Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1081 The legendary Egger is surprisingly this young and dashing.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1081 The legendary Egger is surprisingly this young and dashing.

Tang Xiaoyu stared at the man before her confusedly. He was tall in his dark-blue suit.

His chiseled and angular features gave off a dangerous aura, yet his eyes softened the look, giving it a more seductive vibe. People could lose themselves in his eyes easily.

Judging from the man's watch and cufflinks, she could ascertain that he was no ordinary guy.

His dress style and aura indicated that he was a man of good taste, yet there was an ineffable sense of somberness to him.

Who exactly was this man?

Thinking of this, she directed her confused gaze onto her boyfriend.

"He's your friend. Introduce us!" was written all over her face.

Alas, Gu Zhengrong himself was in a daze as well.

He did not get why the man would know the two women.

"Where is Ge Ge right now? Is she… okay?"

When he mentioned the woman's name, the expression on the guy's face became a lot more measured and careful.

Seeing the guy's unusual behavior, an ominous feeling rose in the other man's heart.

Inwardly, he got a little upset with Tang Xiaoyu for showing up here.

As she perceived the guy's familiarity with her and her best friend, the woman gestured at her boyfriend, who remained frozen, with her eyes.


The man returned to his senses at her faked cough.

He looked at the guy next to him with a complex expression and asked hesitantly, "Mr. Egger, do you know Pei Ge?"

"Mr. Egger?!" exclaimed the woman before the person in question could reply.

"He's that guy who helped out my best friend?!"

She could not believe her eyes. HFrom her boyfriend's description of him made her think that the guy was a wily old fox, but looking at him now, she realized that he was entirely different from what she had imagined!

From how young and dashing this guy looked, she could not connect him at all to her boyfriend's description of him!

If she had known earlier that the guy was such a person, she would have long set her best friend up with him.

Stop! Now isn't the time for all this nonsense!

At this thought, she took a deep breath and looked at the guy.

"Er… Mr. Egger, how do you know me and my best friend? Do we really know each other?"

What she needed to figure out right then was how this person knew the two of them!

Probably due to the long pause, by now, the brightness in the guy's eyes had disappeared.

Even though there was still a hint of excitement in them, his expression reverted to its usual calmness, which made him appear very gentlemanly.

"Don't you remember me?" He smiled teasingly at her.

"Ah? Do we really know each other?"

She got even more confused when she heard his reply.

No matter how hard she thought of it, she could not tell who this guy was.

She could not recall her relationship with him.

"Surprisingly, the world is really this small…" the man said aloud, looking at Gu Zhengrong. "I truly didn't expect your girlfriend to be Tang Xiaoyu."

Of course, little did he expect that the woman he had been looking for all this while to be right under his nose and that… he would help her out coincidentally. This was really great…

Thankfully, he came to New York and chose this man.

If not…

"…" The latter felt uncomfortable for some reason at his remark.

"Do you know Pei Ge?"

He noticeably singled out that woman's name.

"Of course, I know her. She's the goddess in my youth."

The guy smiled brightly as he spoke, his expression reminiscent.

Hearing him say that, Tang Xiaoyu easily placed this guy as their middle school classmate.

"Were you in the same class as Pei Ge and I?" she asked, trying her luck while she staring straight at him.

"That's right. We were classmates in middle school."

The guy nodded with a smile. Even though he was eager to meet Pei Ge, given that she was doing a full-body checkup, he knew that she would not be done anytime soon.

Besides, with his intelligence, he knew that he could locate her just by following this woman in front of him.

"Who exactly are you? I remember all my middle-school classmates, but as far as I can tell, there's no one who looks like you…"

The woman before him looked at him askance. She remembered the faces of all her former, male classmates.

She just went through the list in her head and came up with nothing.

As far as she was concerned, all the boys in their class back then were not this good-looking. Even the somewhat good-looking ones were just slightly above average.

None looked as good, and otherworldly, as this guy.


"Egger's your English name, isn't it? How about you just give me your Chinese name?" she said through narrowed her eyes. She could not be bothered to guess who he was anymore.

Up to this point, she refused to believe that this guy was a middle-school classmate of hers.

However, when the man really gave her his Chinese name…

Seeing that the woman doubted his identity as a former classmate of hers, Egger curled his lips into a smile.

"Hello, Tang Xiaoyu. Let me re-introduce myself. My Chinese name is…"

While she listened raptly to his self-introduction, she stared at him intently, as if trying to discern if he were lying.

"Shen Rui."


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