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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1065 Why did you betray me?!

He picked up his suit hanging on a rack at the side and walked off the office while putting it on.

If he guessed correctly, there should be a surprise at Zhang Manhua's place.

In contrast to the vibrant greenery outside the car, the man carried a dark expression.

Never did he think that things would develop in such a way between him and the woman. This was something totally unexpected.

Pei Ge… I've really underestimated you; you've been hiding such capabilities, apparently.

You could actually leave my side without a trace. I've truly underestimated you…

The car soon arrived at the entrance to the capital's main hospital. At this point, the rumors about her had been raging online.

Hence, there were several reporters camping outside the hospital.

When the man's car appeared here, some of them recognized it.

The swamped around his car the moment it stopped at the entrance.

"Mr. Ji, may I ask if the rumors online are true?!"

"…Have your fiancée really cheated on you?!"

"…Can you tell us about your feelings regarding those rumors?"

Many reporters, with their mics and cameras, clamored around his car and started hitting its windows. They asked loudly without even checking whether he was inside or not.

The man's chauffeur gulped at the sight of these reporters surrounding the car.

Although his boss was well-known in the business circle, he had never experienced such a situation before!

Indeed, the media was truly intimidating!

"S-Sir, what should we do?"

The chauffeur looked at the man nervously through the rearview mirror.

He really had no idea how to drive forward with all these people blocking the way.

"Just continue driving."

Unexpectedly, his boss would say something like this.

"Huh?" The driver was totally nonplussed. "J-Just drive forward. Continue driving?!"

Those surrounding their car were humans, though!

"S-Sir, those outside are reporters; they're blocking…"

There's no way to drive forward!

His boss seemed not to see those outside as he looked ahead expressionlessly.

He barked an order when the chauffeur kept hesitating. "Drive!"

"Y-Yes!" At this, the chauffeur honked the car horn and stepped on the gas…


The car engine's sound quickly attracted the attention of the reporters at the front of the car.

"Is he planning to continue driving straight ahead?"

"It can't be…"

Just as the reporters were wondering, they saw the car start moving.

"Ah! Get out of the way!"

"Oh, my gosh! They actually drove the car without a care for people's lives!"

As they complained, those who cherished their lives quickly made way.

Seeing the black Rolls-Royce driving off, they all exploded.

"No wonder he got dumped by his fiancée; nobody could stand such a cold personality!"

"I heard before that Young Master Ji is a very cold person. Still, I didn't expect him not to care about human lives…"

Upset, these reporters started complaining. They conveniently ignored the fact that, if they were not blocking the way, they would not be in harm's way.

"It's already at this stage, what is Young Master Ji doing here? Is he perhaps visiting his fiancée's mother?"

"What's there to ask about? Of course, that's the case!"

"Gosh! That's some big scoop! Senior, should we try sneaking in?"

"Sneak in, my foot! Why would the hospital let us in?"

"That's true… We've been chased away a few days ago. It's good to be rich; you can do what you like…"

The moment Ji Ziming alighted from the car, he quickened his steps and made his way to Zhang Manhua's room.

Along the way, his figure attracted the attention of several patients and medical personnel.

After all, the hottest topic right now was his and Pei Ge's love-and-hate relationship.

The rumors about them were truly interesting!

All the gossip about this and that celebrity and whatnot could not match the attention the pair was getting right now.

This was especially so for the woman regarded by many as a real-life Cinderella; she was now being despised by everyone because of the cheating scandal.

Tap, tap, tap…

Not before long, the man arrived at the door to the ward of his fiancée's mother.

He looked at the wooden door.

Right now, he really wished for his fiancée to be waiting for him in the ward the moment he opened the door.

He narrowed his eyes and, with a peaceful expression, placed his hand on the doorknob.


The sound of the doorknob being turned made his heart skip a beat.

When the door was fully opened, he subconsciously held his breath.

His eyes were peeled on everything in the room before he made his way in quickly.

Expectedly, when he walked inside, he was disappointed.

There was indeed not a soul in it.

There was no sign of the woman he had been missing and looking for. The ward… also did not have her mother who should be in bed.

The man was expressionless as he looked at the empty ward.

"…Pei Ge." He remained silent for a long time first before he opened his mouth slowly. "You actually dared to leave me…"

That woman who should marry him and whom he liked just left his side sans a warning.

The sunny room before was now chilly.

"…Why did you do this to me?"

Haven't I treated you well enough? Why did you leave me?!

Why… Pei Ge?


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