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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1034 She has become delusional?

Clearly, the food on the table could feed four to five people, and of course, the person who ate the most was Pei Ge!

When Tang Xiaoyu saw her finish the last drop of chicken soup and pick up the mousse cake, she then belatedly realized that the latter seemed to be eating a little too much.

"Ge Ge, aren't you overeating? You should probably stop for now. Your stomach can't handle too much food," she gently advised.

"Ah? Is it? But I don't feel full at all."

Her best friend blinked her eyes in confusion.

Seeing that the other did not seem to be lying and was even happily enjoying her cake, her eyes flashed with confusion.

"Why is your appetite so big now?"

"Maybe it's because I have a baby to feed!"

After finishing her mousse cake, Pei Ge picked up a tissue to wipe her hands while answering her question with a smile.


She was not the least bit happy to hear this and even frowned lightly.

My best friend doesn't have a baby anymore.

The doctor clearly said that, even if the baby was not aborted, it should be unable to survive, yet Ge Ge…

Suddenly, she recalled the doctor's response to her this afternoon when she inquired about it.


Is my best friend unable to accept that her baby is gone so she's having delusions?

This big appetite is likely a by-product of her mental suggestion…

Forget it! Leaving it like this is fine, too. At least, she won't be staring blankly into space and be eating nothing like yesterday.

It's pretty good that she can eat and drink properly at the moment. It should be fine to just tell her when her health is back to normal…

Pei Ge obviously could not read her best friend's thoughts, but even if she could, she would also not believe her. That was because her child was truly still alive!

Her child was still in her tummy. It might be weak, but it was still tenaciously clinging to life as it absorbed nutrients from her body…

After finishing breakfast and lunch, she started feeling sleepy again.

Tang Xiaoyu had just finished cleaning the table when she spotted her yawning.

"Are you alright? Didn't you just wake up? Why are you feeling sleepy again?"

She frowned upon seeing her best friend's series of yawns.

If it were the usual, she would not mind this, but the situation now was different.

Her best friend's body was very weak; hence, when she saw her feeling sleepy right after she just woke up, she could not help but worry.

"I don't know, too. I just feel so sleepy. Hah…"

After yawning again, Pei Ge decided to give up struggling and close her eyes.

"I can't take it anymore. I feel so sleepy and want to take a nap…"

As she spoke, her hazy eyes closed even before her best friend could get out a word.

When she started breathing evenly, her best friend decided not to wake her up and merely silently left the ward. She then took out her laptop to look at the gossip online.

Alas, the moment she logged in to a gossip forum, her mood instantly turned for the worse.

She could not understand why there were so many dumb people who would believe everything anyone said.

She furiously tapped on her keyboard the minute she saw those comments humiliating her best friend. However, when she realized that what she was doing was pointless and would merely make her even more enraged, she lost her desire to browse the web.

As she was mindful of the sleeping woman in the ward, she refrained from hitting her laptop or cursing out loud. Instead, she took a deep breath and closed it decisively.

She proceeded to curse the keyboard warriors inwardly for their stupidity in trusting anyone online.

Inside, she was thinking of forbidding her friend from going online! She also could not let the nurses at this hospital recognize Pei Ge. Otherwise, hell would break loose online!

Just as she was contemplating about her best friend's matter, her phone suddenly rang.

She was initially surprised when she heard it ring, thinking of who it might be. In the next instant, though, she suddenly recalled someone.

In a split second, a radiant smile appeared on her lips.

When she whipped out her phone and saw the number displayed, her smile turned even brighter.

She eyed the soundly asleep woman and finally silently left with her phone.

After she was outside, she excitedly picked up the call with a huge smile.

"Hello, Zhengrong! I really—" Miss you so much!

Before she could express her longing, the man quickly interrupted her.

"I just got off the plane and am on my way there. Which hospital ward are you guys in?"

His voice was low and hoarse. Clearly, he had barely rested along the way.

There was an inexplicable fatigue in his voice.

"Huh?! You're already in Beijing?!"

She was absolutely stunned to hear this, not having expected him to take a flight back home.

She knew that he was coming over but thought that he would call to let her know when that would be; alas…

"Yes. I'll be there in an hour."

His low and tired voice somehow caused the joy in her heart to turn faint.

"Why didn't you tell me that you're on your way? If not because you don't know which ward we are in, are you planning not to call me?" she softly complained.

This question clearly caused the man slight discomfort; hence, the reply she got was just the sound of breathing.


"Since you're already here, forget it. You came just in time. Ge Ge's condition isn't really good now—"

She merely mentioned her best friend's name and had not finished speaking yet when the man quickly interjected. "What's wrong with her? How is her body right now?"

Her smile faded at how concerned he was about her best friend. Pursing her lips, she evenly replied, "Her child didn't make it. The doctor said that her mental state isn't good right now so she's having delusions. She keeps imagining that her child is still alive."


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