Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1059 She will become my wife; she will be happy.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1059 She will become my wife; she will be happy.

Could she have seen him here, and that was why she had asked him that?

As Ji Ziming walked toward room 1002 where the woman was in, his expression darkened as regret flashed past his eyes.

Indeed, that day, she had seen him here… so she had given him a call.

He… had apparently dug his grave…

His mood turned heavy at once as he did not know what to say.

He was hesitant to knock on the close door even after having a hard time getting this location to meet Pei Ge.

Still, after taking a deep breath, he lifted his arm and—

Knock, knock, knock!

"Haa… haa… haa…"

Liao Gaofei reached the private hospital at the same time as Mu Heng.

Seeing their other two friends' cars parked in the courtyard, they dashed straight into the hospital lobby.

"P-Pei Ge, where is she staying?!"

The two of them struggled to ask while panting.

Thereafter, the two felt like keeling over.

This could not be helped. As these young masters did not like going to gym, this short distance that they had run was already too tiring for them.

Seeing them panting with their tongues nearly sticking out, the front-desk clerks felt calm.

After all, there were already two people with strong aura who had come here before.

"You two are looking for Miss Pei, too; she's in bamboo garden room 1002, but—"

Before the nurses could finish speaking, they saw the two speed off.

They blinked their eyes helplessly.

"Why don't those people wait for us to finish speaking before rushing off?"

"That's right. I really don't know why they're in a hurry. That Miss Pei doesn't have any critical illness such that she can't be seen again."

"Isn't it? Say, will they blame us if they can't find her?"

"That's none of our business. We tried telling them that she'd already checked out and left the hospital, but they didn't wait for us to finish speaking!"

"Still, that missy is so plain-looking, yet she's so many handsome guys around her!"

"Right, right! The four who came today are all so good-looking! They're really eye candies!"

"What do you think is their relationship with her?"

"Er—hang on a sec! Don't you think those four men look familiar?"

These nurses, who were talking about the four men, realized that something was not right here.

"Now that you've mentioned it, I suddenly realized that the man who asked us which ward that patient was indeed looks familiar…"

The two looked at each other and saw the shock in their eyes.

"Ahh! I remember! Isn't he that male god, Ji Ziming?"

"Right! He's the Ji Group's CEO!"

The two nurses widened their eyes upon realizing the man's identity.

"Then, that Miss Pei should be that so-called 'Cinderella' all over the news!"

"Right! She's that legendary 'Cinderella'…"

"Gosh! I'll go post about it online now! 'Cinderella is pregnant'!"

The four men could not be bothered with this as their thoughts were all on the woman.

"Do you think that they'll really fight it out?" On their way to the location, Liao Gaofei asked the other while panting.

If they were not settling a serious matter, Mu Heng would have rolled his eyes.

"Nonsense! It's not just about fighting—I think someone may even get killed!"

He thought of the scene where Ji Ziming had strangled Fu Mingxuan.

"Ah? It can't be…"

Instead of slowing down as he intended, Liao Gaofei picked up his pace after he heard that.

Just like this, the two sped all the way to the bamboo garden room 1002.

Before they could stop and breathe, they heard a smashing sound coming from inside.

Bang! The two looked at each other and, upon seeing the fear and worry reflected in their eyes, proceeded to enter the room.



The two pushed open the door, which was slightly ajar, and quickly went in.

There, they saw the two in the middle of confronting each other.



Seeing that both men were exchanging cold and hateful glares, they were flustered.

Without thinking, they walked to either man's side.

They were afraid that both would fight at any moment.

After all, given the two's attitude, it was highly likely that they would start fighting.

"Where did you hide Pei Ge?!"

However, from both men's perspectives, their actions were transparent and did not bother looking at them as they kept staring down at each other.

"That's what I wanna ask you! Where have you sent her?!"

Fu Mingxuan narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Ji Ziming.

Presently, no one would mistake them for close friends as they seemed more like foes with deep loathing for each other.

Hearing the duo's exchange, the other two men realized then that the person in question was nowhere to be seen.

They scanned the room and confirmed that only the four of them were in this spotlessly clean ward.

"Where's she?"

The two men frowned, not expecting matters to develop in this way.

The patient who should be here was not here; how then could their friends reconcile?

"Give her back to me; she's my woman."

Seeing that Fu Mingxuan had no intention to return the woman to him, Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes threateningly.

"He he! She indeed used to be yours, but she's now mine for being pregnant with my child. She'll become my wife; I will let her be happy!"


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