Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1002 I want to get to the bottom of this!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1002 I want to get to the bottom of this!

In Pei Shishi's house, she was so calm and fearless, as though none of her cousin's words could harm her.


Once she exited the villa and got in a taxi, her entire body slumped down.

Her calm expression was instantly replaced by panic and sorrow.

Her nonchalance instantly vanished.

She was like a soldier who had been defeated with no hope of victory.

"Miss, miss. Are you all right?"

The driver's words pulled her back from her thoughts.

Slightly hazy, she shook her head. "I'm fine…"

"But miss… you are crying…"

The driver watched the passenger cry through the rearview mirror, thinking that she had likely encountered something very saddening.


She raised her hand to touch her face when she heard this.

Only then did she realize that she had unknowingly started crying.

"I'm fine. Sand entered my eyes moments ago."

She hurriedly used the back of her hand to wipe off her tears while giving this reply to the driver with a smile.

What she did not know, though, was that her smile only made her look even more heartbroken than when she was crying.

"Then, miss, where do you want to go?" softly inquired the driver upon seeing that she was unwilling to divulge more.

"Where do I want to go…"

This simple question confounded her.

That's right. Where should I go?

The world is so big; where should I be?

In that moment, she suddenly did not know where she should be.

"…To the capital's main hospital." After a pregnant pause, she finally mentioned a destination.

"No problem! Miss, we will move off now."

In an attempt to lighten her mood or a naturally optimistic person, the driver exaggerated his speech as he smiled at her.

His antics caused her lips to curl up a little despite not feeling the same inside.

Along the way, the ride was very smooth and speedy.

While looking at the passing scenery outside, her mood finally settled.

Of course, this was only related to while she was at her cousin's house.

Even now, she kept thinking of what her cousin had said earlier.

In her mind, the words played on a loop.

'Qiao Jingyun is pregnant, and the child is Ji Ziming's!

'He has never loved you. The person he loves has always been that woman all along.

'You are just her cover!

'You are just being used by him.

'If you don't believe me, you can go to that private hospital you've gone in the past to see for yourself…'

Private hospital…

No! No way! Pei Ge, you can't be tricked by your cousin. Everything she said is a lie!

Ji Ziming definitely isn't that type of man! All those—they're lies! All lies!

Lies? All her words are reasonable and backed by evidence, though!

He's truly been absent by your side these past few days! He indeed had a thing with Qiao Jingyun before, and she even had evidence!

Her mind was split in half at the moment.

One side was telling her to believe in the man and not be tricked by her cousin's words.

Another side was telling her that what her cousin had said was the truth and the man had indeed betrayed her!

Just as she was at a painful war with herself, the driver's phone suddenly rang.


The driver answered the call while still driving.

This call attracted her attention, though she was not actually interested in it. Rather… she wanted to make a call, too.

Make a call… to Ji Ziming.

Ask everything clearly. Isn't it better that way?

As she thought of this, she fished out the phone from her bag.

She did not even need to open her contact list and just merely pressed the number '1' as the man was on her speed dial.

Unfortunately, while the man was astute on answering her call at the first ring in the past, the phone rang for a long time this instant before it was picked up by him.

"Hello, Pei Ge."

His low voice came through the moment the line connected.

Inexplicably, she felt more at ease upon hearing his hoarse voice.

"Ziming… I miss you so much…"

The moment she heard his voice, the grievance that she felt burst out at once.

Her nose tingled as tears swam in her eyes and threatened to fall out at any moment.

"…I miss you, too." His gentle voice was like a cello drawing out a tender, love concerto, causing her heart to melt.

In that moment, whatever suspicions, affair, pregnancy, and the ilk were all cast at the back of her mind!

"When are you coming back? You clearly said that you'll be back in the afternoon. You lied to me again." She sniffed a she grumbled.

"I'm sorry. There's… something urgent at the office again."

When she heard him mention the company again, she suddenly recalled her cousin's words.

'He's lying to you by claiming that there are matters to attend at the company. He's currently with that woman at the hospital.'

She clenched her fists at this recollection.

Sucking in a deep breath, she tried to match and confirm everything her cousin had said earlier with the man.

Whether this was true or false, she wanted to make sure.

"Ziming, at Pei Shishi's house today—"

Alas, before she could finish speaking, she heard a woman's voice from the other end.

She even found this voice to be a little familiar.

"Ziming—" Who's that woman who spoke?


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