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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1015 What should I do...

"What a coincidence; I haven't had lunch yet, either. Perhaps, we can grab lunch together."

Though there was joy in her best friend's voice, Tang Xiaoyu still got a little suspicious.

As her closest friend, she knew how much the other loved to eat.

Her best friend would miss anything but her meal.

"Are you okay?"

Hearing the worry in the other's voice, Pei Ge had the sudden urge to cry.

"Let's talk when we meet…"

She took a took breath, and before her best friend could ask anything else, she spoke again. "You be good and wait for me at the airport; I'll come get you now!"

With that, she hung up the phone, hailed a taxi, and headed directly to the airport.

She did not bother herself with thoughts of how expensive it would be to take a taxi to the airport.

In that moment, she just wanted to see her best friend fast.

Thankfully, despite the small traffic jam, there was not much trouble on the road to the airport.

The traffic was smooth-flowing.

Therefore, it took her less than an hour to reach the capital's airport, and she found her best friend without much effort, too.

"Xiaoyu!" She lunged at her fashionably dressed best friend. "I've missed you so much."

She was pulled to the side by her best friend shortly after she had pounced on her.

"Stand to the side! Quickly tell me what exactly is going on here. Besides the issue with your second aunt, something else must have happened since the last time I got in touch with you!"

Her best friend stared intently at her, as though she could see right through her.

She pursed her lips at her friend's words. Spotting all the luggage at the side and the evident exhaustion on her best friend's face despite her makeup, she said, "Xiaoyu, here's not a great place to talk. Let's… go back to my place first."

"Eh? Go to your place? Why your place? Didn't your fiancé reserve a presidential suite in a five-star hotel for me?"

Tang Xiaoyu eyed her best friend with suspicion. The change from a presidential suite in a five-star hotel to a family motel… She would not buy it if the latter told her that nothing was wrong!

"Ge Ge, did you have a fight with your beloved fiancé?"

Asking her best friend this out of curiosity and suspicion, she knew at once that she had hit the nail on the head from the unnatural expression and swollen eyes of her friend.

"Tell me exactly: What happened between you and Ji Ziming?" Sternly, she questioned her best friend.

Due to her outstanding looks, many passersby in the crowded airport looked in their direction.

Feeling these gazes on them, Pei Ge curled her lips into a smile.

"Xiaoyu, here's not a proper place for talking; let's talk when we reach my place…"

Tang Xiaoyu's heart ached for her best friend when she saw the latter's sad smile.

She nodded and then followed the other in a taxi with her luggage.

Along the way, she chose not to ask her best friend anything.

The latter took this time to order two sets of ready-made food for them.

"I ordered your favorite spicy crayfish, pastry, and…"

She listened to her best friend list off the dishes she had ordered and became increasingly aware of how abnormal her best friend was acting today.

Still, as the latter was a woman of her words, since she promised to tell her about it once they got home, she would certainly do so.

Therefore, she only prayed for the taxi to reach Pei Ge's place a little earlier.

The taxi arrived at her best friend's place without much trouble, perhaps thanks to her prayers.

Tang Xiaoyu became even more certain of her best friend's abnormality when she saw her give the driver a large sum as taxi fare.


The two entered the room.

Immediately after Tang Xiaoyu set her luggage down and before she could say anything, the delivery guy arrived with their food.

"Please remember to give us a good rating!"

"Alright." After she received the food, Pei Ge closed to door. "Xiaoyu, it's time to eat! Our feast is here!'

The other rolled her eyes at her upon seeing the bags of takeout boxes. "Why did you order a lot?"

"I suddenly feel really hungry. Besides, you haven't had lunch yet, either!" As she spoke, she placed the food on the table.

Only after she had set all the food on the table did she realize that she had indeed ordered excessively.

"Okay, let's eat."

After she prepared the table with a smile, she saw Tang Xiaoyu walk toward her with a somber expression.

"Ge Ge, what exactly happened?"

"Let's eat first. You haven't had lunch. We can talk afterward," she said softly, smiling at her best friend.

"How can I be in the mood to eat when you're like this?! You, don't put up pretenses when you're unhappy! I know that you're feeling terrible right now; why else would you be behaving so abnormally?"

Tang Xiaoyu told her best friend off seriously, feeling uncomfortable at how happy the latter was making herself out to be.

"Did something happen between you and Ji Ziming? Did he do something?"

The tears that Pei Ge had been holding back gushed out immediately after her best friend asked those questions.

"Xiaoyu… what should I do? I thought that he loves me, but in the end, I'm nothing to him. Our marriage certificate is fake, and he doesn't actually love me. Now, Qiao Jingyun is carrying his child…"


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