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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1069 I want to keep this child.

"In theory, yes, but your body now is very weak. If you insist on giving birth to the child, it may result in your body being exposed to great harm."

The doctor frowned at her with a look of disagreement.

"You are still young, so there's no need to risk your life for an unhealthy child."

"Doc, if I insist on having this baby, what… type of harm will there be to my body?"

Her expression was unusually calm.

This calmness of hers was as though she were not the patient in poor health that the doctor was talking about.

"…In the worst case, it is likely that you will be unable to bear children again." After a long pause, the doctor informed her.

Her eyes drooped upon hearing that. Her long and thick eyelashes hid the swirling emotions in her bright irises from view.

"Ge Ge, let's not have this child; don't risk your happiness for that jerk's offspring!

"Don't be stubborn! You'll meet a man who truly loves you eventually, and you can have a cute and healthy baby with him…"

After hearing the doctor's words, Tang Xiaoyu completely opposed her best friend having the child.

Alas, her words could not change the latter's mind.

She placed her palm on her flat stomach and looked at it silently.

Baby, you wanna look at this beautiful world, right?

It must be, or else, you wouldn't… persevere with me for so long.

She recalled that, in Beijing, despite the doctors and nurses insisting on her having a miscarriage, she could still feel her child's life.

Although he was weak, he did not leave her… and obediently stayed in her womb…

Hence, intuitively, she felt emboldened to persevere.

"I… want to keep this child." No matter the price that I must pay.

Raising her head, she looked at the doctor.

"Doc, I want to keep this child. Please help me."

"You're crazy! For that jerk, do you want to ruin the rest of your life?!"

Her best friend felt exasperated upon hearing that.

For a baby that might not be healthy or might not even survive, she was willing to pay the price of infertility.

If worse came to worst, how would she get married in the future?! Who would want a woman who could not give birth anymore?

"Doc, I plead you."

Alas, the woman ignored her friend and merely continued staring at the doctor imploringly and with fragility.

Looking at her bright eyes, which even the stars in the sky could not compare to, the young doctor finally acquiesced. "Okay."

"Thank you!"

The doctor's reply made her eyes light up as she regarded him gratefully.

"Pei Ge, you!"

Her best friend sputtered in anger when the doctor actually agreed to her seemingly ridiculous request.

"I want to keep this child not because… it's Ji Ziming's child but it's my child."

She lightly smiled at her best friend upon perceiving the latter's anger.

This child belonged only to her. It had nothing to do with that man…

Her eyes overflowed with motherly love at this moment.

How could Tang Xiaoyu still say anything against her decision when she saw her like that?

"…Do you really understand the price that you may pay for doing this?"

After a long pause, her best friend sat down beside her and tightly held her hands.

"Yes, I know. I won't regret it, so don't persuade me otherwise."

She nodded softly yet resolutely.

No matter what the price I must pay, I'll definitely not give up on my child.

After leaving the bedroom, the previously silent Gu Zhengrong finally asked, "Dr. Cyriel, is her situation truly that terrible?"

He was probably the one who least wanted her to keep the child among those present.

Still, he understood that the kind-hearted woman would neither have the courage nor the cruelty to snuff off an innocent life.

"Actually, sometimes, a patient's will is also important. Seeing that her will is strong, I think that she may even have a chance of safely delivering this child."

The doctor smiled at him, yet his attempt of comforting the man was clearly not very effective.

"…I understand. Thank you for coming today."

With a frown, he lightly nodded. The man still felt worried for Pei Ge inside.

"It's nothing. Since there's nothing else, I'll take my leave now. Egger still has some things for me."

With that, the doctor moved to leave this apartment.

"Alright. Thank your boss on my behalf."


After the doctor left with his medical kit, the man let out a sigh with a frown.

He opened the door and quickly spotted the two women whispering to each other. Opening his mouth to speak, he did not do so in the end.

He truly did not know how to handle the woman right now…

"Zhengrong, where can we buy chicken soup here in New York? Otherwise, can you go to Chinatown to look? That doctor said earlier that Ge Ge needs a lot of nutrients. Go check if there's a place selling porridge and stew. If there is, see if you can hire that person at home to cook nutritious food for my best friend."

Only then did he realize that now was not the appropriate time to think about such things.

Whether Pei Ge wanted to give birth to the child or not, her body truly needed much nourishment at the moment.

"Okay. I'll make a call to ask."


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