Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1040 Not everything can be achieved simply through effort.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1040 Not everything can be achieved simply through effort.

"If I were him who loved you, I'd never let you suffer even a scratch or feel hurt."

The air in the ward fell into an eerie silence the moment he said this.

This silence seemed to be filled with awkwardness and… jealousy.

"If he truly loved you, no matter what, he'd never have anything to do with that woman, much less make her pregnant with his child, so I advise that you leave this place. You deserve a better life."

As though he did not notice that air turning still, he continued speaking.

"Work, overseas visa—you need not worry about all this. I'll prepare everything for you as long as you agree."


Pei Ge could no longer hide from her true feelings at this.

While she did say that she wanted to flee from this place, leave Ji Ziming behind, and completely disappear from his life, the truth was that she wanted to remain in this place and… could not bear to leave the man.

Her feelings for him ran deeper than what she had previously thought.

"Is it that… you don't really wanna leave?" The man easily noted her hesitation. "Pardon my straightforwardness, but continuing to stay here isn't good for your body. You merely saw them together yesterday, yet—"

Each word of his caused her face to turn whiter and whiter as her breath became harried.

Just as he wanted to complete his words, he was suddenly cut off by Tang Xiaoyu, who had been silent all along beside them.

"Zhengrong, come outside with me for a moment!"

Not caring if he wanted to come out with her, she forcibly pulled him out.

The sight of the two's departing backs caused Pei Ge's face to flash with loneliness. She bit hard on her lower lip as the man's words echoed in her mind.

Leave… this place?

Do I really… want to leave this place…

I don't really want to leave this place, though. This is where I grew up and where all my memories are…

There are people I love here, and those who love me.

My friends, my enemies, are all still here… but what's the use of me staying here? What can I do by staying here?

Without Ji Ziming, it seems like I am nothing and… can do nothing!

Even the person who ran down my mother with a car got away from the hands of the law! I'm so powerless and small in comparison, so what's the use of me staying here? How laughable.

Without any power, I will only end up being played to death by others!

I… should probably leave this place…

She lowered her head to look at her flat stomach sadly.

"Baby… do you also think that we should leave? Should we…

"Let's leave this place, then…"

At this moment, her face was filled with resolution and… sorrow.

As though making this decision had exhausted all her energy, all she could do was lie in bed powerlessly and weakly.

"What were you saying then?! Didn't you see how much pain Pei Ge was in while listening to you?! She's not your business! You don't have to force her like that!"

After dragging the man to a corner, Tang Xiaoyu furiously reprimanded him with her eyes ablaze.

"I'm not forcing her but helping her choose the most correct path out."

Her stern reprimand regrettably fell on deaf ears as the man casually extricated his hand from her grasp.

"She shouldn't remain in this country. Staying here will only cause her more pain."

Hearing this, the woman could no longer hold back herself. As if a slit had been cut open in her heart, a seed, which had been buried deep within, sprouted through!

"Hur hur… Are you truly thinking that inside? Are you sure you didn't suggest for her to go overseas because of self-interest?"

She coldly smirked as she regarded him coldly.

"…I don't know what you're talking about." He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Don't make yourself seem so righteous by pretending that you have her best interest at heart. I know that you're merely planning for yourself inside! Still, let me tell you that the bit of hope and fantasy you have for her will never come to fruition."

"Tang Xiaoyu!"

Gu Zhengrong balled up his fists tightly at this as he stared at her with eyes set ablaze by an indescribable fury.

The couple who seemed so intimate earlier was more like mortal enemies at this moment.

"Which aspect of me isn't good enough? Does my sincerity to you all these years fail to warm your heart? Why are you always hurting me?"

Her heart was aching so badly that she could hardly speak, and even her breathing became labored when she noted how he was glaring at her with fury as if he were taking her for an enemy.

"Have you ever loved me at all? Even if just a bit—have I ever entered your heart?"

She raised her trembling hands and grabbed hold of his arm. Like a drowning person, she tightly clung onto him. She seemed to fear that the man would disappear if she ever let go.

The man fell silent for some time as he met her glistening yet hopeful eyes. He then lightly extricated his arm out of her hands.


This apology made her feel like a criminal awaiting her final verdict and punishment—her heart stopped beating.

The only words that could describe her current feelings were 'a heart akin to dead ashes'.

The light in her eyes instantly lost their luster and dimmed.

"After all these years, in your heart, am I only worth this once word of 'sorry' to you…"

She raised her head to look at him with a desolate expression.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you, but… not everything can be achieved simply through effort."


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