Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1051 The one you love is me and can only be me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1051 The one you love is me and can only be me.

"'Or else' what? Will you hurt the people I love again? Ji Ziming, you truly are capable!

"Do you know? I truly regret it; I regret ever knowing you."

If… I didn't know you, would all these unfortunate things happen to me?

Would I suffer this much because of him?

Tears rolled down her face in utter sorrow. Even when she angled her head upward, it still could not stop her tears from flowing.

Pat… pat…

Droplets of tears dripped on the blankets and wetted them into a hazy color.

"Do you know what you're saying now?! You—"

The words she had said made the man feel inexplicable anger.

"How can you not love me?! The one you love is me and can only be me!"

"Ha ha! Who do you think you are? Why should I love you? Let me tell you! While I might've loved you once, that's only because of your identity! Now, I don't want to continue 'our love' anymore. I don't want to continue acting in this play anymore…"

The woman did not expect her to say such things. She clearly loved him a lot, yet… she herself did not know why she was saying such just to agitate him.

"Pei Ge… I don't care why you're with me. I'm ordering you to return—right this instant! Appear before me!"

The man's eyes, which were already red from lack of sleep, widened infinitely upon hearing this and became redder as though blood were about to drip from them.


He could no longer bear to listen further. All he wanted now was to find her.

It did not matter whether what she had said was the truth or simply out of spite; It did not matter what her true thoughts were. He only wanted to find the woman… lock her beside him and never let her leave his sight again!

However, the response he got was the busy tone of a call being hung up.

Du, du, du…

"Sir, we are unable to trace Miss Pei's location." Faced with his icy and somber gaze, the employee who had attempted to track the woman's coordinates involuntarily shivered.

"She's apparently using an anti-tracking handphone… and that SIM card was disposable, so we were unable to find anything…"


What the subordinate got in reply was the sound of breaking objects as they were smashed on the floor.

Ji Ziming angrily hurled his phone on the floor. With a sweep of his long arm, he swept everything on the table to the floor and created a series of loud sounds.



The man quickly fled the office, not even having the time to grab his tracking equipment.

Clearly the room was brightly lit as it was daylight, yet the entire office felt chilly and gloomy.

Things lay scattered on the floor, making the atmosphere inside even more depressing.

As for the man who had caused all these, he was currently emitting cold air, which was so chilly that it could freeze one over.

"Pei Ge… without my permission… you're not allowed to go anywhere!"

His lips moved slightly as the iciness in his eyes burned colder.

He used to be apathetic and cold. As though he were a flower that grew only on top of a high mountain, he was uncaring and unaffected by anything secular.

Alas, his apathy was now matched with volatility, making one feel fear.

"Hey, are you okay?"

When Tang Xiaoyu entered the ward after Gu Zhengrong, she immediately spotted the woman staring blankly into space.

Seeing how ghastly white her face was and noting her out-of-focus gaze, both felt their hearts constrict and made a beeline for her.

"Ge Ge!"

"Pei Ge!"

She tugged at her best friend's arm vigorously with a look of worry.

This tug successfully called Pei Ge's mind back.


As though she had lost her soul, she looked at her emptily.

"Did you call that *ssh*l*?!"

She did not even need to think to know that she had likely called Ji Ziming.

"That's right… I-I…" A light smile appeared on the other's lips, but this smile was a sorrowful one.

"I… no longer have any ties to him…"

Her voice was soft and weak.

There was clearly no sense of sorrow on her face, but just by listening to her, one could feel her heartache.

"Wake up! It's fine now that you have no ties to him! We'll surely find a man a hundred times better than him in the future!"

She felt her heart ache at the sight of her best friend looking lifeless.

She sat down at the bedside and tightly grasped the latter's hands, speaking to her as though she were making an oath.

"You'll definitely, definitely find a man better man than him in the future! You definitely will!"

Sensing the warmth enclosing her hands, she felt as though some warmth had returned to her icy heart.

She nodded and displayed a light smile.

"Yes, I'll find someone—" Better than him.

She stopped halfway and heartbroken sobs came out, instead.

"B-But… I love him… I love him… Even though he's done all those things, I still love him… Even though I hate him, I can't stop myself from loving him…"

Having lost control of her emotions, she tightly grasped her best friend and sobbed uncontrollably.

As though she were venting, her bawled her eyes out sans caring for her image.

"Just cry it out. I understand what you're feeling right now. You'll be fine after crying it out. Feelings can't be discarded easily just because you want to, but I know that time will heal everything, including… the love you have for him." Tang Xiaoyu hugged her while softly mumbling this, her hand gently patting the latter's back. "You'll forget him one day…


What the two did not know at this point, though, was that a day would come when Pei Ge would not only put down her feelings for Ji Ziming but also…


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