Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1023 I know that all these are her doing.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1023 I know that all these are her doing.

As much as she did not wish to believe that Qiao Jingyun was pregnant with his child and that their wedding certificate was fake, she had no choice but to do so.

Ji Ziming had indeed betrayed her and their love.

"Ge Ge, I truly think that there's a misunderstanding between you two! Everything happened at once, so it seems to me that someone is purposely working against you."

Seeing her pitiful look, Tang Xiaoyu held her hand gently.

"Thinking about it carefully, the appearance of that post is too coincidental. Plus, those pictures…"

Alas, her best friend's words did not make her feel better.

In fact, she was clear about more things than the other.

"Xiaoyu, I know that all these things can't be too coincidental. I also know that the person behind all these is definitely…"

As she talked about it, she narrowed her eyes.

"Who? Is it Qiao Jingyun or Pei Shishi?"

The other followed-up with these names because, except for those two, she could not think of anyone else who would put effort in attacking her best friend!

From that post online, it was clear that the photos were not taken at the same time.

If a person could spend so much time and effort in slandering her best friend, it could not be achieved by an average person.

"It's Qiao Jingyun." Pei Ge pursed her lips coldly. "My cousin isn't that smart to come up with this elaborate scheme."

"Then, you…" The other frowned deeply.

"Are you trying to say that, since I know that woman is scheming on me, why am I still putting much stock in her words?" Her lips curled as she stated this.

The light expression on her face made Tang Xiaoyu realize that the former was no longer the same person as when she was still living in this country.

This change was so different from the naïve woman she knew in the past.

"Xiaoyu, do you know? The best lie is the one mixed with truth."

Pei Ge sighed as tiredness filled her eyes.

"Although that woman did tell a lot of lies, the truths she spoke of make up for half of those.

"She said that my wedding certificate with Ji Ziming is fake, and this is true. She said that she is pregnant, and this is also true."

These were truths that she could not accept!

Her relationship could not be built on lies.

Furthermore, there was not just one…

The other frowned deeply at that.

For a moment, she was at a loss on how to comfort her. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something as her eyes shone.

"Ge Ge, just like what you said, that woman is indeed pregnant, but her child may not be your fiancé's. After all, you know yourself that her lies are always mixed with truths!"

Her words stunned the woman in bed.

A light flashed in those dull eyes of hers!

That's right! While she's indeed pregnant, who says that it's Ji Ziming's!

"That's why don't be so depressed! That woman obviously has ill-intention, so don't be tricked by her!"

Seeing that she looked slightly better, Tang Xiaoyu beamed.


Lowering her head, Pei Ge touched her stomach gently and her eyes became a lot gentler.

From the way she lowered her head, the other knew that she could not bear to abort the child.

However, she also knew that, if that man turned out to have betrayed her best friend, her best friend would surely end the child's life as much as she could not bear to do so…

"See? That child in your stomach wants to live, too and has a look at the world. If not, he wouldn't have caused you to faint so the doctor could check you.

"If not for that, given what just happened to you, this child would probably not be saved.

"You don't know, but the doctor told us that your condition isn't good. If you don't rest properly, the child can't survive."

Hearing her words, Pei Ge became fearful.

"Thank goodness you fainted then. If not, once your child is gone, let's see how sad you'll be!"

"…" She remained quiet at her best friend's remark and lightly caressed her stomach.

Child, I'm sorry; it's all mom's carelessness. Mom nearly lost you; I'm really sorry…

"Alright, alright. You should quickly give that child's father a call. Even if you don't talk about the child, you should talk about the misunderstanding between you two!"

As the saying went, 'one would break ten bridges rather than one temple, and one would also break ten temples rather than one marriage.'

Although she was angry with her best friend's fiancé, they could not let that scheming woman stand to gain under such a situation!

Therefore, the couple needed to resolve all their misunderstandings!

A man like Ji Ziming was really not bad from her perspective! More importantly, her best friend clearly liked him a lot…

At her urging, Pei Ge finally nodded in agreement and decided to call the man.

The latter took the phone her best friend handed over, and just as she dialed the man's number, she heard chattering from outside the ward.

"That Fu Mingxuan, can't he close the door when he leaves?"

Her best friend was about to complain about the poor soundproofing of this hospital but realized that the door was not properly closed.

The ward door was opened halfway.

Although they could not see the people outside clearly, they could still hear their voices.

"…How is she right now?"

Pei Ge was just thinking that the voice sounded familiar when the number she had dialed got through.

Almost immediately, she heard a phone ring from the corridor.


Listening to the familiar ringtone and looking at her phone… her heart was again in her mouth.


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