Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1026 He is flying home! His girl needs him!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1026 He is flying home! His girl needs him!

"Pei Ge… I've never truly liked you before. The person whom I've always liked is… Qiao Jingyun…"

She really wanted to open her eyes at this moment and asked the man if he really meant what he had said.

He's never loved me before?

All the things that he did for her, were they fake?

"As a person, you need to have self-awareness; you know? If it's not yours, don't dream of it being yours…"

Is it… Is it… It's not mine… He isn't mine… b-but the child is mine!

Child, I beg you; I beg you not to leave mom… I don't want my family to leave me again…


She mumbled weakly as she completely lost her consciousness.

Seeing her finally faint, Qiao Jingyun smirked in ridicule.

"Trying to fight with me—dream on! Ha ha!"

She laughed aloud.

After a while, she kept her phone.

She stood beside the woman and looked at her for a while, enjoying the sight of blood on the latter's lower half. Seeing that the time was almost up, she went back to her room.

It was as though she had never been there.

As she expected, the moment she entered the room, she heard sounds coming from outside.

"Ge Ge, Ge Ge, the doctor is here! The doctor is here; don't be scared…"

"Doctor, I beg you to save my friend…"

"Nurses, please be careful…"

Once the group left, she walked out of her ward.

Seeing the blood on the floor, the corners of her lips curled into a smile.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! Really pitiful… That child should be gone this time…"

He he…

"Pei Ge, Pei Ge, so what if you slept with Ji Ziming? Your child still can't be saved. Ha ha! In the end, he's still mine…"

Ha ha ha!

"Doctor, I beg you! Please save my friend and her child!"

"Missy, I can't guarantee this. Also, I already told you that the patient is weak and needs rest! She can't be stimulated, but what did you do?"

"Alright! While we can't guarantee that we'll be able to save the child, we'll do our best still. However, I hope that you… can be mentally prepared for the possibility of the child being lost…"

Once the doctor entered the operating room grimly, Tang Xiaoyu collapsed on the chair in the corridor.

She kept thinking about what the doctor had said.

'…The child being lost…'

Suddenly, she felt her heart constrict.

The two of them had promised before that they would be the godmothers of the other's children and treat them as if their flesh and blood…

Now, as she thought of the child in her best friend's stomach being gone…

She covered her face and cried, unable to contain her heartache anymore.

At this moment, she really regretted bringing her best friend to find Ji Ziming…

"Wu wu…"

As she cried, her phone rang.

She sniffed and fished it out from her bag.

When she saw the caller ID, she regained a sense of security and picked up the call immediately. Without waiting for the caller to speak, she bawled, "Wu wu! Zhengrong, what to do… wu wu… Ge Ge, s-she's…"

Hearing her mention the woman, the man quickly asked, "What's wrong with her? Did something happen to her? Where are you right now?!"

The man's voice was oddly filled with too much concern and anxiety, but she could not bother to mind about his emotions right now.

She was sitting alone outside of the operating room, waiting for results while feeling scared to death.

Although she appeared to be very brave and smart usually, she had never encountered such a situation before.

This was especially so since the one lying on the operating table in the surgery room was her best friend.

She did not dare to close her eyes because, every time she did, the image of her best friend in a pool of blood would appear.

"Wu wu… Ge Ge is in the hospital…"

Since the caller was her pillar of support, she cried even more weakly.

"Stop crying and tell me what on Earth happened? Why is she at the hospital?!"

It seemed that he was irritated by her crying as his voice grew impatient and increased in volume.

After being shouted at by him, the woman finally calmed down. Still, she was not making sense in her speech.

"Zhengrong… Ge Ge is having surgery… The child—her child probably can't make it…"

Hearing that, the man on the other end remained silent for a long while. It was as though her words had given him a big shock.

However, having the urge to complain, the woman did not care about what he was feeling.

The more she spoke, the angrier she got.

"It's all Ji Ziming's fault! My best friend loves him so much; how could he betray her and do such things?! A-Also…"

Tears fell again from her eyes while speaking as she felt hurt for her best friend.

"…What did that man do to Pei Ge?"

After keeping his silence for a long while, Gu Zhengrong finally spoke. His deep voice, though, seemed full of anger and… killing intent.

"That jerk got another woman pregnant just his and Ge Ge's wedding was nearing! He even lied through his teeth before my best friend! Plus, the marriage certificate between them is fake! He didn't actually marry my best friend! That jerk has been cheating on her from the start…"

Listening to all her complaints, the man's breathing deepened.

The girl who has a special place in my heart and whom I care for silently… got trampled on by that man!

"Xiaoyu, I'll come to you now!"

I'm flying home! My girl needs me!


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