhaps he did like you before, but he loves Qiao Jingyun more!"

She shouted at her cousin's back.

"You think that he wants to marry you because he likes you, but in reality, he only wants to protect Qiao Jingyun! His parents don't like her, so they chased her out of the country. If not for your appearance, she would likely be unable to return! That's why he got together with you; it's all for the woman's sake!"

Her words were akin to thousands of sharp needles as they pierced through Pei Ge's heart.

She kept telling herself that all her cousin's words were lies!

This woman was merely lying to her, but her heart could not help but waver.

"He has never thought of marrying you for real. In fact, he has never intended to marry you."

"No. He does want to marry me because we already have our marriage certificate… We are already a married couple even before our engagement."

She closed her eyes. Despite her soft voice, her words were resolute.

This caused her cousin to pause in her speech, but she soon resumed speaking.

"Don't lie to yourself. I'm sure you are very clear what type of person he is. He is a devoted man. He won't fall in love with another person if he truly likes someone. Over a decade ago, the instant Qiao Jingyun saved him, he already gave his heart to her."

This caused Pei Ge's heart to tremble. After all, he had indeed once liked that woman because of that kidnapping incident.

"You may not know this, but they've been together for many years. You can say that they grew up together. She is the angel who saved him and his intimate, childhood friend, so let me ask you: Who do you think he likes between you and that woman?"


Right now, she could not remain calm and confidently say that the one Ji Ziming liked was her.

Her silence encouraged Pei Shishi to speak further. "You've been used—used by him."

Although the latter could not see the former's expression, she could tell how sorrowful and conflicted the other was from the way she stood ramrod straight.

When she thought of how much suffering the other was feeling at the moment, her lips curled up into a smug and happy smile.

While she did not like Qiao Jingyun, she was more resentful of her cousin who had attained happiness.

However, her smile quickly vanished.

"Are you done talking?"

Pei Ge turned to peer lightly at her cousin, whose smile had turned stiff.

"Since you are done, I should be able to take my leave now."


This calmness of hers made her cousin sputtered in anger.

"You! You still don't believe me? Since you don't, you can go to that private hospital you've gone in the past to see for yourself! That woman is at that hospital, and he also appears there often!

"I come out and say this to you straight, then. Qiao Jingyun only helped me because I found out that she's pregnant with Ji Ziming's child when I went to visit her. If not for me threatening her, she wouldn't even help me, not to mention him."

Alas, her cousin's words had no effect on her.

Her expression remained extremely calm and peaceful, as if what her cousin had just said had nothing to do with her.

"Oh, okay." She calmly nodded.

"Hmph! It's up to you whether to believe me or not! Anyway, I've said everything I wanted to say."

This time, she did not give her cousin a reply.

Giving her one last, cold look, she strode out of the villa.

She was about to disappear from her cousin and Liu Yan's sight when she suddenly stopped her steps.

"Pei Shishi, I don't care who is behind you, but I will still send all you evil and guilty people into hell…"

Her words stunned the mother-daughter pair who had been feeling confused at her act of halting her steps.

In the next instant, the following words she spoke made the two feel an icy air blowing on them.

"No matter how rough the road in front is, no matter how many impediments there are, I will still never give up."

Hate and revenge will be my support on this road. I will forever, and unwaveringly, continue walking down this path.

No matter how much I have to sacrifice in the future, no matter how rough this path may get then, no matter what… I'll be continuing on this path of revenge!

No one can stop my footsteps… even if that person is Ji Ziming!


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