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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1021 Is the child Ji Ziming“s?

Tang Xiaoyu was on the verge of breaking down but suppressed it as she settled her best friend's ward with the nurse.

Meanwhile, Fu Mingxuan helped Pei Ge with her admission procedures.

Once they were done with their respective matters, both did not leave and, instead, stayed in her room as they waited for her to regain consciousness.

"Hey, this person surnamed Fu, are you behind this matter?"

While waiting for her best friend to wake up, the bored Tang Xiaoyu began interrogating the man.

"It's not me…"

He was especially heartbroken at the sight of Pei Ge sleeping on the bed with a ghastly face.

"It's not you? Why did you arrive in time, then? It seems to me that you knew my friend was in trouble."

She stared hard at the man, her sixth sense tingling as it warned her that this was no simple matter.

"I was planning to visit her mother and didn't expect to see two of you getting stopped at the hospital entrance…"

Seeing that she was suspecting him, he pulled himself together and shifted his attention away from the sleeping woman.

"Is it? Is there really such a coincidence?" She was still suspicious even when she heard his excuse.

The man's face remained passive yet it was not the case in his mind when he saw the other's suspicious-filled gaze.

That was right; it was no coincidence that he appeared there in the nick of time. It was because Qiao Jingyun called to him that Pei Ge was being mobbed at the hospital.

As such, he drove there without delay.

On the way, he even beat a few red lights.

"It's up to you to believe me or not."

He shot Tang Xiaoyu a glance before returning his attention to Pei Ge.

"I don't believe you; how can the world have so much—" Coincidence.

Before she could finish speaking, the one lying in bed opened her eyes with fluttering eyelashes.

"Ge Ge, you're awake!"

"Ge Ge, is there anywhere that you feel uncomfortable?"

Seeing her wake up, the two no longer bothered with other matters and went to her bed happily.

Pei Ge raised her hand to rub her eyes when she saw their worried yet happy look.

Alas, she could not complete her action as she was attached to an IV drip at the moment.

"Don't move!"

The man gently grabbed her hand and put it back carefully on the blanket.

"What's wrong with me? Where is this place?"

She knew only then that something had happened to her. This place seems to be…

"Ge Ge, you're currently in a hospital. The doctor said that you're suffering from fatigue a-and…" softly explained her best friend at her question.

Alas, once she got to that part, she could not bring herself to say it.


Pei Ge saw her best friend hesitating to speak and became anxious instantly.

"Ge Ge, don't get agitated at what I'm going to say next. The doctors said that your body's condition isn't fit to handle strenuous matters."

Tang Xiaoyu hastened to assure her upon seeing the anxiety on her face.

"Okay. Say it."

The two people with her exchanged glances before telling what the doctor had said earlier.

"Ge Ge… you're pregnant."

She widened her eyes, dumbfounded, upon hearing that. Almost immediately, she laughed aloud.

"Ha ha! How is this possible, Xiaoyu? You must be joking with me."

How could she be pregnant? She clearly only did it once with Ji Ziming…


Wait! When the two of them did it that one time, they did not use any protection!

"It's true. That's what the doctor truly said, though you're still in the early stage of pregnancy."

Hearing her best friend's confident words, she could no longer lie to herself.

She was indeed pregnant. Although it was only that one time, she still got pregnant with that man's child.

"Ge Ge, are you okay?"

Seeing her looking stunned, Fu Mingxuan, who was expressionless, asked worriedly.

"I'm okay." She laughed and shook her head.

At this point, she did not know whether to be happy or to be sad.

That was because, while she had once wanted to have a child with that man and start a blissful family with him, right now, another woman was pregnant with his child…


"Ge Ge, is the child Ji Ziming's?" demanded her best friend at her despondency.

She showed a wry smile and nodded at that.

"True! Other than that jerk, who could you have slept with?"

Seeing her nod at Tang Xiaoyu's words, the man at the side felt complicated inside.

The child in Pei Ge's stomach was obviously his!

That night, although he was drugged by Qiao Jingyun and lost some of his memory, he clearly remembered that the woman with him was Pei Ge!

When he opened his eyes the next day, the person beside him was her!

He could not bear to say the truth upon seeing the look on her face, though. Apparently, she thought that the child was Ji Ziming's.

After all, the person whom she loved was his childhood friend. Even if he said the truth, given her personality, she would probably only get agitated and risk having a miscarriage.

He should probably wait…

Thus, he did not voice out what was on his mind.

"Then… Ge Ge, what do you plan to do next?"

Tang Xiaoyu gently probed at her lost gaze.

Alas, the latter had no answer to that question.

Her mind was a mess, not knowing how to face this child who should not exist.

"I don't know…"

She blankly shook her head as sorrow and conflicting thoughts filled her eyes.

Her palms were subconsciously placed on her flat stomach.

She really did not know what to do with this child…


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