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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1039 You should leave this place.

"Actually, we've—" Known each other.You may not remember me, but I won't ever forget you in this life…

Unfortunately, before he could express himself, he was cut off by Tang Xiaoyu's exclamation.

"Ah, right, Ge Ge!"

This sharp exclamation cut off what he wanted to say and also drew the woman's entire attention.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Pei Ge turned to look at her best friend, finding the latter's smile to be very odd.

"I suddenly recalled that Zhengrong already found a doctor who can treat auntie!"

Her eyes immediately widened at this. At first, her brain was slow in processing this information, but once it did, she quickly squealed. "Ahhh! Is that really true?!"

Her eyes lit up a thousand watts. Her haggard look instantly changed into a bright one, as though filled with a beam of light and hope.

"It's true! I called him over just for this!" Her best friend nodded fervently at her hopeful look. "The doctor he got for auntie is the best in his field and even said that auntie has a seventy-percent chance of recovery!"

This made her even more excited.

Her eyes were so bright that they seemed about to emit light as she stared at the other woman.

How could she still remember that the man wanted to say something to her?

Her whole body and mind were focused on the doctor her best friend had just mentioned.

"…That's why, if you want to treat auntie's sickness, we can only go overseas, or else it will truly be quite hard. What do you think…"

In the end, this made her purse her lips in worry.

"The doctor said that my mom isn't in the state to fly, though…"

She brought up her worry.

"It's fine; the doctor said that, as long as it's a medical flight, there should be no problem."

The other woman reassured her.


Even then, it could not ease the worry in her heart.

"Aish! Just relax! Do you think that it's better for auntie to stay here and accept that b*st*rd fiancé of yours' help?"

These words made her heart feel suffocated.

Ever since she woke up, she had tried very hard not to let herself think of Ji Ziming.

However, the moment his name was mentioned, she realized that she could not forget the man entirely.

Her heart hurt again.

Once her expression turned ugly, Tang Xiaoyu realized what she had just said. "Ah, sorry! I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said that…"

"It's fine. It has nothing to do with you."

Pei Ge displayed a light smile and assured her best friend. Still her smile gave a sorrowful feeling.

An inexplicable sorrow emanated from her body, causing the weak her to seem even more fragile.

"Pardon me for saying this…" When Gu Zhengrong saw her sorrowful expression, he felt as though a large palm were squeezing his heart, giving him an unprecedented feeling of hurt and heartache.

"Hm?" His solemn look caused the woman to focus on him.

"I think that the best choice is for your mother to go to Germany where Dr. Conrad is."

He stared with sincerity and tenderness.

"…Yes. You are right. It's best for my mom to go there for treatment!"

She nodded as feelings of gratefulness surfaced inside her toward this man whom she had met for the first time today.

At the same time, she also felt that her best friend was fortunate to find such a good man…

Seeing that she seemed to have made a decision, the man spoke again. "Also…"

At this point, his gaze turned even more genuine.


She looked at him in confusion, not getting what he was trying to express.

"I think you should leave this place with your mother." He gave her a deep look.

She froze at this.

"Leave… this place?"

"Yes. Leave this place. Leave China and go overseas with us." He slowly nodded.

His look caused the other to purse her lips tightly.

When… she learned that Ji Ziming had betrayed her, she did have thoughts of leaving and totally disappearing from his sight.

Still, the moment someone suggested for her to leave, she… hesitated.

She… did not want to leave…

At least, she…

She raised her hand and lightly caressed her flat stomach.

"W-What can I do overseas? Not only is it hard to get a visa, it's even—"

She was cut off before she finished her words.

"After everything and how you've been hurt by that man, you still don't want to leave?"

The man's question was akin to a knife as it stabbed her heart, making her unable to recognize and face this fact…

"Xiaoyu told me all about you. I don't think that man loves you; if he truly did, he wouldn't let you suffer so much heartache."

His lips moved slightly again as he stared at her with deep longing but quickly noticed that she was simply looking at him blankly.

"If I were him who loved you, I'd never let you suffer even a scratch or feel hurt."


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