Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1030 That lassie has a difficult life!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1030 That lassie has a difficult life!

"Plus, where's cousin? Where has my cousin gone off to?! His fiancée is missing, yet he's off somewhere; does he still want her?!"

The incensed lass started criticizing Ji Ziming because of the woman's disappearance.

"Honestly, something very serious happened to Sister Pei Ge, yet he's also nowhere to be found. I've really been defeated by him!"

Hearing her complaints, the man's parents could not help frowning, too.

Recently, they were displeased with their son's actions.

Still, the incident today…

"Tongtong, your cousin is handling those nasty rumors online for Ge Ge. He still doesn't know that she is missing."

The middle-aged woman tried defending her son, though it did not work on the girl.

"Tsk… He should at least call. Besides, what can he do other than delete the posts? What's the point of deleting them, though, when it's not as good as my Bi Zheng finding the culprit behind it?"

The older woman helplessly shook her head at her niece's continued grumbling.

"Your cousin is also looking for the one behind this. You should stop talking about him like this. He's very busy with some matters at the company."

"Auntie, could those things online be true? Did the project under Sister Pei Ge truly make the company lose hundreds of millions of funds?"

All of a sudden, she thought of the rumors online and frowned deeply with a touch of uncertainty.

"Aye! Don't tell her about this matter in case she becomes even more upset. She's already going through a lot…"

The older woman sighed again as her voice got filled with pity and heartache.

It could be seen that she was heartbroken for Pei Ge.

"How could that be?! Isn't she working with the Fu family on that project? It should be profitable, shouldn't it?"

Although the lass did not know much about business, she understood that a joint project between the two great families should not be making losses.

Even if it was not making profits, it was a matter of earning more or less!

How could it have made such great losses?

"Aye! That's originally a project guaranteed to generate profits, but the government introduced a new law, causing the project to be unable to proceed. With that, the amount invested in that project so far is as good as lost.

"Still, it isn't like what is stated online where there were losses amounting to hundreds of millions."

Her aunt's words made the girl's heart sink instantly.

She was clear that if Pei Ge learned that the first project under her was facing such problems, she would be very upset.

If it was a normal day, she could be informed about it without problem…

"You know that Ge Ge's mother being in that state is already a big blow to her; if we tell her about the project under her making losses, I'm afraid that she'll take things too hard. That's why, in the past few days, your cousin has been busy settling the issue about that project."

The girl understood then why her cousin was constantly away. It turned out that he was secretly helping Pei Ge settle that problematic project.

"Still, it's pretty weird for all these matters to crop up at the same time. Sigh… Ge Ge really has a difficult life…"

As she said this, the older woman could not help sighing again.

"That's true…"

Her niece nodded emotionally.

Listening to their conversation, Mister Ji, who was sitting at the side, finally spoke, "Alright. Stop sighing. The most important thing right now is to find her."

"Right! We must find her first!" The woman pulled herself together at her husband's admonition. "Tongtong, since you're close with Ge Ge, think carefully of where she might've gone?"

"Mhm…" The girl started ruminating, but even after a while, she still could not think of where her friend might have gone.

Still, although she was unable to think of where the latter could have gone, she did think of an idea.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up.

At her reaction, the elderly couple thought that she had thought of Pei Ge's whereabouts and quickly asked, "What's wrong; what's wrong? Have you thought of where Ge Ge might be?"

"No!" The girl denied with a shake of her head.

The older woman frowned in disappointment over her niece's response.

Immediately after, though, her niece's next words brought hope to her again.

"While I don't know where Sister Pei Ge is right now, I know one person who does!" The girl broke into a smug smile.


The couple's eyes became fixated on her.

"Fu Mingxuan!" An unexpected name came from her red lips.

I'm really too dumb! How could I have forgotten about that man?

He brought Sister Pei Ge away. Since he's the last person who saw her, he should know where she went!

"Fu Mingxuan? That young man from the Fu family? Why will he know where Ge Ge is?"

At her niece's mention of that man's name, Madam Ji furrowed her brows immediately.

This was not due to the online rumors regarding the two. Rather, as a woman, she intuitively felt that something was off with that guy and could tell that he was eyeing their family's future daughter-in-law!

"Auntie, after I learned that Sister Pei Ge went to the hospital, I drove there with Bi Zheng immediately, but who knew that we would miss her?" Seeing her aunt looking askance, Qin Qitong began explaining it. "I only learned that that guy got there ahead of us to take away Sister Pei Ge away when I called her. That's why there's that video online right now!"

"Oh, so that's it…" The older woman nodded understandingly before quickly reacting. "You should call that young man then and ask him where your sister Ge Ge is."

"Okay, auntie. I'll get to that now."


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