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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1009 She is sick?

The next day, when the nurse came by to measure her mother's temperature and wipe her body, Pei Ge was woken up. At the rustling sound, she opened her eyes and yawned, only to realize that it was almost 9 AM!

"I actually slept for so long…" She softly muttered, then sat up from the bed.

This was when she realized that someone had helped her change clothes and put on her pajamas!

"Aye, aye, aye, aye?!"

Who helped me change into my pajamas?!

She thought at first that it was the private nurse, but when she saw the love bites on her neck, her cheeks instantly burned.

"It must be that annoying fellow!"

She grumbled as she got off the bed to wash up in the bathroom before making her way to her mother's ward.

Seeing how attentive the nurse was in taking care of her mother, a light but bright smile blossomed on her lips.

"Nurse Li, thank you for the trouble."

She walked over smilingly and sincerely thanked the nurse.

"Ma'am, look at what you're saying; taking care of your mother is my responsibility as her nurse."

Nurse Li waved her hand with a smile.

This nurse was not young and was about her mother's age. Moreover, she was very experienced in taking care of people in vegetative state.

Hence, the Ji couple had chosen her—someone slightly at the same age as Zhang Manhua—to be her private nurse.

"Ma'am, have you eaten? I think I saw sir going out to buy breakfast earlier."

She blinked her eyes at this in surprise. "Huh? Is he here already?"

"Eh? Didn't he stay here last night?"

The nurse's queer expression caused her cheeks to burn again, not knowing how to reply to that.

Gosh. How deeply asleep was I last night?

I didn't even notice when that annoying fellow helped me change clothes and left hickeys on my body!

Just as she was feeling awkward and at a loss for words, Ji Ziming suddenly walked in.

"Pei Ge, come have breakfast. The nurse will take care of mom, so you should eat first."

Seeing that he was still wearing his suit from yesterday, her cheeks burned further.

Looks like he truly was here with me last night! We even slept in the same bed…

"Don't stand there blankly. Come here."

The man's lips curled up slightly at the sight of his fiancée blushing.

"Ah—oh! Okay!"

She pursed her lips and blinked, scolding herself inside while making her way to the man.

Really. It's not like you haven't slept with him! Why are you so easily embarrassed now?! You are about to marry this man, so what is there to be shy about?! She consoled herself like this as she reached him.

"Why are you still wearing your pajamas?"

After placing the dried scallops and seafood porridge on the table, the man peered at the woman sitting opposite him and frowned.

The collar of these pajamas was pretty low, so she could easily get peeped at if she was not careful.

He had randomly picked these pajamas for her last night, not expecting them to turn out this revealing!

Hence, he could not resist biting her a few times, leaving some kiss marks behind.

The woman speechlessly rolled her eyes at his displeasure and muttered, "Didn't you help me change into these…"

"…Forget it. Change into something else after you have your breakfast." He relented.

She nudged her lips at this but did not continue voicing her opinion as she lowered her head to start eating.

Who knew that just as she placed the spoon near her lips and moved to sip the porridge—

"Blarghhh!" She retched, feeling as though her stomach had been overturned.

"What's wrong?"

The man, who was about to give her more food, got nervous at once when she started retching and looked to be suffering.

He threw his chopsticks aside and moved to her side, hugging her tightly while patting her back.


She wanted to reply to him but could not stop herself from retching a few more times. Her stomach seemed to be very uncomfortable.

After a long while, she finally recovered.

"I'm fine. I just suddenly found it a little disgusting."

She took a few deep breaths and then lightly shook her head.

His frown did not loosen despite this.

"How can you be fine when you're like this? We should go see a doctor later." He stared at her and insisted.

This made her unhappy, though.

"I already said that I'm fine. I was only suddenly a little sensitive to seafood."

As she said this, she struggled out of his embrace and pushed the seafood porridge aside in disdain.

"Ah! It's indeed because of this porridge! I feel much better now! It must be that this isn't fresh!"

She felt herself come alive again after pushing the porridge away.


The man found this to be very off.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for this bowl of porridge to have gone bad. He had, after all, specifically asked the top chef of a five-star hotel to make it meticulously.

All the ingredients and seafood were the freshest, so it was impossible for it to have a problem with freshness.

"I'll just drink some milk and have some buns!"

Seeing that he was still frowning, she did not continue letting him worry. Hence, she took a big gulp of milk, then a huge bite of the bun, and smiled at him.

"Look; I can eat and drink, so I'm really not sick!"

Her actions and expression did not seem to be that of a sick person, causing the worry in him to dissipate a little.

However, he still picked up the bowl of seafood porridge that she had despised so much in confusion.

Is the problem truly with this bowl of porridge?


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