Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1083 My heart that loves her has never changed.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1083 My heart that loves her has never changed.

The woman, who had asked that half-jokingly, froze when she heard his sincere confession.

The expression on Gu Zhengrong's face grew increasingly awful as he stood at the side.

He did not expect Egger not to only know Pei Ge but to also harbor feelings of affection for her.

However, this guy was very dangerous. If she… were to get involved with someone like him, he dared not imagine the consequences.

This person was just too dangerous.

She had already been hurt badly; he did not want her to go through something like that again.

"… D*mn, Fatty Shen! You're pulling my leg, aren't you?" whispered Tang Xiaoyu, her mouth twitching a little.

Even though she wanted to find someone to entrust her best friend to, the somber confession from the guy still stunned her.

"Why would I do that? From the moment I separated from her, I've been constantly thinking about meeting her."

The guy's lips moved a little. His expression then turned expectant and reminiscent.

"Ah? Are you really being serious? How many years has it been, and you're still pining for her?"

She found it too unbelievable.

While a lot of people had liked her best friend in middle school, there had not been one who truly kept her in their hearts… even today.

"Yes, I've always remembered her."

He had always kept her in his heart. All these years apart could not dwindle his love for the woman. Conversely, his feelings only strengthened as days went by.

Listening to his sincere words and seeing the raw emotion in his eyes, she did not know what to say at the moment.

After a long silence, the last bit of joking manner in her disappeared, too.

She looked at him with seriousness for the first time. "I don't know if you're telling the truth, but I want to tell you that she's not in a good state right now.

"I think you know that, too. After all, you're the one who helped her out this much. I believe you know what sort of condition she's in."

He nodded in acknowledgement, the smile on his face disappearing as a cold glint flashed past his eyes.

"I know. She's… pregnant right now, and her mother is in a coma because of a car accident."

How could he not know how terrible the state the woman was in currently?

Right now, he was feeling upset that he did not look into her identity. Otherwise, he would not find out only now that the person Gu Zhengrong had asked him for help was her.

"Even with that… do you still like her?"

After she spoke, Tang Xiaoyu shook her head. It was as if she found her words to be funny.

It did not matter what he said now. The conclusion could only be drawn after this man, who claimed to really love Pei Ge, saw her.

"It's fine. We can talk after you see my best friend."

Even though the guy understood her point, he still answered her earlier question. "You may not believe me, but I still want to say that my feelings for her won't change even if she's pregnant or married."

He had the ability to protect the woman he loved now.

Therefore… this time around, he would not be forced to separate from her.


Hearing that, she felt that something was a little off.

She chose not to delve into it, though.

As for Gu Zhengrong, being more sensitive to things and having a better understanding of this business partner, he knew exactly what the man meant!

The man had made himself very clear!

He meant exactly that. It did not matter if she were married because he could just steal her. Indeed, he was someone who had ties to the underworld!

Just as he was about to say something, Tang Xiaoyu's phone rang.

The moment her phone rang, the eyes of Egger, who was standing next to her, lit up.

"Hello, Ge Ge. Are you out already? Okay, I'll go over right now." She recalled something at this point and added in a secretive voice. "Right! I have a surprise for you. You wouldn't guess who I ran into today."

After she made arrangements with Pei Ge to meet, she hung up the phone.

By then, both men on her sides were staring at her.

"Let's go! I'll bring you to see her now. I guarantee that she'll be shocked when she sees you!"

Egger nodded following her words, his heart beating with anticipation. "Okay."

"But we must agree on something first! You can't tell her that you're Fatty Shen!"

"Okay. I, too, want to see if she can recognize me."

His lips curled and his eyes narrowed a little, making him look mesmerizing.

"Right. I've been meaning to ask you since earlier; why did you suddenly quit school back then? Ge Ge put so much effort in preventing you from getting expelled, yet you just upped and left! Everything she did went down the drain because of that."

"…" He frowned slightly at her remark, and the light in his eyes became a little dimmer.

The bit of discontentment the woman had for the guy dissipated when she saw the change in his expression.

"Shen Rui, did you leave suddenly because something happened back then?"

Before, she did not believe Pei Ge when the latter said that this guy had his reason for leaving.

Now, meeting her former middle-school classmate by chance, she found that she might have misjudged him.

This guy truly seemed different from how he was before.

"…Did my departure bring her trouble?"


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