Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1077 The person behind her must have a powerful background.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1077 The person behind her must have a powerful background.

"Rest, your head! I'm already panicking to death! My aunt is panicking too as she couldn't connect to my cousin's phone no matter how many times she called!"

Mu Heng was stunned at this.

"Uncle and auntie are unable to contact Ziming?"

"Ah, that's not it. J-Just that their calls won't go through. They can only find my cousin if they go to the company, and sometimes, even if they do, they're unable to find him…"

As she spoke, her voice became more and more dejected.

"I wonder what happened to Sister Pei Ge that I couldn't contact her. M-My uncle…"

The girl's words made his expression change instantly. He could vaguely guess what she wanted to say.

"Uncle… what happened to him?" he softly asked.

"My uncle suddenly doesn't like her anymore. He clearly used to like her a lot before…"

Her helpless tone made the man sigh helplessly, too.

Indeed, the worst had happened.

The Ji family had lost a huge face because of Pei Ge. Moreover, his best friend's father was already holding some reservations regarding the woman from the start.

He could accept her initially merely because of her exceptional work ability and… his son and wife's fondness of her.

With all those things happening, the middle-aged man definitely had the greatest change.

That was because he had trusted her and put some expectations on her.

Hence, when this trust and expectations were destroyed…

The dislike from the past multiplied, turning into disgust.

"My aunt has been quarreling with uncle over this for the past few days…"

The helplessness in her tone made him sigh again.

"Qitong, don't worry; this matter will definitely pass."

"Don't lie to me! Where did Sister Pei Ge go? Why couldn't we find her…"

He pursed his lips bitterly. Not just her, even they could not find the woman.

"I already asked Bi Zheng for help, but… he got nothing in the end. He said that someone had cleared her tracks…"

"You should stop caring about this."

No one was able to do anything about this at the moment.

"What do you mean? What truly happened to her?"

Seeing that the girl was adamant on getting to the bottom of this, he let out a long sigh.

"This is actually a troublesome matter to tell, but I can clearly tell you one thing."

"What?" She tensed up at this.

"Your Sister Pei Ge may never appear in front of you again."

For some reason, after he said this, a self-deprecating look appeared on his face.

"What do you mean?! Explain it to me properly!"

The girl frowned, having a bad feeling.

"She left of her accord. No one forced her to leave. She abandoned Ziming and the rest of you."

As he spoke, his voice slowly lost its mockery and became filled with inexplicable sorrow, instead.

"Impossible. She's not the type to do that! She probably had something urgent so she left for a bit!"

Qin Qitong did not believe a word of his.

"I knew that you wouldn't believe me. Forget it; I won't say anymore. I still have some things to do. If you think I'm lying, you can keep looking for her."

With that, he hung up the call.

As though venting his anger, he hung up without a care for the girl's feelings.

After he hung up, he let out a long sigh.

In his mind, the woman's bright and smug smile involuntarily surfaced.

"Sigh… Pei Ge, Pei Ge… you truly harm people to no end. You simply disappeared just like this, leaving behind so much trouble; who do you think will help settle them for you?" he mumbled, shaking his head in amusement thereafter.

That woman actually still had the potential to be a jinx…

Still, what he was more curious about was the identity of the person helping her in the dark.

That person actually managed to take her away from right under their eyes.

Moreover, that person did not even leave a trace behind, causing them not to have any clue even now.

To be honest, Ji Ziming was not alone in sending people out to look for her. He and Fu Mingxuan had done it, too.

However, similar to the man, they found nothing—not even a clue.

"So hateful! That Casanova actually hung up on me!"

Qin Qitong pouted, feeling annoyed inside.

Bi Zheng lightly frowned at her anger. "Pei Ge really left?"

"That guy said so, but…" At this point, she was also frowning deeply. "But I refuse to believe that she would leave without a word or goodbye."

On the sofa, she dejectedly rested her head against the man sitting next to her.

"Do you think… that had something urgent? Otherwise, she wouldn't leave just like that."

She still refused to believe Mu Heng's claim that the woman had abandoned them.


The man softly consoled, turning to look at the girl leaning on his shoulder.

"She isn't that unfeeling. Even if she wants to leave, she won't be silent about it. Something must've happened, which made her leave without a word."

His reassurance made her feel much better.

Her previous dejection was replaced by happiness. "I think so, too! Something must've happened to her, and that's why she had to leave without a word."

Although what he had said made her feel better, her worry still ensued.

"For her to disappear suddenly, do you think that it's because of something big? I'm really worried about her. Those posts online are way overboard. She'll be so sad if she sees them…

"A-Also, that Mingxuan has gone too far! He actually made that announcement in public. That man really is…"

Bi Zheng's lips curled up involuntarily as he watched his girlfriend's mouth opening and closing without a pause.

"You should stop worrying. For our friend to vanish without a trace this time, the person behind her must have a powerful background…"

While he was no narcissist, he could say with confidence that he had top hacking skills in China.

However, while he was tracking her, he came to realize that those who had cleaned up her tracks actually had better skills than him.

Moreover, from the complex codes used, he could only say that that person was not local.

Hackers at that level were basically unable to be moved by money.

Hence, the person helping her must have a notable background!


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