Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1075 His woman is not someone others can taint.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1075 His woman is not someone others can taint.

Just as he was about to leave with the rest of the people, his superior spoke again.

"Du Wen, stay behind."

The assistant paused, feeling perplexed.

However, he soon recalled why Ji Ziming had asked him to stay behind.

"Sir, are there any other orders for me?"

"Qiao Jingyun."

This simple name made his brain go into overdrive and he immediately felt more awake.

"Ah! Her family already brought her to a hospital to have an abortion."

After saying this, he felt that he should elaborate; hence, he added, "I went with her there and even saw her enter the surgery room with my eyes."

The man expressionlessly nodded at his explanation. "I don't wanna see any issue arising from this."

"Rest assured, sir; I chose the performing physician myself, so there shouldn't be any problem this time.

"Plus, I watched Miss Qiao come out of the surgery room while having postoperative symptoms—"

He was interrupted mid-speech.

"You can stop here. Leave."

The man stopped his report. He could not be bothered to hear about anything regarding that woman.

How he regretted not settling the matter involving that woman long ago.

That way, none of these terrible things would have happened.

Moreover, Pei Ge… would also not have left him.

"Yes, sir!"

His assistant nodded respectfully before making his way to the exit.

Just as he opened the door, a man suddenly rushed inside.

"Ziming, you've really gone too far this time."

"Young Master Mu." The secretary politely greeted the man who had rushed in.

This new arrival was of course his boss's best friend, Mu Heng.

"Mhm." The latter nodded and quickly went further inside the office.

Seeing how hurried the man appeared, he already understood his reason for seeking his boss this time.

Hence, he did not tarry for fear of getting implicated and quickly closed the door behind him.

"You've truly gone too far this time."

Mu Heng quickly walked and stopped before his friend's office table, regarding the latter with a look of disagreement.

"Even though Mingxuan had made a mistake, you… shouldn't have treated him like that. After all, we've been friends for so many years. Doing that is just… taking things too far."

He could not help feeling inexplicable fury when he saw Ji Ziming just keep going through his work.

"Don't just stay silent. I hope that you can properly go to the Fu family—"

Before he could finish speaking, he was cut off by the latter.

"Impossible." The man merely spat this one word.

"Haven't you already vented your anger by getting him removed from his position? Enough already. Why must you chase him overseas as well?! There's no need to go—"

Noting his cold and uncaring expression, sans a shred of emotion, he suddenly felt his heart turn cold.

The four of them were long-time friends, yet they ended up in this state…

"No need to…"

The man's hand, which was holding a fountain pen, paused when he heard this.

He coldly turned his head up to look at him.

"You think that there's no need, but from my perspective, there's a strong need to do so."

The woman he loved so much had disappeared from his world. How could such a punishment for Fu Mingxuan possibly be enough…

"You're simply misplacing your anger!"

The anger in Mu Heng finally gushed out when he heard this.

"You pushed all the blame for Pei Ge's disappearance on our friend, but that's not right! While he did have a part in this incident… it's more of your fault, isn't it?"


My fault…

That's right. If not for my moment of carelessness, I and that woman would've been married by now…

"Yes, I admit that he's in the wrong this time, but his only mistake is to desire a friend's woman, and he's already done his best to restrain himself. What happened between him and her is merely an accident. Because of that one accident, you forsook—"

He was again interrupted before he could finish speaking.

"Whether it's an accident or not, I have no intention to let him off."

Bits of ferocity and cruelty appeared on his expressionless face as he said this.

"The moment he said those words to me and announced such a thing in front of the media, he should've already prepared himself for my revenge."

Every time he recalled that guy's announcement to the public, immense fury would burn in his heart.

He himself had not done such a thing of claiming ownership over Pei Ge in front of so many others, yet that guy… How could he?!


Mu Heng had nothing to say regarding this.

Inside, he could not help but scold Fu Mingxuan.

That fellow is also stupid.The woman herself could not be found; why did he still say such stuff?!

If not for that, our friend would likely not be this heartless.


God knows why that guy decided to make such a one-sided announcement of his and Pei Ge's relationship.

He even claimed her unborn child to be his.

I can't even argue over this at all.

More importantly, almost everyone believed that the woman had indeed committed adultery with him, making Ji Ziming become a cannon fodder in the public's eyes…

"If you're only here to talk about this, then please leave. I won't change my decision."

The man calmly expressed when he saw the conflicted expression on his face.

Since that guy had the guts to proclaim that in public, he should have the guts to bear the consequences of having a fall out with him!

From the moment he had touched his woman, he should have already expected his retaliation!

My woman isn't someone anyone can touch!

She's a person no one can taint!


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