Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1062 For her sake, everything is worth it.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1062 For her sake, everything is worth it.

"…You! Very well."

Seeing his challenging look, Ji Ziming enunciated chillingly.

Although he was without emotions when he spoke, the others could not help but shudder as they detected murderous intent from him.

"Hey, man. Are you alright—"

Before Mu Heng could finish asking, the man spoke again.

"Tell me clearly how Pei Ge miscarried."

At this moment, he could only register Fu Mingxuan in his eyes.

The rest in the ward were ignored by him.

"Are you asking me how she miscarried? Fine. I will tell you!" With hands balling up into tight fists, the other spoke. "The child in her stomach was killed by you!"

Fu Mingxuan looked at him with wet eyes, which seemed to express his despair and hatred.

"Is it? That's really…" Although he did not explain it fully, the man understood it still. He then smirked and let out an odd smile. "Wonderful."

"Ji Ziming!"

The latter widened his eyes and trembled at his heartless remark and upon seeing the cruel smile on his face.

All of a sudden, he realized that something was different.

This man whom he used to know was a changed person, it seemed.

"Isn't it better for that child to be gone? With that, there won't be any chance for you and her to get together…"

The corners of the man's lips curled coldly. There was no emotion in his eyes as he looked at the other.

"Ji Ziming! Haven't you heard what the doctor said? She may not become a mother again! There's a chance of her not having any child in the future! Your heart—how could it be so cruel and unfeeling?!"

He was almost angered to death by the man and took a deep breath to calm himself.

If it were possible, he wanted him to disappear completely from his and Pei Ge's world.

"What of that? I don't care."

As he said that, the man took a few steps closer to him.

His voice and aura had shocked the others, and they could not react for a moment.

"Why would I let my woman carry another man's child?"

As he got nearer, his voice rang coldly in Fu Mingxuan's ears as the words he spoke were like sharp knives piercing the latter.

"That child, it shouldn't even exist, should it?"

The former had a calm face as he walked past the latter.

He did not give him any chance to speak.

The latter was taken aback but quickly recovered from it and turned to look at the man with a face full of fury and loathing.

"Do you think that she loves you? Let me tell you this: It's not the case! She doesn't love you!"

Looking at the other's back, he released his emotions by voicing out his thoughts.

"Maybe, she used to love you, but afterward, she only stayed with you because you could have her mother treated."

His Fu Mingxuan's words had successfully made the man stop in his tracks.

"Do you know why she was willing to have my child?" Upon seeing the man halt in his steps, his foul mood got slightly better.

"That's because I could have her mother treated as well." He smiled slightly. "Who do you think you are in her mind? D'you think she really loves you? He he! If she did, why would she be pregnant with my child? She's merely using you!"

His words were akin to sharp knives that were fiercely stabbing Ji Ziming's heart.


The man had never felt a heartache as painful as this before. It hurt so much that it made breathing difficult.

"Ihope that you can stop bothering us. Even if she can't carry another child for me, I'll still marry her, so please stop appearing before us."

"…Shut up!" After a moment of silence, the man spoke calmly again. "Don't let me see you again."

Once he said that, he left the bright ward.

Mu Heng and Liao Gaofei were in a daze, only regaining their senses once the man was gone.

They exchanged looks full of complexity before sighing.

At this point, they had understood that the four of them could never be the same.

The other two's friendship was completely broken because of Pei Ge. From here on, they could only be strangers or even foes. They could never be friends or close friends again.

"Aye, Mingxuan, why did you do this?"

For a moment, Mu Heng did not know what to say. Both men were his close friends so he really did not know what to say.

By right, Fu Mingxuan was wrong for stealing their friend's fiancée, yet he also pitied the guy for his unrequited and unattainable love.

"Just because of a woman, our years of friendship can't…" Liao Gaofei began feeling upset as well.

The four grew up together, and now, just because of a woman's appearance, it ended up in such a state. How could he not be upset?

"Why did you say those things?! Pei Ge's child is gone, so why did you have to say so much still?!"

He looked at the man full of heartache. He had always prioritized these childhood friends of his, so he could not understand why the latter would do this for a woman.

"It's not worth it…"

Seeing the two looking at him with censure, the man curled his lips slightly into a smile.

"You don't understand…"

He looked at the scenery outside the window with spirited eyes.

"For her sake, everything is worth it…

"This is better, too… Like this, I can get together with her openly…"


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