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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1052 She is my woman!

"Sir, sir, you can't enter! Sir, our boss isn't here! You can't enter…"

The moment Fu Mingxuan's assistant caught sight of the man's icy gaze, she choked on her words.

How could this assistant, who was intimated by Ji Ziming's aura, still remember the order her boss had given about never letting the man enter?

Hence, with this man's frightening aura, no one dared to stop him.

As though he had come from hell, the man headed straight to his childhood friend's office.

He did not even knock on the door but just opened it straight away.

"Fu Mingxuan."

He narrowed his eyes at the man seated inside, who seemed to be waiting for him, and his icy aura was even more apparent.

"Ziming, you're here…" Although the man still addressed him intimately, from his voice and gaze, one could tell that the seated man no longer felt the closeness they once shared.

He regarded his former friend coolly. "Where is Pei Ge?"

"She's your girlfriend; how should I know?" The other smiled at him lightly, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

"Really…" He narrowed his eyes at this as he kept his icy gaze on the seated man while striding over.

"I know that you're hiding her. Let me tell you: She's my fiancée! No matter how much you lust for her, she'll still be my woman!"

As he said this, he reached out and tightly grabbed the latter's collar, dragging him out from his chair.

The two men had impeccable looks, but the coldness they were giving off was sufficient to freeze others over and cause them to flee in fear!

"Hur… Your woman?" Fu Mingxuan calmly swatted away his hands and tidied his collar with a smirk. "Since she's your woman, why didn't you treat her well and you even got involved with Qiao Jingyun?!"

This made Ji Ziming freeze. Following which, his eyes flashed with coldness.

"Did you tell her?!"

"Tell her? Ha ha ha! Do you think I am you? Because I didn't want her to get hurt by the stupid things you did with that woman, I even tried hiding it from her with all my might, but!"

Hate and resentment appeared in his eyes.

He had actually wanted to see Pei Ge and his childhood friend living in bliss and was even prepared to let go of his obsession for her.

His only wish by then was to be a normal senior and to just protect her from the sidelines.

Hence, to ensure her happiness and to prevent her from encountering anymore unfortunate situations, he let himself be used by Qiao Jingyun, but what he did not expect was that, despite him giving in and giving up so much, she still ended up being hurt this much by his childhood friend!

Also, his child—it had disappeared just like that…

"In the end, she was hurt so badly because of you! Tell me, then! What right do you have to say all those things to me?!":

His words were like sharp knives as they stabbed the other man's heart.

That's right. I can't resent anyone because the person who hurt her the most is me!

"I only want to know where she is now. Tell me…"

His domineering and volatile aura just then faded as his handsome features became dyed with fragility.

"I! don't! know!"

Alas, Fu Mingxuan still refused to tell him where the woman was.


Ji Ziming slammed his palm on the other's work desk.

"I'll ask this one last time: Where is she?!"

His gaze was so cold that he seemed like a fierce beast eyeing the prey it hated so much and wanting its death.

His cutting gaze had no effect on the latter, though, as the man merely regarded him coolly.

"Do you know how jealous and envious I was of you in the past? Now, all I have left for you is hate."

The man calmly circled his work desk and strode toward him.

"I've known her earlier than you have—I've known her a long, long time ago. I believe you know that she's my first love."

His eyes widened in shock. "What?!"

Although he knew that his childhood friend had feelings for Pei Ge, he did not know that this kind of connection between the two existed!

She was actually the first love his childhood friend had been looking for all along!

"Hur! Why are you acting so shocked? Don't you already know that she's the first love I've been looking for? If not, you wouldn't have snatched my chance to confess to her back then."

The other man merely sneered at his shock.

However, this only made him even more confused.

"Are you saying… that during that snowy night… you also wanted to confess to her?"

His eyebrows furrowed together. Never had he expected the other to also have plans of confessing to the woman that night.

"Stop acting like a fool. It's pretty boring." Fu Mingxuan lightly peered at him. "Do you know? I've been thinking a lot; if I confessed to Pei Ge first that day, then… would the person with her now be me, instead? Would she ever have gotten hurt so much by you?"

"What do you mean?! I didn't know that she's your first love, much less that you wanted to confess to her."

He narrowed his eyes coldly at his childhood friend.

This man actually hid his thoughts so deeply. His love for Pei Ge was actually this deep.

"You don't know…" The other suddenly laughed aloud at this. "If you didn't know, how was it possible for you to also confess to her on the same day that I wanted?"

"…" Hearing this, he suddenly thought of Mu Heng, who had called out of the blue to help him arrange that day's confession.

'Ziming, if you don't confess now, maybe! someone else will snatch your Little Chili away!'


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