Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1043 I want to further my studies at Harvard.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1043 I want to further my studies at Harvard.

"Thanks, but I've already decided. Rest assured; I know a teacher there, and he is quite an expert in the field…"

Pei Ge smiled at her concerned best friend.

She understood where the latter was coming from. After all, having already gotten a degree long ago, talking about studying now was a little unrealistic.

"Is that so? Still—"

The other woman's eyebrows twitched. She still felt that studying at this point was useless for her best friend.

However, before she could speak further, Gu Zhengrong interrupted her again.

"It's not bad to further your studies, too. Which school are you intending to attend by the way? I might know someone there."

He smiled encouragingly at the woman in bed, seemingly not affected by her revelation.

"I heard from Xiaoyu that your high school grades were quite exemplary, but due to your family situation, you couldn't attend a good college."

His words had touched the woman's heart slightly.

After all, this was exactly why she wanted to attend school abroad.

She wanted to make up for her regret of being unable to attend a good college before.

Since she was going overseas and had the means to do so, how could she pass up the chance she had to fulfill her dream?

This was also to gain power.

When she was sufficiently powerful, such that no one could turn a blind eye on her anymore, that would be when she exacted revenge for her parents.

"I…" She looked at his warm smile, and her impression of him became better.

Inwardly, she was happy that her best friend had managed to find such an outstanding boyfriend.

"It should be Harvard."

The moment she revealed this, the man and her best friend were equally shocked, totally not having expected her to mean that university!

That university was a lot harder to get accepted!

Those who could get admitted there were the creme de la creme even among the elites, whereas she…

"Are you pulling our legs?" remarked Tang Xiaoyu in disbelief.

No matter how smart or outstanding her best friend was, she still should not claim about being able to get into that university!

It was Harvard—a school where being smart was not enough!

Her best friend was from a lousy college, and more importantly, it had been many years since then.

Hence, to her, the woman in bed's idea of attending Harvard was simply akin to a drunk man's senseless talk!

"Kidding? Of course not."

Seeing her shock, Pei Ge merely smiled and shook her head slightly.

Indeed, she was not kidding. She could tell her best friend this because, while the two were talking outside, she had switched on the laptop on the coffee table and contacted the professor she knew first.

Luckily, when she contacted him, he was online.

When she mentioned her desire to attend Harvard, her teacher immediately welcomed her.

He even excitedly brought up helping her waive off the expensive tuition and miscellaneous fees.

She was sincerely grateful toward that professor whom she had only met online.

Even if she was not very familiar with that university, she was clear on how hard it was to get accepted there.

"I met a teacher by chance in an online class. He's nice enough to offer a chance for me to study in Harvard before…"

However, as she had her mother and Ji Ziming back then, she rejected his offer.

Now, with her present circumstances and sudden change of heart, she honestly did not know how to explain it.

Was the fact that she had the chance to go to Harvard a boon or bane?

Still, she knew that she would rather not attend that university than see her mother hurt in any way.

She would rather use this chance to exchange for her mother's health instead of using her mother's health for this chance to study at that university.

"Are you sure you didn't get cheated?"

Hearing this, her best friend reckoned that she had gotten scammed online.

If that university was that easy to get in, would it still be Harvard?!

"How could that be? Prof. William is a great mentor. He's also a person with vast knowledge."

She shook her head at once, refuting her best friend's conjecture.

In her eyes, that professor was truly an outstanding educator despite her not having met him in person.

"You're truly naïve. The things those online scammers would do to cheat others—"

As Tang Xiaoyu moved to advise her best friend in getting rid of such a ridiculous idea, her boyfriend spoke first.

"Prof. William?" He narrowed his eyes as he thought of something.

Suddenly, with a frown, he stared at her.

"It wouldn't be William Fichtner, would it?"


Pei Ge reacted at the name mentioned, but it was one of puzzlement. "I don't know. I only know that everyone calls him Prof. William and that he's a professor at Harvard Business School."

"Look at this! You don't even know his full name, yet you trust him so much…"

Seeing that she did not even know the professor's name, her best friend was even more exasperated. Inwardly, she promised to guide the former once they were in America.

"Everyone? Can you tell me more about how you've met that professor?"

Looking at her weak and ghastly face, Gu Zhengrong suddenly made a bold guess.

He got this feeling that the professor she was speaking about was truly that person at Harvard Business School—the man basically regarded as a king there.

If the professor she spoke of was truly that well-known figure, then… it was definitely not impossible for her to attend the said university.


Noting his solemn expression, the woman nodded and slowly recounted how she had met the elderly mentor.


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