Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1016 Everything is too much to be a coincidence.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1016 Everything is too much to be a coincidence.

"Xiaoyu… what should I do? I thought that he loves me, but in the end, I'm nothing to him. Our marriage certificate is fake, and he doesn't actually love me. Now, Qiao Jingyun is carrying his child…"

The cries were full of indignance. Pei Ge, who had been all smiles earlier, was crying nonstop now.

Tang Xiaoyu felt her heart break as she watched her best friend sob.

Even though she did not witness any of the things her best friend shared, she felt upset enough just looking at how heartbroken the latter looked.

This was not mentioning the meaning behind the latter's words.

"Ge Ge, what did you say? Did you just say that Ji Ziming played with your feelings and that he got another woman pregnant?!"

Her eyes widened as she seethed in anger; it was as if flames would burst out of them at any moment.

"En…" Pei Ge nodded between sobs, looking rather pitiful.

"That doesn't seem right. Doesn't he really love you, though? Why would he do something like that?"

She knitted her brows tightly in confusion, her eyes full of doubt.

She still remembered how happy her best friend had looked when she talked about that man. Plus, the latter had never once mentioned him having any bad habits, especially… Were they not about to get married? How could something like this happen?

"I-I don't know; it's like everything happened at once…" said her best friend between sobs. "First, I found out that my dad's death wasn't an accident but was caused by Pei Zhenghui and his accomplices. Next, my mother, who was run over by my second aunt, entered a coma…

"Now, that jerk… that jerk has apparently been lying to me all this while…"

As she listened to her best friend's heartbroken explanation, she only felt that everything was too much to be a coincidence.

Her father had passed away more than ten years ago, but no one had discovered that he was murdered until recently. How could someone easily find out that her father was murdered when no one could back then?

Everything seemed to be a little too much to be a coincidence.

It was as if someone were pulling the strings from behind, manipulating everything where no one could see.

"Hold on, Ge Ge; tell me everything in detail. I have a feeling that… something's not right here." She frowned grimly at her best friend.

She suddenly regretted not bringing Gu Zhengrong along. While she was smarter than the average person… if they were talking about intelligence, then her man was definitely much wiser than her!

"En. What happened is… I also didn't know at first…"

Starting from how Qiao Jingyun had told her that her father's death was no accident, Pei Ge spoke of everything that had happened since then.

At the other's recount, she was able to piece everything together fast.

While there was nothing glaring from what she had heard, her brows still knitted tightly together.

"From everything you've said so far… there's always the presence of one person in all this…" she said in a voice full of disdain and with narrowed eyes. "Qiao Jingyun. No matter that incident with your father or your mother, even between you and your fiancé, she's always there."

It would be impossible to say that the woman had no hand in all this!

"Have you considered the possibility of this being that woman's set-up?"

Raising her head, she looked straight at her best friend with a burning gaze.

"I did, but…" The latter pursed her lips and looked back at her helplessly. "But Ji Ziming did lie to me; that marriage certificate is indeed fake, and that woman… is truly pregnant…"

"…" She frowned when she heard that. "Are you sure that all you've told me is true?"

"En. I've… been to the hospital where Qiao Jingyun went—the day my fiancé told me that he's dealing with work at the office when he's in fact with her. Besides, she said something about not blaming him for the child…"

As she spoke, Pei Ge felt awful again. She knew that crying would not solve anything, but she could not help but do so still.

"Our marriage certificate is fake, too. I checked earlier today… Xiaoyu, who do you think I should believe?"

"Even so, you can't trust that woman. She's clearly up to no good!"

Tang Xiaoyu felt anger build up inside her as she listened to her best friend more.

"I've never trusted her, but I must admit that she's definitely pregnant with his child… That's what I can't put up with."

Her love had to be pure and without lies. She thought that the person who could offer her that was Ji Ziming.


"What do you intend to do then, Ge Ge?"

The other felt terrible looking at how hurt she was.

The woman that she knew was ever happy and constantly smiling, but the one before her currently only had sadness in her eyes despite her smile. It made one feel terrible just looking at her.

"I want to leave—leave him."

Pei Ge raised her head, staring at the white ceiling.

"Okay! Let's leave him!"

The other agreed without hesitation when she heard her words.

What Tang Xiaoyu had in mind was for her best friend to keep her distance from Ji Ziming for now and observe his reaction from afar. This way, she could help her decide on whether to stay or leave.

"Xiaoyu, did you know? My mom's condition right now makes me unable to leave the Ji family," her best friend muttered softly, sniffling as she thought of Zhang Manhua who was still in a coma.

"Without them, my mom won't get the treatment she needs…"

As Pei Ge spoke, tears flowed from her eyes again.

"Am I really despicable right now…"

She really wanted to confront the man, but at the same time, she was afraid that everything would be true. In that case… how could she ever stay with his family and how could her mother… get the medical help that she needed without them…


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