Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1035 She knows that he is here for the other.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1035 She knows that he is here for the other.

"Her child didn't make it. The doctor said that her mental state isn't good right now so she's having delusions. She keeps imagining that her child is still alive."

Gu Zhengrong was stunned for a long moment upon hearing this.

"…How did that happen? H-How is her physical condition then?"

"It's pretty good. She ate a lot earlier and is now asleep. Overall, she can function normally except for that bit of mental problem. I actually find it fortunate that she's a bit out of it, or else I think that her body will just give up."

Tang Xiaoyu cast aside the bit of indignance she felt once she spoke about her best friend's condition.

No matter what, even if she did have a tad bit of scheming toward her, she was still her most important friend.

"I understand. I'll be there shortly. Tell me more about her condition, as well as her mother's."

She continued speaking on the phone, telling him about the sleeping woman's condition and Zhang Manhua's.

After she had told him everything she knew, she then had time to inquire about his progress in finding a doctor for her best friend's mother.

"Oh, right. The matter you said about helping acquire a doctor for auntie yesterday—how is it coming along? Has your friend agreed to help?"

"Yes, he has already helped me get a doctor; in fact, I spoke to the doctor yesterday. From what I've been told me, that Dr. Conrad is seventy-percent sure that he can help Pei Ge's mother regain consciousness."

This piece of information made the woman smile, her eyes curving into two crescents.

"That's really great! Seventy-percent, huh! That's already a high chance!"

"Yes, but…" As she was starting to get excited, the man spoke again.

"Huh? But what?" Her nerves tensed up at this.

"The doctor's concern isn't on the success of the operation but… on the patient being able to handle a flight."

"A flight? What do you mean?"

His statement baffled her.

"The turbulence on a plane may be unbearable for her mother, whose brain has a blood clot pressing against a nerve, so…"

He did not need to finish his words for her to understand the meaning.

"That is to say, auntie… she… might be unable to handle a flight because her life would be put in danger?!"


This reply caused her heart to sink again.

"What do we do, then? C-Can the doctor come over here to perform auntie's surgery?"

Despite carefully posing this question, the man's reply still crushed her hope.

"He can't."

"He can't… Why not? Hasn't he agreed to do auntie's operation?! It merely takes one flight over for him to treat her! Why can't he?!" she demanded dejectedly.

"Xiaoyu, it's not that he is unwilling to fly over to operate on Pei Ge's mother. Rather, her condition isn't as easy to treat as you think. It's not a condition that can be treated with just an operation; it takes time to treat.

"It isn't the case of the doctor being unwilling to come over but the treatment needing more advanced technology than what our country has right now; it'll also be difficult to bring the medical equipment here in China… Plus, he has other commitments. He can't just cast aside those just to save one life and stay a few years in our country just to see if a patient may or may not regain consciousness."

His long explanation eventually calmed the woman.

She bit on her lip as her face dimmed. She understood the logic behind his words, but…

"What do we do now, then? Will we just watch as auntie lies in bed until the day when… s-she…" As she struggled to pose this question, tears leaked from her eyes, splattering glistening beads on the floor.

"…When she finally sleeps forever…"

"Hey, don't cry first. I haven't finished speaking yet."

"What else do you want to say? Why are you even here if you haven't found a way? What use is there for you to come?!"

In her anger, she hung up on him.

This was the first time she had hung up on him before he did.

She herself did not know why she had done that.

It might be that she was venting her anger on him due to her best friend's mother's condition.

Deep down, though, she knew why she had truly gotten angry and hung up on him.

That was…

She knew that the man was here for Pei Ge.

She knew that, no matter how much she tried to stop the two from meeting or no matter how hard she tried to hide and lie about the truth to them both, she had no way of stopping the man, who had already found out the truth…

This day still came…

Sigh… Fine.

With my best friend's personality, she won't ever feel anything for Zhengrong, much less fall in love with him.

Maybe he'll get over Ge Ge and stop pining for her… Perhaps, then…

"Tang Xiaoyu, what nonsense are you thinking about at this moment?! What kind of situation is it now, and you actually still have the mind to think about such useless stuff?! Stop thinking ridiculous thoughts! Now, what you must do is properly accompany your friend and help her quickly recover…"

She patted her face. After sorting out all her conflicting emotions and casting all her preposterous thoughts aside, she re-entered Pei Ge's ward.

Once she got in and noted how soundly asleep her best friend was, her heart slowly regained its tranquility.

She approached her bed with very light movements and slightly watched her.

The deeply sleeping woman, bathed by the warm sunlight, had a light smile on her lips, as though… currently having a beautiful dream.

This scene caused her to smile involuntarily.

"Ge Ge… you're such a nice person, so you'll definitely find happiness someday…"


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