Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1076 What must he do if he fails to find her?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1076 What must he do if he fails to find her?

Seeing his resolute expression, Mu Heng knew that the issue at hand could be settled easily.

It was likely that, for the time being, Fu Mingxuan truly had to hide overseas.

Still, he could not help feeling a little exasperated as the four of them were friends who grew up together.

"I know that our friend… truly did something out of line, but that's also because he… loves Pei Ge."

He sighed helplessly. Both were his good buddies. No matter who was chased away by whom, he would still seek forgiveness for the other.

"You know it, too; that his first love is her… It's not as if you're unaware of the effort he put in finding her all those years—"

"Mu Heng."

Ji Ziming swept his gaze lightly over him, his obsidian eyes shining coldly.

"There's no 'but' in this situation. You just need to remember that she's my woman. No one can desire her; they don't have the right to do so."

The man's voice sounded calm, yet he could detect boundless iciness in it.

"As for Mingxuan, I've already gone easy on him on the account that we were once friends. Otherwise, you know how ruthless I can be and what I'm capable of."

Seeing the dangerous glint in his eyes, he understood that the man had indeed gone easy on their friend.

"Fine. I get it."

With a light sigh, he stopped persuading him to let their friend off the hook.

A dead knot had already been tied between the two men, and it was unlikely to unravel for the rest of their lives.

"By the way, regarding uncle and auntie… how are you coping?"

He posed this question carefully as he regarded the calm-looking man.

Although that scandalous news about the woman had been suppressed by the man fast, it was soon verified by a nurse in the hospital she had previously been confined; hence, it quickly gained attention again.

Just as everyone was wondering who the father of her unborn child was… Fu Mingxuan came out to claim it as his…

This caused the situation to go out of control.

It had to be mentioned that this incident caused the Ji family to lose a huge face.

On top of arranging a grand engagement ceremony for their would-be daughter-in-law, the Ji family heir was even about to get married with the woman.

The wedding venue had already been set as well.

Famous people from all walks of life had also already received their wedding invitations.

In the end…

"…It's fine."

This question about his parents caused the man's expression to turn darker slightly as he replied half a beat later.

"Is that so? That's good, then."

Mu Heng could not discern from his expressionless face if he was telling the truth.

Ever since that incident, he realized that it was getting harder and harder to grasp his childhood friend's thoughts.

In the past, he could still guess his thoughts from the subtle expressions he made, yet right now, the latter only gave him one feeling, and that was: unfathomable depths.

He did not know whether this change was a blessing or a curse.

"Mingxuan will probably take the flight tomorrow morning. Will you… send him off?"

Before he left, he still tried asking this.

Alas, his request was destined to be rejected. "Not going."

He could only nod at this reply.

"Then, I'll be off now. Remember to rest more often and take care of yourself. Pei Ge is also human; sooner or later, you'll find her."

With that, he left the office.

Ji Ziming was then left in his spacious office.

Looking out the window, to the people on the streets, everyone seemed as small as ants to him. It was impossible to recognize who they were.

As he watched these dots go about their businesses, he suddenly felt inexplicable panic inside.

"Will she really be found by me…"

If I can't find her, what then…

After leaving his friend's office, Mu Heng got in his car with a helpless look and thought of Liao Gaofei's predictable look of anticipation once he came over.

At that moment, he suddenly did not know how to tell his friend this.

Although Fu Mingxuan was indeed at fault this time, they were close friends, after all.

Moreover, he understood that guy's feelings for Pei Ge.

"Sigh!" He let out a heavy sigh.

The fault lay in the fact that the guy's first love was the same person as the woman Ji Ziming liked…

Just as he was spacing out, his phone rang.

The high-strung and loud music scared him.

"I'm dead… If it's that dumb bird's call, what should I say…"

He scratched his head, feeling depressed and unwilling to answer the call.

Still, it was impossible for him not to pick it up.

Strengthening his resolve, he took his phone.

The moment he checked the number displayed on the screen, though, he learned that the caller was not the man.

The unfamiliar number on the screen made him frown in confusion.

Who is calling?

"Hello." After a short hesitation, he answered the call.

The moment the call connected, a familiar voice hurriedly bombarded him with questions.

"Hey, Mu Heng! What in the world happened between my cousin and Sister Pei Ge? Why am I unable to dial her number?! Also, her mother is missing!"

He needed not ask to know that the loud voice belonged to Qin Qitong.

"Quickly tell me: What happened?! What's Fu Mingxuan's problem?! Is his brain fried?! He said that my sister's child is his!

"Even if there's a child, it should belong to my cousin!"

Before he could speak, the girl posed another series of questions.

Her agitated and loud voice made the man, who had many thoughts in his mind, get a headache.

"…Little Apple, can you stop and rest for a moment?"

"Rest, your head! I'm already panicking to death! My aunt is panicking too as she couldn't connect to my cousin's phone no matter how many times she called!"


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