Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1055 It is your fault that she and my child are gone...
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1055 It is your fault that she and my child are gone...

"'Not right'? 'Brothers'?" The man curled his lips into a sarcastic smile. "The moment he ruined my confession to Ge Ge, we were no longer brothers."

Sunbeams warmed the spacious office, but the expressions of those in it were cold and full of foreboding, making the weather seem depressing.

"…Mingxuan, if you blame Ziming for this, then it has nothing to do with him. It's all my doing."

Mu Heng pursed his lips into a tight line when he heard the man's words and looked at the latter with a complicated expression.


Seeing his doubtful expression, he took a deep breath and confessed,

"You know how I've always been sensitive to such stuff, so I've known early on that you like Pei Ge. When I found out that you're intending to confess to her, I…"

He paused at this point and looked at the man apologetically. "I persuaded Ziming into confessing to her that day."

Little did he expect the other to laugh coldly after he heard his explanation. There was only mockery left on his face.



He was confused by his reaction.

"Should I marvel at your close relationship with him, or should I reflect on my lack of affinity to people?"

His sarcastic words made Mu Heng realize that it was not the best place for him to say that.

"I didn't mean it that way. I just thought that the two were truly in love with each other, so…"

Despite his sensitivity, his explanation only made things worse here.

"Truly in love? You think that only he can bring happiness to her?" Fu Mingxuan laughed coldly and sarcastically, staring at him with much loathing. "In reality, the one who hurt her the most is him, no? If not for him, Ge Ge wouldn't be in so much pain…

"She wouldn't… lose the child!"

At this point, he looked at Ji Ziming with bloodshot eyes as the hatred in his heart grew.

"It's all because of you! If not for you, she and my child would still be here!"

Seeing how crazed the two men were acting, Mu Heng quickly dragged Ji Ziming out of the other's office.

Both were not in the right mind right then. Even if they stood there and he asked the two to talk things out, they would probably not get anywhere.

"Ziming, let's get out of here for now. We can talk after both of you calm down."

Without waiting for his response, he pulled the man out of their childhood friend's office.

What he did not expect, though, was that the two men would never be able to sit down and talk things out from then on.

They rarely even showed up at the same place. When they did, the tension and animosity between the two made it impossible to tell that they were once close friends.

Once they were out of Fu Mingxuan's office and in the car, Mu Heng took in the terrible expression on Ji Ziming's face and sighed to himself. He composed his words inside before opening his mouth.

"What's all this about? Pei Ge, is she… missing?"

Having started dating a popular idol recently, his attention had wholly been on the starlet.

Since she was overseas for filming, he tagged along, only to end up having a holiday with her.

He had just returned with his girlfriend, so he had no idea what had transpired between the couple.


Seeing the man not paying attention to him, he pursed his lips slightly and tested the waters. "It couldn't be… that she found out about that thing with Qiao Jingyun and disappeared, could she?"

Immediately after he asked that, the man, who had been silent like a statue, reacted finally.

"She knows that Qiao Jingyun is pregnant with my child."

"What?! That woman is pregnant with your child?!"

He was shocked when he heard that, unable to believe his ears.

"No way. Wasn't it just once? How did she get pregnant with your child? That's too much of a coincidence!"

Compared to his best friend telling him about that woman's pregnancy, he was more concerned with Fu Mingxuan's claim that Pei Ge was pregnant with his child.

He could understand why that guy was so upset with Ji Ziming.

It was not just because his best friend got in the way of that guy's confession.

Could it be… that Pei Ge was really pregnant with their childhood friend's child?

He quickly shook his head at the thought, chalking it up to being ridiculous.

How could that be? He could tell that she did not have any romantic feelings for the man.

Besides, despite how outspoken she was, the woman was actually quite traditional.

"Ziming, Qiao Jingyun must be lying to you. Are you sure that she's really pregnant?"

"Yes, we've checked it. She's definitely pregnant, and… the date adds up."

Ji Ziming nodded with a somber expression, his eyes filled with exhaustion.

He had not gotten any sleep in the recent days. Even if he did, he would quickly jolt awake because he had dreamed of Pei Ge.

"Could it be that… she got someone to tamper with the results?"

Mu Heng knew very well that the woman was ambitious.

Thus, he did not believe that she could coincidentally get pregnant.

"No… The person who checked her was my mom's close friend."

He froze when he heard that, not having any doubts anymore.

"Then… what do you intend to do now? With Pei Ge learning about it, it'll be difficult for her to forgive you…"


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