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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1017 The Beginning of the Storm

"Am I really despicable right now…"

"No! Ge Ge, you're the nicest girl ever! The word despicable can't be applied to you at all!"

Seeing how upset her best friend was, Tang Xiaoyu walked over and hugged the other as she patted her back comfortingly.

"Do you know? You're the kindest and purest girl I've ever known. In my eyes, there's no one better than you."

She smiled warmly. "Besides, Ji Ziming is the one at fault here. Even if you do something like this, it can't be counted as despicable. It's just tit for tat," she said slowly.

"Sobs… Xiaoyu…"

Unable to hold her emotions in any further, Pei Ge burst in tears on her best friend's shoulder.

"Go ahead and cry! Everything will feel better once you do."

She kept patting her best friend gently on the back, just like how one would comfort a child.

She sighed at the warm breath and wetness she felt on her shoulder.

Why did Ge Ge's relationship, which was going so well before, end up like this?

Everything was clearly going well at the start…

After a while, once Pei Ge calmed down a bit, she finally let go of her best friend's shoulder.

"Xiaoyu, you must be tired after such a long flight…"

She rubbed her eyes, which were swollen from crying, and looked at her best friend.

"I'm not tired; how can I be tired when you're like this?"

Tang Xiaoyu shook her head with a smile. She took a tissue from the table at the side and wiped her tears.

"Look at you; I haven't seen you cry like this in years…"


Because of how long she had cried, she started hiccupping.

Her red eyes and nose, as well as her misty expression, made her look extra pitiful, but one could not help but laugh when she started hiccupping.

"Okay. Do you feel better now that you've cried?" asked the other gently, smiling at her.

"En, much better," She muttered, nodding as she hiccupped.

"Since you're feeling much better, let's eat first. You must be hungry after all that crying."

As she spoke, the other dragged her to dining area and set the table.

"Let's go to the hospital to visit auntie once we're done here."

"But… you just got off the plane. You need rest," she rejected instinctively. "You get some proper rest at my place today; we can go visit my mom tomorrow."

Her best friend declined her invitation without hesitation, though.

"It's fine; I'm not that tired today. I can't sleep even if you ask me to right now, so let's eat and go visit auntie together later."

She was about to speak again but was cut off by the pile of food Tang Xiaoyu had put in her plate.

"Okay, quickly eat!"

Therefore, she could only keep quiet and accompany her best friend in eating.

During their meal, her best friend kept asking her, which she answered accordingly.

As if chatting with the former could ease sadness, the smile on her face gradually returned.

The dinner was quickly concluded in a happy note.

"Okay. Take me to the hospital to see auntie now. Sigh..."

Tang Xiaoyu sighed as she looked at the other with moist eyes.

She did not feel it earlier as she was comforting the latter, but the moment she thought of how Zhang Manhua was in a vegetative state in the hospital, she felt awful.

How cruel were the trials and tribulations that this mother-daughter pair had been put through…

"Okay. Since you don't feel like resting, we'll go to the hospital."

Pei Ge nodded gently, her eyes still red from all that crying earlier.

"Let's go now! If we bump into that jerk fiancé of yours, I'll teach him a lesson for you!"

When she heard her mention the man, her expression dimmed a little, and she felt her nose crinkle.

Ji Ziming hasn't called all day…

Eh?! I haven't really… checked my phone all day.

She then hurriedly took out her phone. To her surprise, she found a lot of missed calls from Qin Qitong.

The calls started before she got that one from Tang Xiaoyu.

She apparently put her device on silent after she picked up her best friend's call…

In any case, along with the many calls from the girl, Ji Ziming's had clearly called, too.

Only the man's name was missing…

"Ge Ge, what's wrong?"

Seeing her slightly knitted brows and doubt in her eyes, Tang Xiaoyu tugged at her.

"En, nothing. Let's go down first."

She shook her head with a smile, thinking to return the two women's calls when they got in the car.

With that, she put her phone back in the bag and followed her best friend downstairs.

Below her apartment, before they even walked out of their block, the pair found the passersby looking at them.

"What's wrong with these people? Why are they all looking at us?" Her best friend was confused.

"Probably because you're pretty," she teased casually.

The doubt in the other's heart disappeared once she heard that. "Shoo!"

In this lighthearted atmosphere, the pair reached the neighborhood entrance. By then, their taxi had arrived.

Once she informed the driver of their destination, the vehicle quickly headed to hospital.

After chatting with her best friend for a bit on their way there, Pei Ge took out her phone to return Qin Qitong's call.

What she did not anticipate was the shock that the call would bring her.

The girl brought her a piece of ridiculous news.

The moment she called, the person answered at once, seemingly in a hurry to do so.

"Hello—" What's up?

Before she could speak further, the other's urgent voice sounded first—


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