Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1048 You will be my most important and best friend forever.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1048 You will be my most important and best friend forever.

Time slowly ticked by. Just as Pei Ge was considering what she should tell her friends and how she should explain her sudden departure, her best friend came in.

"Ge Ge, are you feeling a little better today?"

Tang Xiaoyu then put the fresh flowers she had brought in the vase in the ward before smiling at her.

She asked worriedly the moment she spotted her red-rimmed eyes. "Are you alright? Did you cry when you went back yesterday?"

"I didn't. It might be because I've been feeling tired recently; I also cried a little when I saw our Zhengrong yesterday, so my eyes got swollen."

Despite feeling that something was not right with this explanation, she could not put a finger to it.

That was because there was no reason for her best friend to cry when she went back. Moreover, the man treated her best friend very well, so there should be no reason for her to cry.

As she thought of this, her worry dissipated. She only thought that her best friend had had too much on her plate lately.

In fact, the concern and worry she had just then was not wrongly placed at all.

Tang Xiaoyu indeed cried yesterday.

It was because of Gu Zhengrong's attitude toward her, as well as the huge grievance she felt inside her.

Even if she wanted to bear with it, when he wanted to keep his distance from her and did not want to stay with her, she could not help but quarrel with him.

The man was clearly her boyfriend, yet the things he said always made her feel terrible.

"Oh, right. Have you eaten breakfast?" After she was done putting the flowers in the vase, she walked to her best friend's side and asked with a smile. "I'll go buy some for you if you haven't."

The latter exasperatedly rolled her eyes at that before teasingly saying, "It's almost noon now. I think I'll probably starve to death if I wait for you to buy me food."

"I merely overslept a little…" she softly muttered.

"Your boyfriend already came to deliver me breakfast this morning. I truly should be thankful that you found such a good boyfriend! You should tightly grasp onto him."

Her best friend grinned after commenting with lamentation.

However, the moment she said that, the other's smile froze.

"He already came by?"

"Yup. I saw him bringing in breakfast just as soon as I woke up this morning."

Pei Ge looked at her frozen smile and blinked in confusion. "What's wrong?"

"…" She sucked in a deep breath and her smile returned.

"N-Nothing. I just didn't expect him to abandon me so early in the morning and come to the hospital alone."

That's right. Seeing how much he cared for her, I should've already expected him to bring her breakfast at the hospital early in the morning.

"Your man probably only wants to let you sleep a little longer." Her best friend smiled gratefully. "I am truly very thankful to you two. Without you guys, I really don't know what to do now."

Faced with the sparkling pair of eyes filled with gratitude, she instantly felt guilty.

She felt truly very guilty toward this woman who trusted her so much.

That was because she did not do anything for her.

In fact, she even stole the man who should have belonged to her, though the man liked her even now…

Even without her, he would still help her…

"Ge Ge, i-if you realize one day that I'm not that good, that I am a bit of a schemer, too, and that I even… made use of you, will you… will you—" Hate and resent me…

Before she could finish speaking, the other interrupted her.

"Xiaoyu, you are my best friend. No matter whether you're good or bad, whether you've made use of me or not, you'll always be my best friend. In my heart, you will also be my most important friend forever."

The other tightly held her hands and regarded her with utmost sincerity.

Her guilt only increased at this.

Looking into her best friend's gentle eyes, she tightly grabbed her hands as well.

"You are also my most important friend." But… I really can't bear to let Zhengrong go.

As this pair of friends chatted, it was soon time for lunch.

Soon, the man walked into the ward with many boxes of food.

The pair of friends smiled at each other when they spotted the food he was carrying.

"You're finally here! We are about to starve to death!"

Tang Xiaoyu jumped down from the bed and jogged toward him.

"Let me see what you bought!"

As she said this, she snatched the food from him and laid it all out on the table in the ward.

However, once everything was laid out, the smile on her face faded.

The reason was none other than—

"Eh? These are all my favorite dishes. Xiaoyu, I'm really defeated by you. You didn't have to go to the trouble; I can actually eat anything."

Pei Ge was baffled at the table of food initially but soon turned to look at her best friend gratefully.

Her words called back the mind of the other woman, who then smiled at the man.

"Your body is still recovering, so I of course need to order the things you like!"

"Our Xiaoyu is still the best!"

Gu Zhengrong's lips twitched when his credit got stolen by his girlfriend but remained mum.

After all, he knew he should not know Pei Ge's favorite dishes per se simply because he was Tang Xiaoyu's boyfriend.

After enjoying a delicious lunch, Pei Ge brought up the handphone topic with the man.

He readily whipped out a somewhat old-looking phone, which seemed to have been used before.

"Here. The card inside is disposable. It'll be deactivated and invalidated once you take it out."

Of course, the one thing he did not tell her was that this was an anti-tracking handphone.

If anyone wanted to use this phone to track her location, then it would definitely be for naught.


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