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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1064 Sir, she may no longer be here.

"Angel…" muttered the man subconsciously.

His voice was filled with so much emotion it could make one's ears pregnant.

Since his mumble was so soft, one woman did not hear him, but the other one did.

Tang Xiaoyu turned to look at him.

Seeing her boyfriend smitten-eyes trained on her best friend, as though gazing at the whole world, the smile on her face faded.

She intentionally shifted her body to block Pei Ge from view of him.

Seeing his beloved woman being blocked from his line of sight, the man's smitten look disappeared.

Those good-looking brows of his furrowed and he looked slightly upset.

"What's wrong?"

When the shoulder she was leaning on disappeared, Pei Ge lifted her head helplessly at her best friend.

"Nothing. My shoulder has just become slightly stiff." The other turned her head as she spouted this lie.

She did not suspect her words and, instead, nodded smilingly.

"He he! My head is indeed heavy."

She smiled and seemed to have recalled something, for she suddenly asked, "Didn't you say that my mother will reach the hospital in Berlin by tomorrow?"

Worry and apprehension filled her voice.

Although it was previously agreed upon that she would follow her mother there tomorrow… for reasons unknown, Gu Zhengrong suddenly said that she could not do so and that she had to leave with them today.

"Don't worry as it'll definitely be fine. Zhengrong already asked about it; those accompanying auntie tomorrow are all professionals."

Her best friend lightly patted her on the shoulder comfortingly.

"You totally don't have to worry as they are professionals."


Although she nodded her head, worry still occupied her mind.

While it was true, she was still very anxious.

Tang Xiaoyu could of course see that she was still worrying inside; thus, she held her hands reassuringly.

"Alright. Stop thinking too much. The doctor said that you're weak and shouldn't be stressed out. You need to rest well…"


"The plane will still take some time before it reaches New York; you should sleep more."


The atmosphere in the plane was so peaceful.

What they did not know was that, while they were on the plane en route to New York, it was chaotic in the city they had just departed from.

In Beijing's Ji Group headquarters.

"Get out! If you can't find her, you don't need to come back!"

"Y-Yes, sir!"

In the once-more empty conference room, Ji Ziming sat in a swivel chair with a cold face. His perfect face was expressionless.

He was like an impeccable ice carving, which one did not dare to look directly at.

"Pei Ge…"

Lowering his head, he looked at the clear photo on the table.

The subject in the picture was of course the woman he had just mentioned.

In it, she was wearing a white wedding dress and smiling happily. It made those looking at her picture smile, too.

Alas, the man was not in the mood to smile right now.

Those eyes of his were so deep that one could not see the bottom of them.

Such cold eyes were so black that nobody could read the emotions in them.

"Pei Ge…"

There was yet another murmur from him, though it was filled with chilliness.

"I won't let you disappear from my world just like this…"

As he said that, his well-defined fingers gripped the photo tightly.

"Don't ever think of… leaving my side."

The woman sleeping lightly on her way to New York was naturally unaware of the man expending so much effort to find her.

He was using all the manpower and resources he could muster, but it was… to no avail.

"Sir, we… can't find any traces of Miss Pei in the capital…"

Listening to his subordinates' report, he narrowed his eyes coldly.

"No traces at all?"


"What about all the CCTVs along the way?"

He pulled his face at the man reporting to him.

"N-None. All the CCTVs along the way seem to have been tampered with…"

Hearing that, a chilly look flashed past his eyes.

"Have you checked who did it?"

Who on earth was helping Pei Ge secretly?

Fu Mingxuan? No, it could not be him.

His expression today did not seem to be fake. That guy should not know where the woman was.

"W-We haven't, but the security personnel in charge of monitoring the CCTVs on major roads said that a hacker from abroad might be responsible for this…"

"A hacker abroad…" He frowned at his subordinate's words.

An international hacker… Someone overseas is helping her…

Plus, her sudden disappearance…

The man suddenly thought of the things that had happened preceding and succeeding this event. No matter how much he pondered on it, he could not think of anyone in Pei Ge's social circle possibly being an international hacker.

"Sir… another party must be hiding the missy. From this, she may no longer be in the capital—"

He cut off his subordinate, mid-speech.

"That's impossible!" He refuted it at once.

"Huh?" At his denial, his subordinate was stunned.

"Her mother is still—"Before he could finish speaking, he frowned as he thought of something."—head to the hospital!"

He stood up at once, his eyes filled with chilliness.

"Huh? The hospital?"

The employee furrowed his brows perplexedly, but no response came from him.

He picked up his suit hanging on a rack at the side and walked off the office while putting it on.


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