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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1007 Her condition is dire.

"Are you two the family of the patient in V1 ward? I've been looking for you this whole afternoon."

Asking Ji Ziming about this afternoon took a back seat the moment she heard the doctor's words.

Pei Ge set aside those issues with him in favor of her mother's matters.

She shook off the man's and, without looking at him, walked to the doctor's side worriedly.

"Doc, what's the matter? The patient inside is my mom; if there's an issue, you can tell me at once."

Standing right in front of the doctor, anxiety could be seen on her face.

It might be her illusion, but a weird glint flashed past the doctor's eyes when she claimed to be the patient's daughter.

"Ah, so you're the patient's daughter…"

The doctor's brows twitched slightly and dilly-dallied with his words despite seemingly being anxious to locate his patient's family.

She was about to ask about her mother's condition again when Ji Ziming reached her back without her noticing it and held her shoulders.

"I'm her husband; if there's anything important to say, you can talk to me about it."

Hearing the man address himself as her 'husband', she could not help but blush.

However, she quickly used her shoulders to shoo the man away.

"What are you talking about, doc? You should tell it to me."

"Pei Ge, go inside and see your mom. I'll listen to what the doctor has to say. I have more knowledge in this area so don't worry; I'll be with you soon."


She frowned slightly at the man's words, but before she could speak in refusal, she was pushed into the ward by him.

"Don't worry; you still have me."

As he said that, he closed the door.

Looking at the closed door, she felt something quite wrong about this situation.

Is there something wrong with mom? It should not be, though…

Ziming's parents told me that they got mom the best doctor…

She walked slowly to the bed and looked at her mother, who was taken well by the nurses in this hospital. She bowed slowly to gaze at her mother with a complicated expression.

"Mom… do you think that I can trust Ziming? I can trust him, right? He doesn't have any reason to lie to me, does he?" After she asked these questions, she laughed all of a sudden.

"You see; I have nothing to my name and have absolutely nothing. Why would he lie to me? He doesn't have any reason to do so, does he?"

She kept repeating these words to herself as if she were under hypnosis.

It was if it, by repeating it, it would come true…

"Doc, how is my fiancée's mom?"

After entering the office, Ji Ziming got straight to the point with the doctor in charge of Zhang Manhua.

"Right now, her condition is dire."

Seeing him come over, Dr. He stopped his hand's action and stood up from his seat. He then invited the man to the place where he usually received guests.

"Ms. Zhang's condition is bad. At the very least, given the standard of local doctors, she can be said to have an untreatable injury." The doctor served the man a glass of water as he spoke.

"Aren't there cases like this where they get treated overseas?"

Even though he was not with Pei Ge when it happened, he quickly checked Zhang Manhua's diagnosis the moment he learned of her accident.

"That's right! Such injuries are indeed treatable overseas. Your parents are also willing to spend a lot just to hire the best doctor in this area for Miss Zhang, but…"

At the doctor's hesitation to continue, the man understood that this was no simple issue.

"What, then?"

He furrowed his brows slightly.

"Unfortunately, Dr. Conrad, the neurologist with a 70-percent success rate in surgical operations, doesn't intend to come over. We communicated with the hospital in Berlin, Germany, but he flatly refused.

"Plus, given the patient's precarious condition, she can't take the flight to Germany. The turbulence created when the plane takes off is likely to aggravate her wounds."

The doctor's words made his frown deepen.

This was when he finally grasped why his parents had specifically instructed him not to let Pei Ge discuss her mother's condition with the doctor.

"What about others? There should be other neurologists willing to come here."

His fingers lightly knocked on the surface of the table.

"Indeed, there are others willing to come, but none of them are as good as Dr. Conrad."

"We don't have any other choice, do we?" Taking in a deep breath, he asked this solemnly.

"Yes. Although the other neurologists aren't as confident as Dr. Conrad, their skills are still topnotch. If we gather all of them, the surgery's success rate should reach 60 percent at least."

The doctor nodded lightly.

Ji Ziming also thought that this was the best solution so far.

After chatting for a while with the doctor, he left his office and returned to Zhang Manhua's ward.

In the end, when he opened the door and entered, he saw Pei Ge asleep by her mother's bed.

Looking at this, his actions became a lot gentler as he went to his fiancée's side. His lips curled slightly as he gazed at her sleeping face.

He bent down to look at that tender and fair face, and his fingers could not help touching it.

Eyebrows… eyes… nose… lips…

He felt that he could not get enough of her.


The woman licked her lips and moved her head at his touch but did not wake up.


He smiled and shook his head slightly at this. Reaching out, he carefully hugged her as if he were embracing something precious.


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