Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1056 The one I love is her; I will explain it to her.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1056 The one I love is her; I will explain it to her.

"Then… what do you intend to do now? With Pei Ge learning about it, it'll be difficult for her to forgive you…"

The air in the car stilled.

Although the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature was still at a freezing degree.

"I don't know."

Ji Ziming was presently reclining on the seat with his head tilted to the back and his palm on his forehead.

This was the first time Mu Heng had seen him so vulnerable.


He did not feel good at this sight and sighed at this high-and-mighty man revealing his weak side because of a woman.

Still, the man's vulnerability did not stay visible for long. Sitting upright, determination flashed across his lost eyes.

"I've already gotten Qiao Jingyun to abort her child. The woman I love is Pei Ge; I will find her and explain it to her properly."

Mu Heng pursed his lips as a complex look flashed past his eyes at his best friend's determined look.

For some reason, he felt that the matter would not be resolved easily.

After all… there was that bothersome matter Fu Mingxuan had mentioned.

If it were as what that guy had said, then the matter among the four would… truly be complicated.

He did not dare to say much upon seeing his best friend's look, though.

"Okay. Explain it to her properly. She… should be able to understand where you're coming from," he said with some uncertainty, knowing the woman's personality quite well.

"That's why I need your help." Turning his head around, Ji Ziming shot him a glance.

"Alright. How do you want me to help?"

Without hesitation, he nodded in agreement.

"Pei Ge's present whereabouts are unknown. Mingxuan shouldn't be able to do this alone, so Gaofei must be helping him from behind the scenes."

His brows twitched slightly at the man's words.

From the latter's words, he clearly believed that the woman was being hidden away by their childhood friend.

"Your words make sense. That dumb bird's family comes from a military background and his brother is a police superintendent. If they really want to hide someone in the capital, nobody is more professional than them."

He arched his brow at his best friend.

"So… what do you need me to do? Test that guy and try to get information from him?"

"Yes," concurred the man, a chilly look flashing across his deep-set eyes. "Mingxuan is always careful in whatever he does. He may not tell Gaofei anything because the person he's hiding is Pei Ge, so when you ask, you can reveal to him that the person that guy is hiding is her."

"Ah? He's on better terms with Mingxuan, though. If I ask him like that, he is sure not to say anything." He supposed, completely lost on why the other would let him say that.

"Right. He won't reveal anything to you, but…" The other narrowed his eyes, making them look cold and sharp. "Don't forget that he's the most righteous among us. He may not reveal anything after hearing you speak, but he'll look for Mingxuan for sure, and when it comes to that—"

Mu Heng quickly interrupted him. "I get it! When it comes to that, we'll be able to find her!

"Ziming, you're really smart."

He gave a sigh. Although he was highly sensitive to emotions, he was just no match for his best friend's level of intelligence.

"I'll go look for him right away! I'll fight to let you find Little Chili faster. If you come clean to her fast, you two can reconcile sooner." Noting his best friend's lack of sleep, he said this quickly.

"…Thank you."

He only smiled and shook his head at the other's 'thank you'.

"To be honest, I'm sort of linked to this matter. If I hadn't done those things for fear of you and Mingxuan misunderstanding each other, all these things… wouldn't have happened."

His voice was filled with much regret.

For the four of them, their families had been friends for generations, and since they were similar in age, they grew up together.

He actually did not want to see his friends fighting.

"This has nothing to do with you. Even without you, if I had known that he was eyeing Pei Ge, I wouldn't have given him the chance to confess, either."

His words stunned Mu Heng, but the latter regained his senses quickly and sighed.

"Fate is really playing a trick on people. I didn't expect you two to fall for the same woman…"


Ji Ziming pursed his lips into a bitter smile.

That's right… Who knew that…

Their car quickly left Fu Mingxuan's office building.

Mu Heng drove to look for Liao Gaofei without any delay.

Just as what his best friend had intended, after finding the guy, he told him directly that their other childhood friend had hidden away Pei Ge.

In the end, it was just as his best friend expected; Liao Gaofei did not reveal anything to him and just pretended to be busy, sending him away.

After a while, sitting in his car, he saw the guy leave his house and drive toward Fu Mingxuan's office.

"Hello. He's just gone to our other dear friend's office."

"I know."

The two had planned this together.

While he was prepared for everything, unexpectedly, this plan, which was well under his control, did not allow him to obtain what he wanted…

Similarly, Fu Mingxuan did not expect that the ultimate ending would be like that.

This formed a knot between the three…


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