Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1011 Your marriage certificate is fake.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1011 Your marriage certificate is fake.

"You used to be his secretary, so you should be able to recognize his signature, right?"

Her words were like a knife as they pummeled Pei Ge's heart.

Suddenly, she felt her vision dim when she spotted Ji Ziming's name on the pregnancy report.

Even if she did not want to believe this and wanted to believe in the man, the truth would always give her a tight slap in the face at the last second!

The hands with which she held the pregnancy report trembled.

Still, she wanted to give the man, as well as herself, one last chance…

"This can't prove anything."

She threw the pregnancy report onto the floor with a disdainful look.

"Mhm! Whatever you say."

Qiao Jingyun's lips curled up into a smile as her gaze got filled with mockery.

"I know that you will do everything to catch such an outstanding man like Ziming if you can! You don't even care if the person he likes isn't you! After all, he isn't just an average man."

As she said this, the woman blinked and pointed toward something behind her.

"Plus, with your mother like this, you probably can't afford the bills without the Ji family's help! That's why it is even more impossible for you to let go of such a sturdy tree like him!"

"…Are you done speaking? If you are only here to sow discord between us, fine; I'll definitely properly interrogate him when he comes back."

Pei Ge's fists balled up as she glared at this woman sharply.

Though uncertain about the man, she did not want to show it before this woman and let herself be the latter's butt of joke!

"Tsk! You're more shameless than usual. I actually didn't intend to yell at you for this, but seeing how pompous you are in thinking that your love for him is mutual, I'd like to wake you up from this daydream of yours!"

The woman, who had just sat languidly on the sofa, retracted her smile and got up off it to move toward her.

Subconsciously, Pei Ge stood up as well and matched the other's icy glare.

"Come take a look at this. See for yourself if this man on my phone is your Ziming!"

The woman took out her phone, clicked open the photo album, and then flashed it to her.

She looked at the photo in confusion, and in the next second, her face went blank.

"This is…"

In the photo, a pair of young man and woman was lying in bed. Although the blanket was covering them, one could still see that the two were naked from the top.

This was nothing. The most important thing was that the pair in this photo was Qiao Jingyun and Ji Ziming!

Despite the place in the photo being dimly lit, one could still see the red dots of love bites on the woman's body. As for the man… he had a satisfied expression.

Even if she wanted to claim that this photo was photoshopped, her eyes could not spot any signs of that.

"Did you see it clearly? If you didn't, I can still show you some others."

The woman then swiped her finger lightly across the screen, and numerous bed photos featuring the two flashed past Pei Ge's eyes.

Her eyes turned red at these photos.

"I don't believe it!"

I don't believe it! Ji Ziming clearly likes me. I can feel it! He definitely loves me, or else why would he marry me then?!

Even if he wants to make use of me, he won't tease me with such a huge thing as marriage!

"You are merely trying to sow discord between us. These photos… can't prove anything."

She looked at the woman resolutely, not showing any disappointment and depression.

Alas, the woman's next words made her resolution turn into a big joke.

"I don't know where your confidence is coming from. Is it because you guys have gotten your marriage certificate?"

"How… did you know?! How did you know?!"

How did this woman know about that?! Other than my best friend, there's no one else who knows about it! How did this woman find out?!

"That's a good question!" The woman smiled and regarded her mockingly. "Of course, Ziming told me. If not, how else would I find out?"

"Impossible! Why would he tell you this?! He…"

In that moment, she suddenly did not know what to say.

"Ah. Are you in disbelief? I shall tell you something else that you will definitely not believe now!"

The fluster and panic on her face delighted the other woman.

"Though I'm just afraid that you won't be able to take it after I say this!"

She chuckled smugly.

"Get lost if you don't want to say it! I, too, don't want to hear you speak."

She glared hatefully at the woman in front of her.

Other than her uncle's family, this woman was the next person she hated the most.

"You… sigh! Not just your relationship with Ziming fake, even your marriage certificate is!"

The woman's words were like a bomb as they exploded in Pei Ge's heart, causing it to shatter and her mind to go blank.

She did not know if she was having a nightmare right now…

She only wished that this was all a dream—a nightmare which was the opposite of reality.

After a short silence, she finally regained her senses.

"…You're lying. I personally went to take our marriage certificate with him. We even took wedding photos then…"

She did not want to believe and could not believe that the marriage certificate they had was actually fake.

She knew that once she believed that, everything between her and Ji Ziming would end!

Hur hur… That's why I won't believe it.

"If you don't believe me, you can take your marriage certificate to check. You will know then whether I'm lying to you or not."


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