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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1063 A new chapter commences...

"This is better, too… Like this, I can get together with her openly…"

Hearing his words and seeing his obstinate smile, the other men exchanged knowing looks.

"I think you've gone crazy."

"Right, you're beyond saving!"

They shook their heads helplessly.

Growing up together, they knew each other's personalities very well.

Although their other friend had put it calmly before he left, the man had always been one to seek revenge for the smallest grievance and would definitely…

"You ought to be more careful from here on. Ziming is so mad this time, so we can't be sure what he'll do."

Liao Gaofei sighed as he struggled internally. With his close friends becoming foes, he really did not know whom to help.

While he was slightly closer to Fu Mingxuan, the latter was truly wrong this time.

Even if he wanted to help him, he could not.


The latter was unbothered by what he had said, though.

Seeing his nonchalance, the other two were at a loss for words.

"Still, you're not really hiding Ge Ge, are you?"

Mu Heng looked doubtfully at him. This matter had been full of coincidences.

Why did the woman coincidentally disappear from the hospital just as they came looking for her?

"Where would I hide her…"

At this time, the woman in question was on board an international plane.

Looking at the clear blue sky outside, Pei Ge rested her head on the window. She gazed unblinkingly at the clouds, feeling very absorbed with it.

"Ge Ge, you should sleep some more. The doctor said that you need to rest."

Seeing her staring at the clouds outside, Tang Xiaoyu worriedly tugged at her arm.

"It's all right; I'm not tired, and I don't feel like sleeping."

The other turned to look at her with calm eyes.

"If you're still feeling upset, then just cry it out. You'll feel better afterward."

The light smile on the other's face made her heart ache for reasons unknown.

She held her best friend's hands tightly as she gazed at her gently.

"You can always lean on my shoulders."

The woman obediently lay down her head on her shoulder.

"Okay. I only have you to lean on now…" muttered Pei Ge, her voice filled with uncertainty about the future.

For the first time in her life, she would be leaving her homeland for a place on the other end of the Pacific Ocean to further her studies. She was still feeling nervous regarding her next journey.

"Ha ha! Don't worry; my shoulder is strong! Plus, I have a strong man behind my back!"

As she said that, Tang Xiaoyu shot a glance at Gu Zhengrong, who was busy typing away on his laptop.

It was worth mentioning that the man, in a suit, looked handsome while focusing on the work in his laptop.

The elite aura he was exuding made everyone who walked past unable to help looking at him.

"Yes. If not for you two, I really wouldn't know what to do…"

Pei Ge smiled when she saw her best friend looking at the man with infatuation.

"Heh! What are we?" The other smiled brightly at her in response before patting her on the shoulder. "Once we reach New York, you shouldn't do anything and just rest properly at our apartment!

"Once you've rested enough, we'll bring you around!"

She nodded smilingly at that. "Great…"

"Still, are you really sure about going to Harvard?" Her best friend's smile faded when she talked about this. "Although your English isn't bad, I'm still worried. Those attending that university are quite arrogant as they were born with silver spoons in their mouths. I'm worried that you'll get bullied there…"

"I won't. I have the feeling that Prof. William's students aren't like that and should be quite approachable."

She smiled and shook her head. All of a sudden, she recalled Abby and the rest who were attending the online class with her. They were seniors who had taught her quite a lot of stuff.

When they learned that she would be going to Harvard, they enthusiastically welcomed her.

She could sense that they truly wanted her to come over.

She could also tell that their friendliness was genuine and nearly… familial.

"Tsk. Those you meet only and those you encounter in reality are different. You should be careful once you get there. If anyone bullies you, while we can't attend that stupid Harvard, I have the money to support you!"

Tang Xiaoyu proudly patted her chest and smiled brightly at her.

Seeing her best friend acting like a big sister, she could not help smiling as warmth filled her heart.

"I get it; I still have you…"

Suddenly, as she leaned on the other's weak shoulder, she felt an inexplicable sense of security.

Thank you, Xiaoyu… It's really nice to have you by my side.

"Of course! No matter who betrays you, I'll be your most loyal supporter and adviser, so don't be afraid! Just keep going…"

Bright sunbeams shone warmly on to these two ladies through the windows.

It cast a gold shine on this pair of sisters, making them radiate with warmth and purity…

Right now, the man sitting next to the two looked at them dazedly.

Those dark eyes of his were trained on Pei Ge's side-profile, which was bathed in sun rays.

She looked so beautiful, so warm, and so pure…

She looked just like how he imagined her—more beautiful even…



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