Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1073 Pei Ge with a Larger Stomach but a Skinnier Body
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1073 Pei Ge with a Larger Stomach but a Skinnier Body

New York City, United States.

The sunlight was bright up in the sky. It seeped in from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the minimalist yet modern bedroom.

It bathed the woman, who was lying in a lounge chair, in its golden glow, making her look beautiful and otherworldly.

The woman in the chair wore a white woolen top, with one hand holding a fairytale book and the other caressing her lower tummy. She had a motherly and affectionate expression.

"How are you feeling today?"

Tang Xiaoyu, who had walked in and witnessed this beautiful scene, could not help her expression from mellowing.

It had only been two weeks since the day Pei Ge decided to keep the child, yet in this short period, her stomach already started to show a very prominent baby bump.

This speed had frightened even Dr. Cyriel.

However, despite her larger stomach, her weight kept decreasing.

The woman stopped beside her and looked at her sunken cheeks worriedly and with heartache.

"Why did you get skinnier again? Did the doctor's staff not take good care of you?!"

The doctor said that she would be better off staying in his private hospital to be taken care of properly.

Hence, a week ago, she had moved out of her best friend's apartment and moved into the doctor's private medical facility.

Actually, rather than calling it the doctor's private medical facility, it was more like his house, with her being the sole patient present.

"It's not that."

At her best friend's arrival, she put the book in her hand to the side and smiled.

"My appetite has been very good lately. I ate so much that the doctor even praised me!"

Her smug words made the latter shake her head helplessly as she took a seat next to her.

"You dared to say that. You used to eat so much in the past, too, but at least then, you grew some meat; now… even when you eat so much, you don't grow any meat but even lose some…"

Her originally round and jade-like face had already slimmed down into an almost oval-shaped face—her chin had become sharp.

"Look at your face; see how skinny you've become."

The woman's nagging made her shake her head in amusement, softly muttering, "Isn't it good that I've slimmed down? It wasn't easy for me to slim down in the past even if I wanted to."

"But not in this way! Your body is so weak now…"

Seeing that her best friend was about to start nagging again, she rolled her eyes in exasperation and hurriedly stopped the other from doing so.

"Alright! Don't be like this every time you come over. You'll scare your future goddaughter!"

The other woman was silenced by her mention of the baby's gender.

The former turned to look at her stomach with a gentle yet careful gaze.

"Did the doctor perform an ultrasound on you? Are you pregnant with my goddaughter?"

As she said this, Tang Xiaoyu gently placed a hand on her stomach.

"He didn't, but there's no need; the doctor also thinks it's better if we don't check.

"Why? Do you think that there'll be a difference whether it's a girl or a boy?"

She quickly shook her head and hurriedly spoke. "Baby, don't listen to your mommy's nonsense! Whether you're a boy or a girl, godmother will still love you!"

Her carefulness made Pei Ge burst into laughter.

"If you truly like it, then go make one with Zhengrong," teased her best friend with a grin.

She was slightly stunned by the other's words; her lips then curved into a bitter smile.

"We are not in a rush."

Only god knew how much hurt she was feeling while she was saying this.

She wanted so much to form a family with the man and give birth to their child.


"Not in a rush? You guys have been in a relationship for so long! I heard people say that it's not good to stay in a relationship for too long. You should stop thinking about how you will lose your figure after giving birth and quickly make a child with your man to accompany my baby!"

Pei Ge failed to see the bitterness in her smile, only thinking that the latter was worried about losing her figure because of pregnancy.

She smiled back at her best friend before shaking her head slightly. "Just a little longer. He's been busy with work recently, and I'm quite busy, too, so how can we have free time to create a baby?"

She was truly very envious of her best friend; she was envious that the latter could get that man's sincere love—envious that she could live this happily and optimistically.

"Right. How's my mom's condition now? Sigh… I'm merely pregnant, yet Dr. Cyriel banned me from using all electronic devices, so I can't even make a phone call to you."

As they chatted, her best friend grumbled about the doctor.

She was forbidden from touching any electronic devices these days; thus, she could only promise Prof. William to come online and chat about her future plans once she was free to do so.

More importantly, she was unable to find out her mother's treatment progress in Berlin because of this.

"Auntie? Rest assured that she's in good hands over there. Although she hasn't woken up yet, Dr. Conrad said that auntie has an eighty-percent chance of recovering, so she'll definitely wake up sooner or later."

She finally nodded at her best friend's assurance.

Although her mother had not woken up, it was fine as long as she knew that the woman was doing better…

"Oh, right. I almost forgot to tell you. From today onward, auntie won't be staying at the hospital in Berlin."

Having thought of something, Tang Xiaoyu informed her.


She turned to look at her in confusion. "Not at the hospital in Berlin?"

"Yes. Her doctor said that, for fear of the hospital environment not being conducive to auntie's recovery, he had her moved to another place for treatment a few days ago."

"Where then?"

"It's likely the doctor's own medical facility. I'm unsure, too, but relax; once your body is in a better shape, we can go over to look.

"Do you really not have feelings for Ji Ziming anymore?"


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