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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1046 That man is not worth it.

That night, because of her conflicting thoughts and emotions, she did not sleep well that night, but she was alone.

Many others were unable to have a good night's sleep because of her.

It could even be said that they had been working nonstop ever since she disappeared.

"Have you not found Pei Ge yet?"

It was freezing cold in the office, perhaps because it was dimly lit, because of the gloomy furnishings, or the cold air emanating from the man sitting in a chair. Regardless, the room was especially chilly.

Inside, a man trembled as he reported to the person seated.

"Boss… apologies! Someone seems to be trying to stop us from finding Miss Pei, so all traces of her have been erased… We can't find any traces of her at the moment."

"…" Ji Ziming knitted his brows tightly together when he heard that.

Someone was preventing him from tracking down the woman…

Suddenly, his childhood friend's cold face appeared in his mind.

That guy!

In an instant, a murderous aura emanated from him.

"A-Apologies, boss! Please give me more time; one more week—"

The subordinate trembled even more when he felt the cold air around his superior.

He was then cut off, mid-speech, by the latter.

"Go investigate Fu Mingxuan! Check his recent whereabouts!" coldly ordered the man.

"Mr. Fu?"

The man was stunned by his superior's order, and an expression of disbelief flashed across his eyes, but he could not be blamed for this. After all, that guy was his boss's close friend, yet he was being asked to investigate him.

The order had truly stunned him.

"Yes, I want a detailed report of his recent whereabouts in the shortest time possible."

Mingxuan… did you hide Pei Ge?

Ji Ziming knitted his brows tightly together, a cold glare flashing across his eyes.

"Yes! I-I understand!"

"Get out! You are free to go if you still can't find anything."

Even though his superior's voice was plain and cold, as though unbothered by all these, he knew that the man was filled with anger at the moment.

He, thus, left his boss's office without delay.

He wanted to advise his boss of letting his men rest, but how could he say anything with the latter like that?

Besides, how could they rest when their boss had not rested?

The cold air coming from Ji Ziming disappeared at once after his man left.

He raised his palm listlessly and covered his eyes, concealing his fatigue.

"Pei Ge, what exactly… is up with you…"

After murmuring her name, he slumped in his chair; a strong sense of despair came from him.

He initially thought that something had happened to her or that she had been kidnapped following her disappearance.

However, as time went by, a sense of insecurity rose in his heart.

Gradually, his worst fear became more evident.

Perhaps, the woman disappeared because… she learned about him and Qiao Jingyun… She found out that he had betrayed her, so she disappeared…

"Pei Ge…"

Removing his palm, his flawless face was revealed. He was like the most perfect piece of art created by God, but now his face was filled with sadness and unprecedented fragility.

This man, who had never been afraid of anything, was filled with utmost fear.

He was afraid that he would lose her…

I was wrong… Can you come back…

Early the next morning, Gu Zhengrong arrived at Pei Ge's ward with a sumptuous breakfast.

To the woman's surprise, Tang Xiaoyu was not with him.

However, before she could ask him, his words were enough for her to overlook this oddity.

"You should get ready. Tomorrow morning, the medical staff will arrive with the plane. Tonight, we'll arrange for your mother to be transported to the plane's landing location."


She totally did not expect him to be this fast.

He had just told her about it the other day, and he had already taken action the following day.

"En, don't worry. The arrangement on our side has all been made," he gently affirmed, smiling as he placed a bowl of chicken soup before her.

"While it's still hot, have some chicken soup to nourish yourself. The doctor said that your body isn't in good condition."

Strangers who did not know better would likely think that the two were a couple!

Alas, with all her attention focused on her mother, she did not notice the tenderness in the man's eyes.

Of course, even if she did notice it, being dense and all, she would likely chalk it up to the man being kind. She would never think that this man had feelings of affections for her.

After all, he was her best friend's boyfriend. Besides, they were strangers who had just met yesterday.

"What do you mean by arrangement?"

She looked confusedly towards the man, evidently not understanding what he meant.

She did not understand… From his words, it seemed that they were avoiding Ji Ziming.

"I don't want any troubles to crop up."

Even though the man's reply was curt, the woman understood exactly what he meant.

He meant to say that the Ji family might create trouble…

"If you want to see Ji Ziming to make things clear, I can bring you there, but I don't recommend doing so; that's because… that man isn't worth it."


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